GuP / Girls und Panzer

Which guppie would you take in a Valentine's Day date?

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For the people who were asking for the raws for the 2vols of the GuP der Film Variante manga

>goo dot gl/388NSu

Latest RW chapter


Erika of course.

Eggs-chan, just to see what she's like when she doesn't have to be so edgy.

The cute fattie frog

>Which guppie would you take in a Valentine's Day date?
My favorite wehraboo


>you will never bitchslap Erwin

Why would you do that?

Foxes are stupid and that's what they deserve

>Foxes are stupid and that's what they deserve
But she is not a fox, she is a human

The best speedster naturally.

Are you sure?




>not GuP in the tittle
Still good job.

isn't she from Okinawa?

It's from Nogami, but not GuP.

Not every brown girl has to be from Okinawa

I just miss the old /ak/ times

My wife is so cute.

What game is this?

Reminder that Bakahip sees reality in a different way than us

Delicious brown

She can't be that fast.

Are you sure about that?

>Not every brown girl has to be from Okinawa
Good point.

>slight tan
Shut up dumbass

I disagree


Do you mean Light brown?

She can be

meep meep

Are you new?


I think Marie needs a menacing and a cool-sounding name.
How about "Death of a Strongman", "The Ball of Fury", or "All-consuming Giant Mass"?

But she is evil

Translation when?

Char B1

More like Char 2C


She is not that fat

I just...I just want a fluffy gf man. Why can't I have one of those??

>Why can't I have one of those??
Because this is real life

I just want to punch Yukari in the face and break all her tank models.


Life is not fair


Alisa a shit.

Go be gay somewhere


I wonder if cute lass would give me chocolate or violently murder me with an ice pick...... hm just like my grandfather.

Just break her again

user... it's time to accept the truth
I don't think you can broke her more then she already is

Too late

Good taste.
She might be busy trying the same on Maho, though.

It's there a translation for this one?

Nonsense, there is not stop

If Jajka wants to cover herself, she might need a bigger towel...

I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT. I Will find a cute fluffy semi-autistic gf


In the booru

Then good luck



I want to abuse all garupans

That's not how it works, you little shit


she's on drugs

I didn't believe that her chovies were that big

Post more cute lass. Also anyone know what happened to sayorifag? I miss them scans of his.

Really best new GuP

So what uniform is she wearing?

I would spend my valentine with Koume planning the coup to overthrow Erika's regime

Where did you read it user, last time i read its on chapter 31 ?

For me there is only one option.

Again, but in english this time






You know what happens to traitors in KMM, right?

Haven't done something like this in a while.


Maho is studying to Germany.




I want to give her a surprise hug from behind




inb4 that slurping pasta



is there more like this?

All that and more in this link, where I upload all my typesettings before dumping.!tzwwhIiZ!zPbN0xj2z6J6FDf7dKynPQ