Megumin wants to know why you havent been working out user!?

Megumin wants to know why you havent been working out user!?

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I was too busy jerking off to her butt.

what did she do to deserve that?!?

Because I fucked up my back trying to.

Spent too much time on and tried to do it IRL.

Too busy having sex with Aqua to take steroids with some stupid girl.l

Megumin wants to know are you gonna eat that pie

why have not her clothes explosion ?


I do but I'm tall and with the kind of body type that won't let me get HUEG
I could probably make up for that with a strict diet and vitamin integrators but screw that I'm fit enough.

This. Her ass is nutritious and has no glutton.

You mean gluten.

Got a bed to sleep in.

Talked back to Darkness.

I can't imagine anything with Megumin like this

ESLs wanna join in too user


Leg machine broke

>Implying Megumin would ever level up STR instead of explosion magic

After , I wouldn't be surprised if she did.

You know working out doesn't increase the size of a woman's breast right? They can get bigger pecs sure but not breasts, this is unrealistic.

This one has been involved in 1 too many explosions


See guys? This is what happens when you over feed the Megumin.

Please take responsibility.


Today is my rest day

Is fapping considered working out?

Depends if it's to Megumin's butt.

Reminder that megumins str stat is higher than scumzumas

Explain this, then.

>brown nipples
fucking disgusting

I had a surgery on my leg and only started walking again a few days ago.