Don't Meddle With My Daughter

Can we discuss this series? What were Seven Seas thinking when they licenced this? Why is the mom infinitely better than her daughter in every conceivable way? Who do you prefer- N.U.D.E or Blowjob? Why must Nozomu Tamaki suffer so much when he tries to release his work?

Probably about the same thing thought when localizing Dance in the Vampire Bund.

>this official /ss/ doujin
Based Nozomu

Is no one going to finish this scanlation? Weren't there only 2 chapters to go?

Sadly no one.

Seven Seas is so damn weird. On one hand we get stuff like this and the OP, and on the other they get stuff like Maou no Hajimekata, which nobody actually likes and is just straight up rape.

I mean, Kamen Rider Spirits was more likely to get licensed than that. Still reordered this though.

And what a sht show that story turned out to be. Gay werewolves, /ss/ for literally no reason, a plodding plot, and I could care less about the main couple.

Fuck. Why?

Never mind. Found those on Dex. Updated last month.

Is it just people with awful taste spamming their surveys?

>Kamen Rider Spirits
Still waiting on that ending.

I was surprised that they licensed Re:Monster. I mean, they must have some poor taste.

> from the creator of dance in the vampire bund

I don't think this is a good selling point given how that series has always littered the manga shelves unsold in every bookstore I've been to.

So, he's canonically fucking his own blood related mother.

This author is based.

So he's a motherfucker.

Reminder that the daughter is a lesbian in the doujin sequels.
They literally ended a 3 chapter arc with her fucking her best friend with a strap-on.
This is canon.

He's almost a daughter fucker too.

It was kind of painful to have to read some doujins to know the end of the series. Also, fuck all this lesbianism, daughter deserved a dick (preferably mine), not pussy's pussy.

>It was kind of painful to have to read some doujins to know the end of the series
Those doujin has story?
Last time i checked, the mom got gangbanged by bunch of shotas.
That was 11/10.

Every doujin by the author is canon to the manga

Wait, I thought he only fucked his future wife, and past wife. When did he bang his daughter ?

The doujins made by the author of the saries contain the actual ending of the series

needs a loli

You fapped to that to? Nozomu is a madman for doing that.

Ane Naru Mono is Yen Press, not Seven Seas

He never did. Almost.

Who wouldn't if he had mommy like this?