ITT Shit OPs

Post OPs that make your ears bleed.

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hello goodbye

How people like this baffles me.

literally any generic moepop OP

How can you not? What don't you like about it?

This would be pretty comfy were it not for the singer with throat cancer. Seriously, where did they find this dude? How can a Japanese person sound so gruff?

Just because it fits the theme of the show doesn't make it not sound like a jumbled mess.

Wow that OP really is bad

Are you making the argument that because it sounds like a jumbled mess, it is no longer good music somehow? Even without the animation people would probably still find the song enjoyable even after being separated from it's source material. It is just a very fun and messy song and people acknowledge that.

I guess it's just not my cup of tea then.

Why the fuck did they hire a guy with cancer to sing there op

Do you plebs hate Tom Waits too?

We can agree to disagree, comr/a/de. I find myself hating a lot of the stuff people seem to like in anime. I gotta continue writing a Psychology and a philosophy paper, but someone should post the OP to Linebarrels of Iron. THAT was a jumbled up song done waaaaay wrong in my opinion. I believe it was done by some band called ALIproject.

What's wrong with this op?

That's completely different. The Japanese singer has no where near the right voice, tone, or talent. He is clearly an inferior singer. Maybe it would be better in english?

Literally a one trick pony whose only good songs were the OPs to Rozen Maiden.

Were they popular?

Maybe your right user, even tough op singer have throat cancer his voice is growing on me

Very, they were in all sorts of shit.
To list a few examples:

Here's some real shit OP, these openings fucking SUCK.

But user, Tom Waits has the voice of an angel

>that shit taste
>all that bait

Actual worst OP of 2017:

The sad thing is that the same vocalist sang ED 1, which was actually one of the best EDs of 2017.


>Gundam Wing
Even if this is bait I am still fucking mad.


I thought with all you posted I'd at least agree with one or two of them, but no. You are the ultimate faggot.
Also here's a real shit opening.

>insulting the sadly-now retired MELL
Now that's shit taste.



Sup Forums singing this song would be hilarious.

Now why would I go on the internet and tell lies?

You're not getting a (You) from me, fucker.

This op is almost as painful as the show.

How does someone actually listen to this ear rape and decide to air it on live TV for millions to hear? Is it because they want everyone else to feel their pain from having to listen to it?

It's 5 episode OVA. Development of the show was obviously rushed to all hell. It's easily one of the worst shows ever made.

you aare the most tastless motherfucker I ever seen in Sup Forums
It's not ear rape like some of the stuff posted in this thread, but it's completely so generic and boring.
What were they thinking?


This shit

This is objectively ear rape especially after the great 1st OP. But it's not enough that I hate it, how the fuck do people like this shit enough that it's one of the most popular anime openings out there?

Holy shit I don't get it. This OP is a violation of all things audio.

ITT: Objectively shit taste.

Silly user, you posted in the wrong thread.
Here's the link for the correct thread

this is all this thread needs


I agree, it's sandwiched between two legitimately great OPs and even by Jojo standards was an atonal mess.

It's a fucking Naruto opening

>This OP is a violation of all things audio
That's probably why, though. It's like when you get punched in the throat but when you think back you kind of want it to happen again


Goddamn I can't get over that Kokkoku OP. It surprised me that an okay looking show from a whatever studio has such a good OP

>spending that much time on bait

I really hope you just copy-and-pasted a bunch of links from a previous thread and didn't actually go searching for these videos for this low level bait.

It only really requires a short skim through Taiga and copy-pasting links from YouTube...

i love this shit

>all this shit taste

Why so much effort for such shitty bait?

This is a 10/10 you shit


To compile a long master list of amazing OPs for everyone's convenience, but in the opposite thread for irony.
Not that user though


>all that effort into obvious bait

Still too much effort into an obvious bait. Considering ending yourself.

Fear and Loathing are my guilty pleasure.
A better group could salvage the song but those fucking powerpoint animations

It's tonally as appropriate as the first one, I don't see how you don't get it if you understand why the first one works.

Don't worry user, I can tell the difference between bait and a joke. I'm sure you had fun picking out those songs and I certainly enjoyed them.

0:00-0:46 is great. The rest especially in the full version is garbage.

wow this one might take the cake. Kill me baby.

I like some songs by nana and fhána, but these are complete shit.

Does it count if the OP makes my Eyes bleed?

This got posted in one of these previous threads. The 'rap' part is especially abysmal.

I hate it.

Yugioh OPs have really dropped off in quality, huh. They used to be a highlight


I was expecting a cool opening like Devilman no Uta and they showed this shit, i don't get how could anyone like this

Anything by Fear and Loating in Las Vegas

Why would anyone like this?

Why do you not? One of my favorites.

>Legit forgot this existed
I mean it's not completely bad but compared to the original it's really bad


The worst part is that they actually made a kickass Devilman no Uta, but only used it once. What the fuck were they thinking?

objectively wrong

This one is actual garbage:

>any of the 1st 3 LoGH OPs
Only real garbage one was OP 4.

Did you have fun doing that?

This. What the fuck is wrong with people who can listen to that shit without brain damage?

What the fuck?

Watamote OP, no doubt about it. I don't understand how people can like this, I get that it's supposed to be a portrayal of Tomoko's character but that doesn't mean I have to like this edgy piece of shit OP.