pop team epic thread

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I want to have children with Popuko.

Popu finds a way!

why did the latest ep have so many gay moments between popuko and pipimi


Was she implying she has a penis in this scene?

When they gonna kiss?



Already a thing.愛-奉文-x-聖子






I am.



Honestly fuck off.


Rip Popuko


They give even less clues than before. So it should better be good.

>Ginza hostess


Please, let there be a song. I don't even care if it's not made by UchuPeople anymore. I just want another song I can listen on repeat for 12 hours straight.

not going to happen

How do you know? They got to have LOTS more songs to fill that Best Of cd set coming out at the end of the month.

inb4 they've been saving up the best for last, and the last episode will have so many songs it's like musical throughout

Wow, the threads for this shit are sure dead.

The pleb filter worked perfectly, only true connoisseurs remain.

New Episode in 30min





"I I It's not like we want to be POPular or anything..."

The whole PTE hype has been ded since ep6.

Yuki Kaji once again kills the series.

>even newshit homofaggot OTP Soma and Kaito came

Kamiyan and OnoD when?

It's here

My regular stream link is offline, anyone got one up?

Look above.

Oh wait, nevermind. Forgot to check dsgstng


Lord Takeshobo

Prepare to die


>real animation


bkub loves manga.


AC-bu delivers once again.

Dat Tetris Special Level


Fuck Drive Shot

Fuck Captain Tsubasa


Once again, who voice the girls?



Did they just do the "Doesn't get it at all" gag?



Mimorin as Pipimi

Can't catch Popuko's

wtf is Ankira singing this ED

Sora Tokui and Suzuko Mimori

Milky Holmes



>Milky Holmes
>for detective skit
Good casting


Oh shit, those sfxs freak me out.



Koyasu is here?

Also LL.


This is so bad, yet so good.

It's a masterpiece.

No Koyama Rikiya and Takagi Wataru, their connection is Conan.

Detective Conan cast too - Rikiya Koyama, Wataru Takagi and Chafurin.

New ED, sang by both genders.

Rikiya Koyama and Wataru Takagi

Again, male ED wins.

RIP Aqous



Who sang the ED?

We are gonna get a full Hoshiro Girldrop full episode on ep12 at this rate.

Non stop King Record ads.

>There are only two episodes left.

This must be what a summer crush is like.

I think the pairs for the episode.


The credits don't list the same VAs though so it can't be

>Hayashibara is 50 years young
She looks good here.

The long skit was pretty long this time.

Decipher please?

Japs love it.

I think we have to wait for subs for full enjoyment of the detective skits though.



Delicious wagyu


It's a poll on niconico.

69.3% of Japs voted "It's a kuso anime".