ITT Anime/Manga with horribly disappointing endings

ITT Anime/Manga with horribly disappointing endings.

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The ending fit the genre perfectly.


i win


i'm still sad

im just going to make a future prediction in trash endings and call DBS out right now

Gone far too soon.

I dare anyone, ANYONE to top this

It's impossible. The only one that even TRIES to get close to this pile of shit ending is I am a hero's

ill never not be furious


Came to post this. God damn, Gantz can be defined as a HUGE downwards slope.

I was already pissed enough when i watched the anime and saw every main character die at the temple. Does Gantz just get a massive boner on disappointing and pissing people off?

How did it end? I stopped reading and later forgot to finish it.

Well there are worse endings. This one at least ended good. It was cheap holywood kill aliens humans fuck yeah ending after all this good buildup.

All these years I've never read or watched gantz.
I've always seen pages of it dropped in threads and I can't get a read on it at all.
usually I can imagine some context for a page, but everything from gantz just looks like it's from the craziest ride.


>Gantz can be defined as a HUGE downwards slope.

No way, it peaks during the part where the author briefly learned how to do character development, then craters.

yeah that was pretty bad, though I think the creator had to rush an ending cause of some bullshit or another.

too bad too, because i really liked the concept.

Final battle ends with oga the winner then 5(?) year timeskip where beels sister is also given to oga.
The funniest thing about the timeskip was Hilda, lamia and oga to a certain extent aged but beel still remained the same.
And his first word was "furuchin".
There was another spin off series which lasted around 6 chapters in which lamia falls for furuichi after some 'back to the future' time travel shenanigans.

Is this 91 days?


Imagine if the ending of Cabin in the Woods would be changed to "IT WAS ALL ALIENS" and proceeded to continue into Independence Day

Yugioh Arc-V. Really great character designs in that show thrown away because of massive production issues because Konami is autistic.

Jojo Part 6 has a pretty dumb one. Made In Heaven is yet another forced "last villain manipulates time" stand. And then he gets laughably rekt at the last moment and canon gets blown apart.


Prison School.

On the one hand, seeing all the shippers' tears was hilarious, but seeing Chiyo turn into Mari Mk. II was lame as fuck.

>no one else
Goddammit, Sup Forums.

wasn't hilda kind of "involved" with oga in that one chapter where she threatened to run away and she wavered?

It was the only thing that made it memorable

I was horribly disappointed the main couple didn't die, or end up leading terrible lives

Let's just skip over Negi rescuing his dad, something that was the basis of his entire character. What were they thinking.

Soul Eater anime


10 years of blueballs turned him into a eunuch

Brynhildr in the Darkness just sort of ends with a random comedy scene and absolutely no closure. Not bad just disappointing.

Negima goes absolutely full retard for no reason and is just weird in general. Highly disappointing and retroactively soured my opinion of it a decent amount.

Nana to Kaoru utterly shits itself at the very last minute. Near-breakup forced drama, near NTR, bondage being pseudo-superpowers, I think author was about to do some shitshow garbage and was forced by editorial to change it back because the move lasts like three chapters and was stupid. The "antagonist" was straight up stupid and soured my view on the whole thing. Also black label being set in the future makes no sense with how the actual ending went

Claymore ending is deeply unsatisfying.

Instant Bullet has several successive twists that don't really make sense and make me think it was axed because what the fuck seriously.

Grimoire of Zero ending is lolwut tier

Gosick anime utterly butchered the source material ending and didn't explain why anything happened. Her hair turned white and she almost died because supernatural creatures die when leaving Old World Europe. But because she was half human she survived at great physical strain and lost her magic. It wasn't WW2 and he didn't fight for Japan, it was a new world vs old world world war, and they both GTFO and go to the new world together and fuck around in New York because supernatural fuckery can't reach them in america

The classic pie ending

Strange Dawn
Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle
KADO: The Right Answer

>make an awful spin-off with a mostly different cast, completely different tone and that ignores the vast majority of open plot threads and shits all over the previous story instead of making an actually proper sequel.

Arguably hurts more than the lackluster ending.



Definition of 'what the fuck was that?' Ending.

Kill yourself.

do you expect anything less from seo?



Digimon 02

Most of them to be quite honest. Few Japs know how to write a good ending.

I am a Hero and Onani Master Kurosawa comes to mind.


At least they kissed, even if the kissing scene was pretty badly drawn. The author probably felt really frustrated and it show.

And let's not even talk about the power creeping. They literally introduced characters while rendering them completely useless a few chapters later.
What could the werewolf from the start do at our point? The MC is basically a god-like existence, and even him get wrecked constantly.
OMK is good though, and the last few chapters + the few strips released later are nice.

OMK's end was fantastic


Which Claymore ending?

>no one mentions liar game
literally the worst.

The true

Cage of Eden anime when? I remember thoroughly enjoying the manga years ago

>wanting more people to experience the incredible disappointment that was Cage of Eden

Might as well tell them to watch Lost and not waste time and resources on this for nothing.

Sometimes its not about the destination but the journey itself, user.

A common excuse to soothe oneself. Both are worthless without the other.

Same, I enjoyed the fuck out of it but that fucking ending holy shit.
Years later and I'm still feeling remnants of the dissapointment I felt when I read the last few chapters.

>disappointing endings
>ctrl+F Evangelion
>no results
Wtf Sup Forums??

>Cage of Eden anime when?
Never. The manga already ended, why would they make an anime of it now?

eh, the anime would've probably ended before it reached the halfway point, so it probably wouldn't have been so bad

you can't have a dissapointing ending if the entire serie is shit

This. I wonder why this is the case? It's so frustrating.

The TV series, the movie, or the manga?

The ending just kinda happens out of nowhere despite the whole series seemingly building up to her losing.

Pick your poison.

Manga has probably the most coherent ending of them all. Shit gets reset with no more angels or Eva.

What was so bad about the ending? The aliens were defeated, some heroes escaped, and most things were explained.

It was obvious the series would be awful from the first few episodes.

School Rumble: ends in a pie fight with nothing being resolved.