Fate/Extra Last Encore

Episode in 1 hr

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Subs in 5 days

How shit is this?

What was stream site?

10 minutes

Why is Extra flopping bros?
This shit is more embarrassing than Apocrypha.

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ppl can't understand simple shit.

What does it mean to flop

Why would anyone spend money on bluerays if they could just pirate it and spend the money on Quartz?

i want to start watching this. is this better than apocrypha? can anyone tl;dr it?



Tamamo's so cute

It's not FGO anime.




Sugar, spice, and EVERYTHING NICE

I'm actually pissed.
I told Sup Forums this was going to be a new anime before it came out
and there was a load of anons saying it's just an old anime thats already out.
Well I was right, fuck you Sup Forums


Some freaky shit going on right now.

What the fuck are you saying, dumb GO secondary. LE was announced as a new anime project right from the start.


This is the true form of lolis.



The fuck Nasu?


You know why


Man, floor 5 is just gonna be a Deadface fight of Hakuno vs Rin.
I really can't give less of a shit about Rin in this anime, in the game at least she had her conflict with Leo going on.

Is it not selling well? Its obviously not popular on Sup Forums because subs are released randomly. If it had a HS release it would hit bump limit every week.

Don't give me that shit.
I wasn't the one giving false information while pretending to be right.


>there are actually human being a who learned about Fate through GO and this anime
I'm fuming.

Smug Rin

With the TV broadcast of Fate/Extra ending with episode 10, does anybody know just when the fuck the Special Broadcast with the rest of the episodes is meant to be made available?

It better not take like 3 fucking months as other anime with a similar sort of release schedule have done.

The series and Type-Moon is just a completely different thing to those people, because it's become something entirely different in recent years.

Second Command Spell RIP to save Rin.

is nero a plumber?


Holy shit what a whore.


can't deny how sexy it looks

that really activates my centipedes

>Nero figures surging in pre-orders
>More Fate exposure to sell even more Fate merchs
>FGO Extra /CCC tie-ins rate up to earn more cash beyond anything anime related can compete with
Such a simple minded retard you are. Take is building an empire, LE is a piece of land.

Can Leo just sweep these losers and fix everything already?


Fate as an "empire" is garbage because it largely relies FGO. Original new projects by Nasu like this are the only TM stuff at the moment that at least have a chance of being good.

He's asleep on his floor, or something like.
It fucking sucks, his early interactions with Rin and Hakuno are what really set him up as a character.

That's Ultimate Slut mode.

>Namidame is doing a Rin book this time
Oh boy.

Rin has basically class cards from Prisma. She just installed Lancer.

>Gae Bolg
I can't
It actually worked

>Prisma Illya isn't canon they said

Well, pretty decent episode.
It's sad we probably won't get the real Lancer thanks to this new Rin ability.

The Moon can allow you to BS a lot of stuff so I'll believe it.

>Amari was Book
>Amari was dating Shinji
So who between these two was the bigger criminal?

>>Amari was Book
this makes it worse. WAY WORSE.

I don't get it.
If she was book, who were the parents she talked about last episode? Alice's?

>rin is kill again after using gaybulge

Holy shit even Franxxx's episode today is much better.

Holy fuck that was god tier.


Wasn't Shinji some 8 year old?

Damn, my internet went to shit so I missed the last park.


I don't think she was an actual Amari. Because what the fuck with her dialogue in previous episode? It makes no sense.


>tfw no Lu Bu Rani


I'd lick and worship thighs and belly button even after old men had their way with her.

He is like 1008 year old now.

Rin fucking did gae bolg holy fuck

>are you cheating on me again shousha

Cute Emperor pout

>I would fuck that belly

Rin, Rin please, you must stop this.



Fucking Tohsaka slut genes


I'd ditch Umu for Book Prime

So this CONFIRMS it is a Bad End sequel to Extra, not a stand alone story. Extra took place, Hakunon lost to Twice and died. This is a 1000 years after that.
Why were Shinji, Dan and Alice still around, but not Hakunon? Not yet answered. They were brought back, in a scenario maybe similar to CCC, but we don't know yet.

This episode made me feel for Alice's death, they did a good job. They even explored Hakuno's NIKUI more. I like that.

I see Shaft switched from reusing Monogatari style to reusing Madoka style. Desperate.

What next, SZS episode?


Are you ready for her to be one-shoted by Nero in next episode?

>fate without Shirou

Oh god fucking dammit.
It's gonna be an Extella Zero sequel to tie into Extella 2 isn't it?

Who's better at using Gay Bulge, Miyu or Rin?

Next episode is the rainy Blade Runner city with Julius and Li Shuwen.
Rin round is the 5th in LE.

Also wasn't Hakuno's CE different during flashbacks? Confirms it wasn't a production error.

Will the fifth floor only take one episode? It doesn't look like there's anything in it.

Jesu, Nero is by far the sexiest bitch this season.

>>As expected it was hard to understand this time only so I only had one word.
>At that time there really was a word to tell,
At the end the girl was able to speak Sore this time.
>He said that he had not been left behind but watched the future.

Aren't there 7 floors?

So I was actually right when I was making shitposting threads about it being Extella/Zero?

So what was the deal with Nursery Rhyme?

>Fate without Shirou

Maybe there will be Tamamo or the Redman.

What the fuck is wrong with this mushroom.
What a random, autistic blog post.
Arcueid cameo better be next episode you faggot.