New El Hazard anime in the works


given that only ova1 was good, that sounds like an awful idea

Can't wait for the shitposting about it being another isekai harem.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's a reboot that makes it more like modern isekai harems to try and capitalize on the trend.

I hope they don't follow the TV version. OVA all the way.

How much would the even need to change? Give Makoto a power that's relevant at the start so he can be properly OP and forget about all the other male characters?

12 Kindoms high budget remake when?

They should really just reboot the whole thing. The TV version was shit and everything after OVA 1 ruined it. Take the original OVA and stretch it out to 12 episodes and you're good to go.

>Give Makoto a power that's relevant at the start so he can be properly OP and forget about all the other male characters?
Do this, add some more ecchi, have Diva joins Makoto's harem and have a harem end.

I just want Kazuto Nakazawa drawing more girls

> forget about all the other malecharacters
>el hazard without Jinnai

Fuck that shit.

Jinnai can stay, but gets cucked by Makoto, so he pops more blood vessels.

Just make him more despicable. Turn him into a rapist or attempted rapist. Also make him not Japanese that way Makoto can defeat him with his superior Japanese morals.

Impossible. The MC not having a harem would never work in this day and age.

Are you implying Makoto didn't have a harem in the OVA?

Can't wait for the episode where Makoto teaches everyone the wonders of Japanese cooking.

Seems industry are revising anime 90's

Not as blatant and explicit as the tv version. Or at the very least, wasn't given the Tenchi treatment.

Whether it's a reboot or continuation, the OAV needs to be the character template, instead of the tv series. It has best Ifurita and oneesan Rune Venus, who does things to my penus. Rune Venus can enter the harem like in the tv version, though.

>Not as blatant and explicit as the tv version
Maybe not but he still obviously had a harem. I'm pretty sure Shayla Shalya and Jinai's sister get into a fight over him in the OVA.

What if it ends up being 5 minute shorts?

Tears of blood, angry posts and then I'll ignore it, like I did with the other new series in the image.

It's less about the harem but more of the focus on it. The OVA was an adventure with MC firmly going to end up with Ifurita. The TV was a Tenchi clone where they put the harem and all of its tropes in front of everything else.

animated by AIC or riot

Nigger you said he didn't have a harem but he obviously did. Whether or not the harem was front and center doesn't change the fact that the harem exists.

It's being animated by AIC, but I wouldn't really consider that a plus. They are fucking broke.



>Have Jinnai but strip him of everything that makes him Jinnai

Fuck, that would be even worse.

The Ifurita one is still one of my favorite ova.

Never, naturally.
Or wait 10 years when they're out of ideas and need easy money.

Wow they're just bringing back any old property at this point

AIC is hurting for cash, so they've been trying to bring back a bunch of old shows.

>That fucking hands
Fucking disgusting.

Would you fertilize her eggs?

Its just like reading a story by Kawahara Reki.

Without hesitation.

Only fags wouldn't.

Best girl coming through


If they didn't give Ryoko donkey ears, she would look perfect...

>It's being animated by AIC
Continuation confirmed

Those eyebrows, that petite body, that pretty youthful face, that auburn hair…… hnnnnnnggg

Still waiting for news for the new Saber Marionette ova.

Me too man.

Continuation of which though? The OVA or the TV? It would be better to just reboot it and rework OVA 1's story into a 12 episode TV series.

been wanting to watch this, where do I start? is there any guide?

Watch OVA 1 and nothing else.

does the other version that bad? or is it like escaflowne where the movie is different from the tv series?

Watch order is:
>Magnificent World
>Magnificent Word 2
>Alternative World

The Wanderers is El Hazard's Tenchi Universe and is completely unconnected from the rest.

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