Who is to blame for Last Encore flopping?

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Is it Nasu's fault or SHAFT's fault?

No FGO code.


the fate bubble finally crashed

Nasu for making sure nips only care about FGO trash, rather than his own original projects. Even obvious FGO pandering can't grab their attention because it's not a shitty mobage with gacha, and there aren't enough Servants for their Servant-starved brain.

It's not made for secondaries.

Need I say more?

SHAFT got exposed

um dude only faggots like girls

>my show is flopping

Killing off all of the good characters extremely early.

Just like the game then. Ok secondary

That's not flopping.

He's right though.
All of Fate's recent success can be attributed to GO, a shitty game custom built for secondary easy access. Last Encore is pretty much the opposite, and even having a popular girl that is in GO as the lead and GO references in the show can't save it.
GO fans don't want to put in work, and they don't want TM to put in work either.

I know that’s how the game goes. I just hoped for some kind of difference given that the anime follows its own route.

Nero is the main Servant instead of Tamamo

that's flopping

Ok so you havent played the game

It'll do better than VEG and FranXX but it's pretty weak for a franchise as big as Fate.

they could've cashed in on the yuri bux.

>1998 - Garden of sinners
>2000 - Tsukihime
>2001 - Kagetsu Tohya
>2002 - Melty blood
>2004 - Fate/stay night
>2005 - Fate/hollow ataraxia
>2006 - Fate/zero
>2012 - Witch on the holy night


>2010 - Fate/Extra
>2013 - Fate/Extra CCC
>2014 - Fate/Extra CCC Fox Tail
>2015 - Fate/Grand Order
>2016 - Fate/Extella
>2018 - Fate/Extella Link
>2018 - Fate/Extra - Last Encore
>2018 - Fate/Grand Order Arcade

What went wrong?

Have you seen the show? It's looks like garbage. Why would anyone want to buy it?

Obviously SHAFT. The story so far is sorta acceptable despite being rushed and confusing but the animation gave me headache.

My wife Violet is so cute.

Even if Shaft did a stellar job on Last Encore, I don't think it would sell that much really. They need to put in some FGO stuff to hope for big sales. I mean, it's really hard to sell discs these days without this kind of "incentive", unless the anime is fujobait shit or something of the sorts.
About Nasu, I don't think much could be done. Rather, it's whether the project would be better or not without him at all. What if Shaft, without Nasu, just straight adapted the game?

Obviously SHAFT. Nasu will never make mistakes he or she is perfect and too advanced for us, I hope never to run into that person because my mouth would never be separated from his cock / vagina

>one of the highest ranked
>3 episodes
I kind of doubt this will flop given that it's stayed at the top consistently since it went up.

Please post more of this show's version of Rin

>not CCC
Of course it's a flop. Nobody cares about Nero, people want Sakura and BB.

She's cute, sexy, and sluttier than ever.

On the off chance that you're not joking, the game has only been solicited on Amazon for just 3 days. It has slid from 50 to 150 in those three days, so the only consistency it has had thus far is that it's ranking worse and worse as time goes on.

How did SHAFT manage to fuck up something so simple as Fate? Like that takes an immense amount of incompetence.

Japs are waiting for better sibs

the production team noticed that the fate bubble finally burst so they spent as little as possible on it

Anime is dead.

Her design is great.

>100 in three days
You know that's actually completely fine, right?

ufo managed to fuck up something even simpler, so what's your point?

Wait, it's only been up for 3 days? And people are already trying to shitpost with stalker numbers?

Same problem as Extella, doesn't contain any out the things that people actually liked about Fate/Extra.

>more Nero wank
>best girl Tamamo isn't even there
What did you expect?

My bet is that LE was a cheap project to begin with. But since Shaft gave Nasu the ship's wheel, people thought it was going to be a huge budget bomb.

Remember when people shit on Prisma Illya for "flopping" and then it got 3 more seasons and a movie?


is not like F/ bubble crashed more like the Saber bubble crashed

Ufo's Fate shit has all been successful.

Ufo's Fate shit is based on FSN and FZ.

Nobody cares about Extra.

Yes, and Ufo's Fate shit doesn't look like complete ass. Had SHAFT put any sort of effort into this production then there'd be a lot more interest.

>ubw didn't look like ass
Dumb rhino apologist

>1 month late to the party
>Somehow still has production issues

>doesn't contain any out the things that people actually liked about Fate/Extra.

What things?

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How about they stop with the bullshit and make a FGO anime? It's what everyone wants.

It's daijoubu, it can flop hard and TM just needs to release another shitty limited waifu for GO.

Never care about FGO, does FGO even have a story ?

You okay with Mash x Gudao? Because that's what it would be.

A pretty long one and it's not over yet

That's fine with me

Yes, it's fucking long and since it's giving Nasu & co. lots of bucks, TM is milking it so we will get even more.

didn't they make 1 ep of an FGO anime already?

its my fault

>does FGO even have a story ?
>this is what EOP's actually believe


Not enough UMU

70 minute OVA.

That's an esl if anything

Nasu's fault for allowing the story to be a mess. It's a mess that he has to handhold anyone wanting to write anything Fate related. Shaft is at fault for thinking the weird and symbolic style they are known for could possibly work for Fate.

Also Tamamo isn't the main heroine

The problem is, is it good one ? i doubt it.

It hasn't been even a week.

Some of it, some parts are kinda bland or just plain boring.

No ufotable,no epic OP with Aimer vocals,looks like a rehash of the other anime adaptations with the same characters but not actually.
The servants are shit and the red saber is a pathetic pandering to saber lovers

Fate Series is already Over after F/HA
Nasu just milking it & japs eat anything Fate
Just care about HF Movies & F/HA anime, dont bother with anything else.

It looks the same or even better than ufotable i don't see why people complain about animation.

Even Rin couldn't avoid a SHAFT head tilt.

>Giving the fans "fuck you and yuri fans, we'll have a male MC instead of no-sell female MC!"
>Converting a dyke to like dicks
>Sales flopping like shit
Jesus, where did I see that before?

Serious question, why do the Japanese love fate so much?

Fate zero was good, don't really see anything good about Stay night, UBW was mediocre and I haven't watched the rest.


Imlplying its not working. Its just too deep for dumb fatefags.

Most of it is trash, particularly the most popular part (GO). They like it for the concept of Servants and nothing beyond that, regardless of how badly executed it is in recent entries. It gives them fapping and shitposting material.

However, you should read Fate/stay night to understand the original appeal of the series, because it was genuinely good. Watch Kara no Kyoukai and read Tsukihime as well.

Heavens Feel and nasuverse

It's not gay enough

They already gave Tamamofags the finger with Extella and all the sub-servant bullshit. Funny how they're doubling down on it with Fate/Nero.

I played FSN, watched and played tsukihime like 10 years ago and watched KnK recently, only liked Tsukihime. I see nothing of interesting on Fate, Fate Zero did use the servant and magic concepts of the setting well on top of having several interesting characters who could hold the show, but FSN was to me some boring generic story with standard, dull, paper-thin characters and my impression of the rest of the franchise isn't that much different, hence why I don't get it.

What changed between then and now?

>FSN was to me some boring generic story with standard, dull, paper-thin characters and my impression of the rest of the franchise isn't that much different, hence why I don't get it.

did you finish the whole thing?

>fapping and shitposting material.
But isn't that nearly every anime? I mean, if that is it then killing bites is getting like 10 seasons.

>dull, paper-thin characters
What point did you stop, exactly? This is not true and you wouldn't say that if you've finished a single route, let alone all 3.
>some boring generic story
I guess Fate route is kind of? UBW is not generic and especially not Heaven's Feel either.

Yeah, but it was like a decade ago, so it's possible I'm misremembering things (though I remembered the Saber and Rin routes well enough when watching).

what did you like about tsukihime that fate did not have?

I think in FSN Nasu did succeed in making some good character, and HF kept some of the spooky atmosphere I liked in Tsukihime. Same for KnK, I absoltely love the movies.

However, all of this is irrelevant to the modern Fate fanbase. Their metric is how meme-worthy and doujin-worthy a character is. Most of them found out about Fate through anime or a gacha game about Servants. There's your answer, that's what they like and that's all they want more of.

Lots and lots of money, with much less effort.

Killing Bites isn't an established mega franchise.
And Fate anime will never be as big as the shitty mobage anyway.

No character in Fate/stay night is as interesting. Except for maybe Kirei and Kiritsugu.

I don't remember Tsukihime that well unfortunately, but I recall really finding interesting that the near side routes or far side routes connected and gave different perspectives on the background and events of the game, if I recall correctly they felt like different routes through the same region, arriving at roughly the same goal but with a different perspective on the whole thing, in fate I remember routes branching off and going their own way like glued together stories. Plus I liked the characters way more in Tsukihime, I find Saber so incredibly dull and Rin kinda generic.

KyoAni found a way. It is over, Darlingbros. Will Nishigori get fired?
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I'm legitimately confused as to how you can say this with a straight face if you've read it(assumingly). I won't berate you for your opinion but I wholeheartedly disagree.

Wrong thread, my guy.

That wasn't me.

I'm liking Last Encore.

I love the idea of Shiki and Hisui selling the Tohno manor after True End, and moving to some small apartment together. Completely cut ties with that past, and not have to be reminded of the tragedy of the True End (for Kohaku,SHIKI, and Akiha), or all the years that Kohaku endured suffering in that house.

Fate will drop just as low in a week.

>Saber so incredibly dull and Rin kinda generic.

How are Arc and Ciel any better?

Well, they took a dive in recent years , but they were ok in the 90s and early 200s

>copy pasting from an unrelated thread
For what purpose?