ITT: Minor characters who stepped above their paygrade

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He should be main villain

I was so mad at him and also Yugi for being a fucking idiot

What was yugi thinking borrowing a stranger his strongest cards

Why didn't Joey throw weevil's cards into the ocean?

Joey already threw himself in the ocean

I remember thinking "no need to get mad about some cards" then I remember yugioh monster dueling literally rules their world and it's full of autistic dangerous people to the extreme.

No he shouldn't.

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obvious choise. At least on fanart/meme part

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He wasn't thinking, that's the problem.

>no need to get mad about some cards
Did you not remember the fact that they were going to this huge tournament, it's like someone tried to break your legs at the olympics

Why didn't Joey throw weevil into the ocean?

Someone tried to throw your knees into the ocean.


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I find it kind of hard to believe that they did not immediately throw Weevil overboard.

good taste user 10/10

Jounouchi jumped to get the cards but only managed to grab 2 of them, Atem could have punished him with a Shadow game though but instead he kicked him out of the competition first match just as they landed

>Random side character literally kills the protagonist

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Reminder that pieces of Exodia aren't even rare and he could've likely just traded for the ones he lost, aside from possibly the head.
Pic related shows a left arm someone's trading in that exact episode.

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