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Plastic Butts

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This is butts country

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Post your collection/setup.

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you first

Why? You scared?

Was this a limited/exclusive item?

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ya got me


Why would anyone do that if all that awaits them is a flurry of verbal abuse?

You can't say "post your collection" without posting your own and not look like an ass.
If you want people to show their stuff, show yours first, nerd

You guys are too afraid. Stop being a coward and just show it.

That's a stupid rule, I just want to see other user's setup.

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I am curious to know if any of you have a rotating display case setup? I always figured that given how detailed Anime Figures are---people would want a setup where you could enjoy the figure at every angle.

There has to be some high quality rotating display cases out there... even if they are super expensive and meant for retailers only.

Links or leads appreciated...

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Dude, really, just kill yourself.

You're the reason people are afraid of posting their stuff. Because of rude ass people like you.

>Calls another a guy a coward
>Wow don't be rude to me
Fuck off

Oh fuck, meant

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Need to rearrange some stuff, but I'll be moving soon so I'll just do it then.

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Windows that directly let light onto them also have blinds, but the time of day and photo taking make it look really bad.

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Why isn't the stuff on the top in the case? There's plenty of space.

Looking pretty Sup Forums

Nice collection. I like the fighting game girls

>why dont you put shit on the floor

Are you blind? There is plenty of space that is not on the bottom sections.

>what is dust

>not wanting to dust your figgies

It's honestly because I don't care for the stuff on top. They're there as fill until I decide what I want to do with them.

Well, Saturday buyfag started with an extra helping of autism.

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Sorry about photo quality!

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Last one died at around 260 posts. Another one didn't need to be made for the sake of existing.

Where do buyfags get decent clear display cases for their stuff? Can't find anything that isn't $100 with shipping. :/

IKEA, find second hand displays from stores or just buy an expensive one.

The guide.

IKEA shipping has always been a scam, try to pick something up in person is you're going that route. If you live in a third world country without IKEA locations everywhere, well, Craigslist is your friend. You can get some great deals on commercial-grade display cases on there.

Niku figure now!

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Was about to buy this display but fucking Gertrud is too tall

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I have a similar display and I was probably going display her without her big ass gun

Not that user but someone else who has looked for a display case, the guide actually does not have a section for just small cases like pic related from Medicom which is out of production. There are recommendations for standing furniture or dedicated wall mounts, but nothing if you already have shelves/furniture and want something to put on them.

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>which is out of production Figure&utm_medium=PROD&utm_campaign=My Figure

Your point is? Why would the guide list something you can't buy?

Well obviously it would be for any reliable source of small cases that are available if such a thing exists, like how there is a direct link to IKEA for DETOLFs maybe? was just an example.

I see your point, but if someone goes to the guide looking for a display, there isn't much point of there being a section/links on something they can't even buy.
By the way, anyone can edit it, so you can always write it yourself.

Guide is outdated and not really maintained all that well.


Nice setup. I really wish Koto didn't fuck up Asuka and made figure of her as good as Xiaoyu. Hopefully they make another Asuka or a Katarina as nice as her. Also, nice alternate outfit Chun. She's my favorite Street Fighter but I already have the 3rd strike figure where she's sitting.

Also thanks for not being a coward unlike those two ( and )

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why don't you post yours first?

sonone tries his hardest to maintain the guide when he's not buying bras for his pair of desk tits or donating money to nyanners

This isn't discord, why the fuck are you using names?.

Nice try. Stop samefagging.

it literally said his name on the guid when he bought it retard

Happy birthday frzntear.

Fuck off Cribbs.

Literally came minutes ago.

The package also arrived.

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>that weld.

Is there something wrong with the figure?

I'm new to buy fagging, so I just want make sure I didn't get a dud or fake or something.

read the fucking guide.

He means the boob weld, doesn't mean it's a bootleg, it's a semi-common practice but it generally considered to be ugly

her right hand looks chubby.

Ah, I see what you guys mean now that I look close at it. Don't bother me too much though, the rest of the figure makes up for it, but thanks, I'll be more mindful of it from now on.

There's a buyf/a/g discord? Got a link?

Some welds are far worse than others, generally comes to personal preference


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me love Emilia

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I have this and generally hate welds. This isn't as bad in person, imo.

And boxes!

Can anyone recommend a good site that ships to EU for anime prints?
Looking to get some prints of some of the figs I have and maybe use as decor for the displays.

Haven't posted mine in awhile.

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The guide

I always like seeing your display.
so neat and bright. I can tell you really care about it
what's that blue thing above alice?

It's the saucer that comes with the Noel nendo from "Sora no Method"

How did you chain the LEDs on the bookshelf? Or I guess what brand did you buy?

Its wired up behind the bookcase and each shelf can be disconnected by those circled connections. The LED is jsut normal daylight white led strip you buy in 5m rolls.

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The guide only list sites where you have to upload a pic yourself.

And places where you can get legit stuff as well, read it.

Weren't you the user whose display glass broke?

What's happening with SAL in France?

I did. Literally full page guide and ctrl f poster and it only links custom sites.
But feel free to link me pls.

Feel free to fuck off and read it, not just search through it.


Very nice. Wish they'd made a standing Kiss Shot so that she could stand out more. 10/10.

Roast me please.
Yes, I know the image is probably shit I dunno how to take optimize mobile pics.

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I know what you mean, but there are a couple of prize figs.
This looks nice, what kind of risers are you using?

Is it possible to 3D scan a figure and 3D print it out life sized?

Just some basic shit similar to this:

that shade of white for the lighting really makes all your figures blend in to the wall

reposting shit pic of shit taste
somewhat ironically, most of my localized mangos are on another shelf

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Only thing I can roast you about is the fact that we can see a bit of the wiring for the lights. Otherwise, it's a nice setup. I think I want that Nina Williams figure.

Cute figures, man. Stop being so negative.

Closet-fag, my set up has changed by like 2-3 figures, and I have some dakimakuras/posters not shown.

Have to move soon which sucks because this closet setup is pretty sick, doubt next place I live will have a closet like this. Don't think all these will fit in a detolf, and I can't have them displayed on a shelf in my room because I smoke weed all day and don't want them smoke-damaged. Need to come up with a plan for this shit.

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Cool abyss boats.

Actually I hink I'll probably just get two detolfs and keep expanding my collection. How hard are they to put together? Some user here said it requires two people to hold shit up and it's still a pain in the ass.

Its definitely doable with one person.

2 people if you don't have a wall to lean the back peice up against or are too weak to maneuver a 20 lb peice of glass.

>Cute figures
thanks, i think so too. buyfags seem to like shitting on everything though. i'm ok with having shit taste anyway.
i need a tripod though. soon(tm)

>buyfags seem to like shitting on everything though
Now you just seem arrogant. This is clearly not the case if you've been on these threads before and its relatively common to see someone calling something "nice" or "cute".

exaggerated, yes. but i've definitely seen apathy, if not something bordering on contempt, for miku here, a la saber. or maybe i'm just retarded

You can't blame people for being apathetic towards figures of a character that constantly gets new figures.

you're just a prick.