Maken Ki new Volume out! What happened to Aki sensei?

The new volume for Maken Ki is out!
And guess what? It's not looking good for Aki yet again.
When will the Aki suffering finally end?

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Has she finally gotten fucked fucked yet or is it still magical rape tentacles still?


From what I read the novel it's that Aki-sensei is a legit lesbian now.

You've made 3 fucking threads in one day.
It's time to stop.

Link to raws or scanlations?

I am not that user.

Care to link or at least post some pages?

is there a new chapter with espada and usui?

Wait... there is a novel of Maken Ki too?
Any illustrations?

Will Takeru get together with Aki?

Yes, i heard he will save Aki and will end up together with her. So good times are coming for aki fans.


Any good pics of Kodama?



>tfw hoped this author wouldn't have been a complete faggot unlike so many harem authors before and created an actual Harem end.
>tfw its looking like the childhood friend with everyone else losing and twin tails BDSM blonde ending with the faggot comic relief.
At this point after Negima, Hayate, TWOGK, Nisekoi and the plethora of other manga and anime that started out as haremshit I should expect To Love Ru to end up with Haruna and Rito as the singular couple with Lala Nana and Yui cheering at their weeding. At least I still have the Tenchi OVAs coming and decent eroge with harem ends.

>the "crystal"-belt looks like a used condom-belt in the thumbnail

>new volume
What's the omake about this time?

Imagine being such a tumblr-having ship fag that you get upset about end-pairs instead of just enjoying the ride there.

Takeru just has to end up with Aki, there is no way he won't right? right???

He's not wrong. If it's a harem then you might as well just go full ham and do a harem end.

tfw i only fap to takeda hiromitsu's ntr doujins


if it isnt ntr im not interested

Holy Moly user... any more of that? I just got rock hard!

Nope, I took a print screen from Takeda's live stream and thats all I got. It's probably a limited edition artwork of some sorts when you buy volume 20, saw it on a japanese site somewhere. Hope someone scans the full image when it comes out.

I'm only posting the Usui delusion. Don't bother asking me to post all of volume 20.






Thanks user. This is the only thing I look forward to in this shit anymore.

Which one?


I want to marry Inaho.



So what happened after she gave birth to sword?

Espada is the best

Why is this man's official shit so much better than his generic NTR garbage doujins that are exactly the same every fucking time except each time anew, the mindbreak expressions are even dumber?

Does that mean Haruko is the most popular Maken Ki girl? How?

Okay. You don't need to post ALL of Volume 20. But can you post all the ecchi stuff from that volume?

His hentai works are better written that this shonen manga. I hope he just went to making Romantic or Romatic Comedy manga instead.

She has an NTR feeling all the way

Haruko is basically the confirmed winner at this point. She's the only girl left in the MCbowl. Unless you count that pink haired girl(male), but "she" is more of a joke character and not a serious contender.

Because he does the same exact NTR story every single time. Hot girl with a boyfriend/husband gets mind broken by some fat guy.

How? I think you're confusing those garbage doujins with the actual series. Then again NTRfags are mentally retarded so it's no surprise.

maken ki looks like THAT?

you sound mad user

Not mad at all user. I simply called you out for being a retard.

I am not an NTRfag you fucking imbecile

I think your mad cause you're crush cucked you so hard in HS that you despise so much NTR and hate NTRfags

Whatever helps you sleep at night NTRfag.

This sounds like very specific projection user...

>this level of projection
It's going to be okay user.

No I've never been cucked also I don't self insert as the cuck I only want to see him suffer

Whatever helps you forget about your hs crush I suppose.

This. Also Minori.

>Minori and Azuki have the same shade of hair
>Same tomboyish attitude
>Aren't related at all

What the hell Takeda

I wish Hiromitsu would write doujins that don't follow the exact same plot every single time.

Just imagine the oyakodon he could have made.

His doujins and Maken Ki make it very clear the guy can't write. If he ever does a non h series like Maken Ki agian, he should really partner up with a writer and just focus on the art since that's his strong point.

I don't follow this shit anymore. Can anyone summarize what happened with Aki?

She got kidnapped by the main villain, got tentacle raped and gave birth to a sword.

Espada is so hot holy shit

what happened to that sword Heavenrend?

Such fine art.

I'm not going to lie, the idea of Aki getting raped by tentacles and impregnated to give birth to a powerful sword sounds hot, but that pic shows everything wrong with modern hentai manga. Artists are afraid to draw female characters pregnant, even when the plot requires it. I'm not saying this because I want pregnant women in manga, I'm just pointing out that a lot of manga artists are afraid to distort the body to convey something unnatural growing inside the character's body.

I bet the most absurd shit of this entire arc is that she's still a virgin.

Is he getteing more girls after blonde loli

>I'm not saying this because I want pregnant women in manga

It's a sword, not the future ant king. Stomach wouldn't bulge that much, even if it was a physical sword going through her body and not a magical sword being conjured.

Is this Minori showering with Aki?

I guess I'm not surprised given he almost exclusively does ntr doujins

Can anyone explain why she can do this?

The one on the right is Minori right?
A lot of the girls can look the same.


>You will never see Espada animated

Well, if X/1999 is any precedent, the woman's fine until the sword LITERALLY EXPLODES OUT OF HER. But it was more classy there.

Is there any place where I can download all the chapters from Maken Ki manga?

Has the MC plowed any of them yet or is it just becoming NTR

>yfw you love Takeda's females so much you get over your disdain for NTR and develop a fetish for Mind braking.

There's literally only one girl left in the MCbowl and there's no NTR in the series. The only girl he's going to fuck is Haruko at the end.

That the girl with the amazing twitching nipples from the gender swap special?


Watch Takeda do it just to fuck with all of us

Yep. The same genderswap special that was never followed up, despite being the best part of the second season and showing us that the MC could actually be tolerable if he didn't have a dick.

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I mean the manga is like a volume away from ending. Also he has publishers and editors to answer to, so he can't just stick NTR in the series because he feels like it. The closest you'll get to NTR are those Usui delusion omakes.


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Who's down for some more Aki with tentacles?
with actual pregnancy

Don't you wish breasts were that orgasmic in real life?

Where do you get these from?

mah nigga

>Best girl tentacle raped
>eliminated harem

Not surprised at this point.

Considering Haruko is a violent bitch that loves hitting Takeru all the time, she deserves to lose.

>twin tails BDSM blonde ending with the faggot comic relief

Please no, anything but that. The only thing worse than the gay best friend is the beta orbiter, rapist waiting to happen friend.

Yep looks like that comic relief faggot gets her which upsets me more than the non harem ending.

>best girl gives up MCbowl because she's not the main girl despite being a hundred times better than said main girl
>ends up with the MC's obnoxious friend
I fucking hate this.

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Let's be fair. Loli oujo-sama end was never in the cards. When has either won separately?

I heard that Takeda was planning to do Maken-ki porn when the series
ended. Is this true?

How THICC is too THICC for Aki?

Does he end up with Aki?