The underrated and sexiest character in the show

The underrated and sexiest character in the show.

A man of taste I see

Kobayashi = Tohru > Kanna > Lucoa > Elma





Kobayashi is a wonderful mother and spouse

It feels good to be in the company of fellow intellectuals.

I would wife kobayashi so hard.

She's the only character in this show I see and not contort in revulsion.

hahah, no

W..why is the guy wearing white gloves?

>a nice body
might not be as stacked as the dragons but she is still nice and you must have a shit taste to not like her
>hard working and trust-worthy
>kind and friendly
>fun when drunk
>serious but not a bitch
again she might not be as stacked as the dragons but she is still best girl
fite me

She's not best girl because she's literally the guy stand in to the story. Also lesbians makes better MC than retarded neet males.

hes an OB-GYN

>retarded neet males
??? how is kobayashi like a retarded neet male? she is employed , literally enough to not be a neet and in a work that she loves and is passionate about (despite having a shit boss) and helps her coworkers with their problems the best she can, if you are mad because you think i said that you favorite dragon is shit, then you are wrong, all the dragons are great but consider the following there wouldn't be none of them around if it wasn't for kobayashi,
>she's literally the guy stand in to the history
yes and how is that a bad thing?

No I am just saying that she makes a great MC unlike the steretypical neet antisocial retard that all of a sudden because of plot is now swimming in pussy. This show isn't even a harem show, its a married life simulator.

why indeed

>W..why is the guy wearing white gloves?
That's an excellent question, user.

well now I'm just embarrassed with my own unoriginality

i see , well sorry for misundertanding,you are correct, but i still hold what i said about her being best girl tho

Superior taste OP

what do you think she smells like?

whiskey and sweat

Truthfully, if there's anyone in this series who needs a good dicking, it's kobayashi.

She's literally asexual.


saved to my mommy folder

For all her complaints of her small chest, she's got a great ass.

shes fat

You sure about that?

she's a sexual tyrannosaurus alright

that sex isn't the first thing in your mind, doesn't make you asexual user

>she's got a great ass.
Prove it. post shots.

I take it you also think Lightning is curvaceous.

i think she's too shy to peruse a relationship. which is a shame because no one will notice her the way she dresses

Her arms aren't that big.

Fucking phone posters

it's forced perspective geek

nice contribution

That's not Kanna.

It's like this

Nah, she's flat as hell. There's nothing wrong with that, she's just very boyish.

Yes. Kobayashi has been growing gradually softer and more feminine over the course of the series. I blame all that warming up to Tohru and her paternal tendencies toward Kanna.

Just look how subtly mother-like she looks in this actual spoiler please proceed with caution

I want to Impregnate her and watch her breasts swell

Serious question.

Dub or sub?

Serious answer.
You shouldn't be asking that in the first place.

The lack of straight Kobayashi doujinshi is criminal. Maybe Guntool will make one to go with his Quetzalcoatl one.

Dub shittalked gamergate and commented on misogyny. I heard it got removed in the end, but I wouldn't trust them.

neither because you should only fap to trash not watch it.

>primary language is Python


Elma > Kobayashi > Georgie > Tohru > Noisy Neighbor Lady > Lucoa > Shouta in girl clothes > Riko > Kanna > everyone else > Iruru

I just want a boring gf like Kobayashi

wtf i love her now


Python is pretty comfy m8


go to bed Tohru

>comments in Japanese
Fucking hell.

I work in academia (bioinformatics) and almost every every time I end up checking scripts/tools described in a paper written by Japanese academics (submitted to an English language journal) all the comments are in moon runes. Usually the documentation too, if there is any besides the paper itself.

Even the fucking Chinks and Pajeets have the sense to comment and document their shit in (sometimes broken) English; but not the Nips.

>current time in Japan: 20:10
More like
>finish preparing supper, Tohru

As much as I like Kobayashi, she's basically a man



What's with the OL getup, why doesn't she wear trousers?

Adorable nerd!

I came for Elma, but stayed for Kobayashi which is lucky because Elma didn't show up until the end. Kobayashi definitely best girl though.


if kobayashi dressed like this she would be literally perfect
the man clothes are a turn off, which is a shame because everything else about here is great

I want to fuck Kobayashi, hopefully she just lies there like a dead fish and barely makes a noise. So hot.

Kimun kamui is a big guy


What's a rahab?

a sea monster from the bible

In their mind they are still nippon numbah hone and everyone should just get on their level.

She'll make a cute noise and squirm. Dragon tongues are awfully long.

I want to rub Koyabashi's flat chest!

I want to pin her arms down and blow raspberries on her tummy!

This picture will always trigger me.



Is this post ironic?

I want to french kiss her belly button!

First off, that's depth of field you idiot, and second you're thinking of "foreshortening". Idiot.

She's not asexual or shy. She's just not used to the idea of being wanted by someone, she's always been alone so being wanted by Tohru is weird for her and she doesn't know what to do

I am physically unable of getting a boner towards Kobayashi, she's completely unsexy

Do you feel intimidated, kid?

The best kind of woman.


I am physically unable to not get a boner towards Kobayashi, she's completely unsexy.

shes hot aint she

She's a lesbo.
They're all lesbos.

yeah and? thats not a bad thing

Excuse me user but I'll have you know Lucoa is no lesbian. She's a pedophile.

shes not a pedophile she just needs to figure out how to be a motherly figure correctly
boys cant teach boys about girls

What's so attractive about her?

She's reliable, mature, doesn't get involved in drama, likes staying home, has deadfish eyes, great legs and is a good mother to Kanna.

The only people who think Kobayashi is good looking are bad looking people themselves with low standards.

A subversion of the idealism of conventional beauty which our society bolsters on a daily basis. She appears collected, mature and understands her own flaws when they appear, also she's really cute with those always half open dead fish eyes and probably smells good.

I'm into the middle aged and disheveled look

She's an alcoholic, would not bang.

disgusting. Fitting for the average F/a/ggot