Hunter x Hunter

What are the chances of Mizaistom getting killed by the troupe

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Why would he?

Why Mizai? He's one of the most relevant ones.

Chrollo is cute!

The troupe is on the 5th tier and Mizai is on the 4th tier

Mizai is a criminal hunter and the troupe is criminals.

He is the perfect plot device to jerk off Chrollo further.

But are spiders stonk enough to hunt down a soccer cow?

I doubt it, honestly.

The troupe would be dumb to go looking for another big fight, when Hisoka is lurking around somewhere just waiting for an opening to start picking them off

The fact that Hisoka is there makes me think Gon is too. Maybe Killua as well.

Some unimportant ones will probably die to show how awesome cow is so Chrollo come off even stronger.

this arc is probably going to be a bloodbath and it's surreal how Gon isn't involved in any of this

Holy kek.

what zodiac will die first

Even irl in an expedition they'd rather a scientist who also can shotgun white bears than a pure gunfag. Gon needs to study to be relevant. It's his of screen training arc. If he is actually Ging's relative, he should have enough brains for it too.

He is stronger than most of them dude.
You are delusional. Gon and Killua are not on this ship.

Some cute girl because fuck us that's why.

Chrollo will drink all Mizai' milk

inb4 the bunny is a boy does that make any sense? We know Gon is on Whale Island studying and Killua is off with Alluka.

I see

It will be disappointing if Illumi is working with Hisoka

All hisomachi salty cucks are invited to the hisoillu wedding

>for our engagement ring

Those are some ugly fucking mugs.

He probably is. Or at least was told by Hisoka to keep Kalluto out of everything because he probably doesn't want problems with the whole Zoldyck family if he had to kill Kalluto.

clearly a JoJo pt2 reference

>ugly as fuck
That's neither my husbando nor my husbando's husbando. Fuck off.


>he probably doesn't want problems with the whole Zoldyck family if he had to kill Kalluto
Remember how he tried to kill Alluka to piss off Killua and then kill him to piss off Illumi?

I mean planned.

Which spider is going to die next?

Nobu or shizu

Can't you just put text over some japanese fanart like a proper homo-poster, fuck. This is offensive.

Whatever you say salty hisomachi fag, it is ok if you don't wanna come to their wedding

What floor is Gon on?

whale island

Fuck off
Neither hisomachi nor hisoillu is a thing

There ain't any ship besides blackwhale you dumb cocksucker

>Zodiacks begin weak that morel

How is it surreal that Gon isn't involved in a bloodbath?

Will the first prince get a good fight or just die? His ability is probably of top interest to Chrollo given what happened to his prediction ability just now.

>Thought on reading hunter x hunter manga
Too bad that the art is shit

Shizuku won't die, she will marry Leorio first.

I though Leorio will marry the dog?

Fuck off, tyke. The anime isn't come any time soon.

>Togashi: why shonen sucks?
>Because young stupid boy need save world
>Togashi: poor Gon
>Edgy teen with special power need revenge
>Togashi: poor Pika

I hope pika dies

Hisoka is so gay that he drafted the contract on his own life like an engagement, complete with rings and a prenup to make sure Illumi gets paid is he succeeds. They aren’t literally engaged to be married but the fact Illumi actually accepted Hisoka’s homolove contract is kind of telling.

I'm honestly getting pretty fed up with kurapika. I hope she dies soon.

Hello. I’m Illumi.

He’ll get at least one given his guards dying is all setup to him having multiple abilities that work well in tandem like what Chrollo pulled against Hisoka, but probably only the one. He’ll put up a cool fight but ultimately lose to Tserriednich to debut the ability he put together in a week.

why are there three HxH threads up at the same time?

>thought on
Wouldn't suit you anyway.

>I’m Illumi.
You're not fooling anyone.

Do you need to have really high IQ to read that stuff?

No, Hisoka will kill off most of the spiders but Shizuku will live to tell the story but very injured, so she will be carried to where Leorio is working and they will become friends, Shizuku and Leorio will main the Dark Continent after the spider is gone.

I'm gonna fuck off, but not because you said it or anything

Nobody wants to marry the dog. This is why the dog is so mentally unstable.

Ryodan chapter.

Which spider is Hisoka right now?

Well the Zoldycks never actually liked Alluka and didn't even really consider it part of the family. I don't think the same can be said with Kalluto. The consequences of killing Alluka aren't the same as killing Kalluto

No, just at least an average level.



Hey I'm not retarded I swear

The autistic ones are always easiest to impersonate, no effort needed.

>the ring thing is his wishful thinking
My little lonely faggot Hyskoa can't be this cute!

Ain't you the same hisomachi fag who screams how hisoka is not gay and he'll marry machi? Hypocrite cuck

But he wanted to kill Killua too. And he is way more important for the family than Kalluto.

So pretty much any of them, besides Machi and Chrollo.

Just stop posting gaijin shit, Jesus.

I think you're talking about me faggot.
However no one ever talked shit about Hisoka marrying anyone except you cocksuckers. Most of us where just joking around on the expense of homo-posting, because you really need to tone it down a bit.

I want Illumi and Machi to have passionate sex in front of Hisoka

Machi is too gay for that.

Illumi is Hisoka. He'll passionately rape them all.

>too straight

I am not, stop projecting, faggot

All shippers are cancers be it gay or hetero

>tfw I ship Hisoka x Machi and Hisoka x Chrollo

Pitou is my wife

Your wife is dead

Which one is your husbando?

She faked her death


Zero. Zodiacs > Ryodan.

>Chrollo steals Cammy's ability and walks away
>She gets herself killed and stay dead

She faked Gon's arm penetrating her sternum followed by outright disintegration from his final blow?

I want this to happen now.


Cammy, Cammy; in this chapter she had no part,
But Cammy is still in my heart!

Why does Bisk look like a man? Even if a woman works out they shouldn't look like that.

Most women who "work out" don't really work out. They only work to slim and tone their body, they don't bulk at all.


Cammy is cuter!

She's a transmuter. She transmuted part of her blood to pure T subconsciously.


I think this is one of my favourite anime openings of all time. Something about it resonates with me. I wish that the 2011 anime hadn't stuck with just the one opening song for the entire series.

This shit is one of your favorite ops of all time? Man, you got shit taste.

scans of ten de showaru where?

togashi needs to add more hetero ecchi in hunterxhunter btw

he's great at it in ten de showaru

It's a great opening.

The Troupe should probably know better than to start trouble with the Zodiacs when they are being hunted down by Hisoka.