Brown anime girls thread

Anime needs more brown girls IMO

ur wife needs more brown boys



joke's on you, no one on Sup Forums has a wife


I love Azusa

In real life there's a shit ton of black dudes I find attractive, yet anime is the only medium I can find chocolate chicks hot.

Am I the bad kind of racist?



buttelf brown is best



I want to be manhandled by her.

I want to be manhandled by Choi

>you will never be 11yo shota James and get molested by Aisha

It's a shame the very few OS doujins are all about Melfina.

>Choi's cute little brown hands will never run up and down your dick or fondle your balls

u gay?

Tanlines are the best.

Nope, just a faggot.

Bleach has the best brown girls

When is the Rusemaster's next cruise happening?

Most underrated Code Geass girl.

God of Thurber is just pure sex

She’s pure evil. I don’t know how anyone could trust her enough to waifu her.

>Series is called Bleach
>All the best girls are brown
What did he mean by this?


Best brown girl.

>tfw no veteran brown fighter gf

>Those eyebrows
No thank you...
Maybe, although my addiction to big breasts makes me wonder.
Well I hate to argue, so I guess this answers the previous question.

how is she evil exactly? she sacrifices herself for her brother.

It's fine user. Chocolate anime boys are special, too.


Supreme taste.


fuck off underage

make me oldman







I concur
3D brown is so uninviting
2D has to make up for it




No, you leave daughter-fu out of this






White will always be better than brown.



Brown girls are the best kind of girls.

Brown girls irl usually are ugly becasue of their features. I love brown anime girls, but I hardly find actual brown girls attractive.



i don't agree with your opinion


Worst boy

Yes indian brown girls, black girls on the otherhand fuck no.

>see that
>I have no intention of marrying you
Gayest man ever drawn.

But they'll poo on you.

And black girls will stab you to death.

Still better than being shat on.

Look just dont fuck black girls ok indian girls are fine, black girls are not.

i'm white and i'll fucking stab you in the minute

you guys don't actually go outside or talk to black girls do you

I'm no racist, I don't talk to any girls.

Dark Elves > Any other kind of elves


Yes but you are whtie so its ok.
Now look suburbfag you may think the aunt tomikas in your living space represent the majority of black women but they dont, majority of black women are violent, cruel and very stupid making them horrible partners and genetic suicide to reproduce with.

Brown girls are amazing. They're almost always 10/10

so you actually don't go outside or talk to black girls, i get it

>Its a retard that think if a black woman fucks him she likes white people episode

Why would I talk to black women they usually are cruel racist towards white men like me and also tend to know psychotic black males as well putting my life in danger.

>Hasn't actually talked to or ever interacted with a type of person
>Has decided he knows exactly how these type of people work
Now go away so we can post brown girls in peace

Good ol' manufactured Sup Forumskiddie, fresh out the box.

>only has a cameo in the last episode
>sequel never

Just make sure they are ethnically not black. Post middle eastern, indian, native american brown girls no blacks please.


>it's a retard doesnt talk to black women because he believes in stereotypes he read on the internet but then complains about them being "racist" towards him

Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.

Feels like I've been seeing more Sup Forums than usual on Sup Forums for the last few days. I thought they were afraid of our degenerate foreign media.

You can tell you live in a crackerville(suburb)

i'm not even american dumbass

So that confirms you live in crackerville, shut the fuck up if you dont shit about black americans european fuck.

I mean I hate niggers too, but its not something that should be discussed in Sup Forums.
But its always the same in brown thread, some faggot can't shut up about 3DPD shitskins and the thread gets derailed.

Prove it, then.

Only reason I still read Freezing

Black American here. There's nothing to worry about with blacks here, especially if you compare them to blacks in other countries. Most blacks here would shit themselves if they went to Europe or South American slums. Chicago ain't shit compared to Brazil's worst.


>No brown bookworm qt with excellent breasts

Why does this wound me?

Not the thread cuckboy, I am just informing my fellow white men to not view black women as beautiful. Brown girl usually create the silly idea of black women as beautiful loving partners hahahahahaha.
Yes negro when you have such a nonhuman tolerence to criminal savagery that you actually can call your hellholes "nothing to worry about" speaks volumes of how dangerous you are.

You are right.


>Yes negro when you have such a nonhuman tolerence to criminal savagery that you actually can call your hellholes "nothing to worry about" speaks volumes of how dangerous you are.
Well, as a negro myself, congrats on being totally wrong about this.