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It's out
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Oh boy.


1080p is out

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>fat kid gets food as a gift
what is the point of this character?

To eat food obviously, is kind of funny since his VA said he got his role since he didn’t sound like a generic fat guy, yet his character behaves like a generic fat guy

>watching upscales

>more supporting character development
I kind of feel like I would bitch about lack of secondary character screentime if they only focused on Hiro and 02 but man, is this fucking tiresome.

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I never got this complaint about secondary characters. I think having a few really good characters can make a show good if you pretty much only focus on them.

It's 24 episodes why wouldn't they focus on the supporting cast?

I didn't really care for Kiss of Death at first but I now I can't skip it.

>Goro focus
Fuck yes

I love Kiss of Death.
I'm just sad they already swapped out Torikago

Dumb onifag

Sometimes secondary characters are really good and you want them to get attention but they never get any.

You can have things happening and character development at the same time. Hard to imagine, I know.

So basically another episode where nothing happens?


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Disgusting Milkman was smiling like a normal guy with rest of the squad for once.

>darling in the fraNTR

I can't believe Giro is fucking dead

He was smiling when they all ran to Hiro after he piloted Strelitzia for the the 3rd time and not die.

Ichigo withdraws from the Hirobowl after much struggle. Taking her talents elsewhere.

official. art.

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Will these two finally become friends now that they aren't after the same guy?

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I predict 02 teasing Ichigo about Goro in the future.

It seems like he's getting better at drawing 02's face? That was my biggest complaint with the manga. Her face just looked off compared to the anime.

02 is so fucking cute

does she have to be naked here?

miku tearing into ishitgo was epic

It's time

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02 doesn't care about any of the kids other than Hiro.

Eyes got more on model or it's just this expression.


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So that explains stuff

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based miku

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Yes of course.

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>Fatty just asks for more food
Nigga, please

The past three episodes have been fluffy garbage. I can't believe I wasted any energy being excited for this show the past three weeks.

Cicada 3301 is coming back, prepare for the new round, those who will pass will be contacted by us. Good luck.


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so this pretty much confirms that Santa is evil?

why do you think mitsuru wants a pen

This man is too pure.

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>small, bossy and bound to freak out all the time
>tall, carefree and calm
Opposites attract huh?

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>I'll take good care of it
>It's broken in the OP

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I skip it because Mika Nakashima's whiny vocals irritate me.

>a cuckhold

My freaking heart.

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This was a nice episode. Goro got friendzoned officially now and 02 started the path of tragedy.

>Miku calling Ichigo's "leadership" the fuck out
>Goro being the single most based man of all time
>zero hesitation confession
>a P13 kill not going to Strelizia
>Ichigo ACTUALLY BEING A GOOD FUCKING CHARACTER when away from the Hiro love triangle bullshit
This might be the best episode since 4. Absolutely fantastic. I hope you get your strawberry, Goro.

I'm glad she told Ichigo off here. It needed to be said.

I get an headache too listening to it

>Hiro got hurt in future ep
>Oni blamed herself
>Saw her reflection and smashed the mirror in rage
>Realized it was his present
>Broke down even more

If there was a single chance of Hiro ever accepting Ichigo's feelings that died in this scene.

>that impregnation
This show really has no sense of subtlety.

>Triangle bomb
>it's a completly different Triangle than people thought

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You'd be surprised how many people don't notice

She really should just ditch the hairclip

So what kind of gardening tool is this

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Little Ichigo was an alpha bitch, and this episode's Ichigo was like a totally different person as well. I've been saying that Ichigo could be a great character if the producers would just stop with the MUH HIRO, and I feel totally vindicated. Ichigofags, take a hard look at this episode. Look at what she can be when she stops pining after Hiro. Never ever bring up your garbage ship again. Be happy with Goro- he's better than Hiro, anyway.

Quite nice episode. I wonder if Ichigo now knows that what she feels for Hiro is love. At least Goro was not hurt.

>he doesn't garden with cnidarian uterus dynamite
Fucking horticulture plebs, I swear.

>02 doesn't care as deeply for Hiro as Ichigo does for Goro

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I can see why Goro fell in love.

She's perfect.

These two are going to give me heart disease.

How the fuck can an anime go to shit so fast?
We had a fucking kiss in episode 1, but have been grinding to a halt for 4 episodes now. That screenshots makes me feel so sad. The first 5 episodes were so damn good.

Why, why, why would you ruin your story like this?


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Goro is good but he isn't madman tier yet.

I really like how they added that slight redness to her nose and around the eyes to show she's been crying.

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Dumb noble.

I appreciated how even Argentea looked like a competent fighter, even though it was their team's recklessness that led to the whole situation. Goro knowing the words to express his feelings before Ichigo also makes a lot of sense because he talked with Hiro about it.


The devil hath no fury like ...

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She's talking about Goro, though. We'd have to see Hiro in that situation.

Goro was fucking pathetic this episode.

At first I thought the same, but then I considered her character and I believe that she implied that she'd just smash that thing to pieces instead of diving in. Then again, she likes swimming. IDK. 02's retarded.

How fast were they moving in this scene?

Who the fuck thinking what making love squares is good idea? Why they never learn?

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What are other animes were worstgirl slowly gets better?

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The healing and bonding begins now

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truly, they were all darlings in the franxx

Look at how tiny she is
Can you imagine?

i didnt even see that..

Show your Zorome Reaction Pics. The harvest was pretty gud this episode.

>episode 6: literally "Ayanami, why do you pilot the EVA?" scene
>episode 7: massive tone shift after MC gets the answer
I expect it to last until Dirac Sea in episode 16.

So he can write 'onahole' on Kokoros body when he's finished with it.


What would you have asked for, Sup Forums?

ichigo onahole

>when your life is shit but you're too cool to care

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hiro onahole

A 02 of my own.

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Zero Two