Character does something embarrassing

>character does something embarrassing
>pause anime and browse Sup Forums for 20 minutes



>character does something embarrassing
>user does something embarrassing for 20 minutes

Is this like an autism thing or something? Why can't you just keep watching the show?

>show is halfway over
>pause and browse Sup Forums for ten minutes
t. my attention span

I do this too

secondhand embarrassment (plural secondhand embarrassments)

personal embarrassment one feels on account of and for another who is making a fool of themself

This has happens to me even when watching porn.
At some point I just switch to Sup Forums before going back to watch.

I don't understand. Why?
You sound too emotionally-sensitive if anime characters doing embarrassing things makes you need to go out for a breather.
Could you describe this in more detail? What scenes made you do that? Give some examples.

It’s probably something associated with watching someone do something embarrassing or watching a trainwreck about to happen. It can be hard to watch.

>Character does something embarrassing.
>Skip ahead 3 minutes.

Have you never experienced cringe before?

>character does something embarassing
>pause to groan and drink water

>character does something embarassing
>want to punch him out of his senses
Isn't that how it usually works?

>quickly speedread Sup Forums while the OP or ED are playing

I have, but most frequently I want to beat the character into having some common sense, not this "going away for a dozen minutes" thing.

>What scenes made you do that? Give some examples.
I feel like the character is acting like an idiot and don't want to watch him/her embarrass themselves

I consider it a part of the story and just endure it. The faster it's over, the better.

I thought I was the only doing this.
Though I usually browse Sup Forums when it happens.

It's an empathy thing basically, the less autistic you are the more you feel.

The story of my life when Chuunibyo was airing

The Germans even have a word for this, Fremdschämen.
It's feeling embarrassed or shame when someone else makes a fool of themselves.

How embarrassing.

Isn't that exactly what "cringe" or "secondhand embarrassment" means, though?

Don't worry user, I actually do the same.

Lack of empathy doesn't make you autistic it makes you a psychopath.

Fucking this; autistic people can actually be way too empathetic for their own good sometimes, but they don't know how to act on it.

>it's obvious that character is about to do something embarrassing
>hide under blanket for the duration of the scene

>character does something embarrassing
>shake my hands and run in place for 20 min

Cringe no, at least by the dictionary definition. Only modern usage has changed it to mean that.
Secondhand embarrassment is the closest.

>character looks directly at the screen
>i look away

>character does something embarrassing
>its the entire show

>10 minutes pass
>compulsive need to alt-tab and check for new posts on threads I'm watching

>character is doing something embarassing
>pause, walk around the house nervously for 5 minutes, drink some water, realize I'm still nervous, gulp down some cum straight from the bottle
>return to watching the anime

>character does something interesting that gets a strong reaction out of me
>look up the scene on jewtube and browse the comments to see what others said about it

>write witty reply to user on Sup Forums
>notice a spelling error or a messed up spoiler
>instantly close thread to never open it again

I do the same fucking thing, I just can't see people doing embarassing stuff

It has to do with being particularly empathetic, by default imagining the experiences of the character depicted and how embarrassing their situation is, making you want to avoid that situation even if it isn't you going through it.

(I get it too, sometimes, and is why certain types of comedy don't work well for me)

You're cute user

So this is what it feels like, when doves cry

You're cute, user, CUTE!

>not just looking over at your Sup Forums screen

Many people here are saying it's because of empathy and second-hand embarrassment, but for me it is because it reminds me of a similar stupid thing I did, so I pause to beat my head on my desk for 20 minutes.

>shit post in a thread
>some user tears apart my shitpost

With pleasure, user

My African American brother


I thought its mostly a thing that happens with insecure people who can't deal with social situations irl rather than empathy.

This user is gone forever, everybody laugh at him

I do this a lot when something happens that makes me excited.
I get up from my chair and walk around the room once and then sit down and feel stupid.

I enjoyed Scum's Wish.

This I can finally relate to. I go out, breathe in some fresh air, and I truly feel alive. I am truly grateful to be alive in moments like that.

>say something dumb on Sup Forums and get called out for it
>immediately close thread and watch an entire season of whatever anime i'm binging to keep my mind off the cringy shit i posted

I usually punch my mattress in such situations.

I watch anime with a pillow and it helps with this

How do people like you post on forums with accounts?

Go watch all of Gintama now

not him, but I haven't used these in more than decade
Sup Forums is all I have

I just mute it when this happens. I watched the first 3 episodes of VEG on almost full mute.

when i'm on a forum with accounts, i meticulously calculate and review every single thing i post, reading over it half a dozen times to make sure i don't make any embarrassing mistakes

I tend to go with "as long as people get the idea it's fine", which is why I never understood grammar nazis. Like who cares about grammar if people understand what Im saying.
And on Sup Forums if I'm wrong on something it's fine, someone will correct me and we can all learn from it.

>Like who cares about grammar if people understand what Im saying.
Typos are fine with me but if you're using the wrong words or words in the wrong context it shows that you're a fucking brainlet that doesn't understand the meaning of what you type.

I don't mean grammar, I mean content.

I can't stand being wrong about anything but at the same time I enjoy taking up the most contrarian views so that I can get people really angry, so I always meticulously examine the viewpoints I am adapting to get (You)s to make sure I have arguments and defenses for those views that can't be easily beaten. Any time I am proven wrong, I leave Sup Forums for like 8-12 hours to cool off.

I completely stopped watching after that episode. Even today, I still have no wish to continue past that point. I just can't do it.

Screencapping this so I can use it to reply to your posts.

How will you know they are my posts though?

I had it many times. In silent Voice the first 15-20min were so awkward it took me like 40min or more to through them. But overall in many anime there were parts when I just had to pause.

Same here

I don't really get "taking up contrarian viewpoint", It's like having sex with someone you don't love.
I only act contrarian if I believe Im correct. Like I've used "animes" for years without anyone showing me its incorrect so I guess im correct on that.

>character does something embarrassing
>skip to the end of the chapter and read the chapter backwards
>embarrassing moment ended right after you skipped

Every time.

I thought I was kinda alone in that. I normally pause for a few seconds or honestly skip forward past the scene.

I take up contrarian viewpoints for two main reasons
a. I love arguing difficult to defend sides
b. I love grinding peoples gears and saying things that really get under their skin
c. I love (You)s

The vast majority of the time I take a contrarian viewpoint it's shitposting for (You)s that I end up turning into a serious argument because of my monumental autism

What does your autism think of stalker threads? Are they too easy so you don't bother?

God, you're both my favourite and least favourite type of poster. Fucking kill yourself you beautiful, magnificent bastard.

not feeling embarrassed means you may lack empathy,which is something autists don't have.

>can't even spell a single word
Go back to kindergarten you overgrown baby

>Character does something embarrassing
>I start incoherently screaming at the screen
>Little sister knocks on my door and tells me to keep it down
>Second hand embarrassment turns into first hand embarrassment

same, can also open youtube to put on music for a minute or so then continue watching

I don't bother with them, yeah. The most common shitshows I get into are when I call Evangelion pseudointellectual garbage or call Sword Art Online the Citizen Kane of isekai. That and starting waifuwars. A good bit of the time if you see a thread where the OP is something like "how can x even compete?" Or something along those lines that just flames a waifuwar it's me

Feeling embarrassment is meant to tell you to stop doing whatever you were doing.
Stop being embarrassing for your familys sake.

Anime is unironically the only thing that keeps me from suicide. I enjoy my weebshit too much to kill myself and miss out on all the stuff I have yet to watch

I feel you, user. Japanese media and my car are all I have in this world and I will fight to the death to protect them.

>"argument" is defunct by the first reply
>keep arguing for the sake of (You)'s

I don't understand this..
I have a friend that does this. Whenever something embarassing or romantic happens in a move he starts getting visibly flustered. Looks away and starts moving around in his chair.
I just don't understand how it works.
Also, while he does not have autism, he has 2 brothers with autism. So I suspect this kind of behaviour might be linked to it.

I liked it better when we called them replies.

I was in a pretty dark place just living day to day in college with no social life or possible future. I never had a gf at 19 and had basically given up on life. But eventually i started watching anime and it legitimately helped cure my depression. I realized it was okay to not care about any of that stuff as long as you found something to replace it. I have something to look forward to after work every day and honestly that's all I need to keep on going, not some 3dpd slut.

Pretty much me exactly

>he has 2 brothers with autism.
Why are their parents allowed to breed?

see , especially the oversympathetic bit and not being able to express it.

>making post
> worrying that it you might sound retarded

It hurts so much.

I thought I was the only one

I persist and call the user a nigger.

>character obviously about to do something very embarassing
>pause and pace around the room for 10 minutes
>go back to watching the anime
>lower the volume to almost imperceptible levels
>pause/unpause constantly during the embarassing part and cringing through it
>turn the volume up after the embarassing part ends and go back to normal

Seriously, see a fucking shrink. You've clearly got some kind of disorder.

I've had sleep paralysis several times.
The most notable time I was having a vivid dream. I was doing something very important in the dream that required all my focus. I heard a voice repeating my name as if rousing me from slumber. Eventually I woke up only to find that my body was completely immobile except for my eyes.
I was drenched in sweat and breathing very hard. I could not feel my body or move any extremities. Within moments it occurred to me that I was not alone in the room. I sensed something hovering beside me, much like you would perceive a doctor or nurse standing over you in a hospital bed. Understanding instantly that this was unlikely, it was with a creeping dread that I directed my eyes toward my bedside.

That is when I saw it. It defied description. I will say of it that it was quite tall and vaguely manlike. I remember its huge eyes that looked as though they saw every corner of my mind. It wore a broad Cheshire grin of enormous shark teeth. I could tell that what it was seeing was very amusing to it.
I had seen enough by this point. Engulfed by bottomless horror at acknowledging that I was awake and lived in a world where such a thing existed, I experienced a primal outrage. I could feel my hand ball into a fist as at last I found I could move, lashing out against it with an aimless haymaker that sent my lamp shattering into the wall.
Screaming as I did not know I could, I scrambled from bed and ran out the front door of my apartment into the December snow. I looked back through my door in abject terror and I howled into the night. I do not know how this failed to wake up my neighbors, but the world seemed dead at this early hour. Gradually I had no choice but to walk back inside, turning on every light and opening every door and cabinet in sight.

I was unable to sleep for four days.

I don't


Already did.
Got social anxiety on a 'manageable' level, whatever that means.

Watching Watamote took me probably 3-4 times longer then it should because of this