ITT: Alpha females in anime

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That's not alpha, that's a shitty gay pride flag pole.

>fails as a wife
>fails as a mother
beta female

Done. Since they make shit happen.

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got you covered

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Ah yes. the daughter rapist.

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Also the strongest and most successful living being in the world.

Ragyo lost on purpose.
She couldve doomed the entire galaxy if she wanted, instead she let her daughters win.

Go back to tumblr

Gamagori is best girl

The most alpha Friend

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I was going to mention only Shion but thinking further Mion was pretty based too.

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>most succesful
>only had daughters

That became top dogs in a global scale but only and only after asspulling their way to overthrow her.

Tattoo Shimion was pretty beta, Nailess Shimion was the alpha twin.

Still prefer tattoo twin. She's better wife material.

Like her?

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>Dominated the setting all the way to the end
>Only got defeated by another super deadly woman who had to basically doom herself to win
Yep, pretty much.

>brainlet wojak meme
textbook quality post

I want Froylatia-sama to step on my balls.

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Huh, I thought 002 had pink hair.

>fucks all 3 of her daughters
Can beat the Ragyo may as well not post.

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not even the most Alpha girl in the same show

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>brainlet who believes every poster is male & can't figure out the obvious


>>brainlet who believes every poster is male

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who's she ?

looks like a Junji Ito character

Why are alpha dykes so good?

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alpha female

back to you lez pride board

Best girl

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He counts right?

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Staying here to annoy autists you.

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Good job lighting the fucking place on fire instead of just nudging the thing off course 500 meters earlier.


the only good thing from Akame ga Kill

She had to punch off the top of a mountain to land it safely.

Every character in kill la kill is an Alpha in someway.
The rare Betaless anime.

What happens? I dropped it after like two episodes after realizing it wasn't the successor to kill la kill.

It took you 2 episodes?

world domination >>>> everything else

make space faggots

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she didn't want to rule the world her plan was to destroy the world to spread life fibers.

I never finished the series. Did MC pick her?

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>wants life fibers to rule over humans
>merged with life fibers

Best sister for sure.

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So alpha she literally cannot produce daughters

Well that's no wonder if she steps on peoples balls before fucking them.

This girl does not need no introduction

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humans aren't merged with life fibers they are consumed.
do you merge with the food you ate for lunch?
also her plan ends with her literally to blowing up the Earth.

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he boned her and she was the one he grew closest to

>humans aren't merged with life fibers
except for ragyo and ryuko


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Her mom counts too.

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yeah specify built to fight life fibers and disrupt the plan i.e. antithesis of Ragyo's goal of consumption and destruction.

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best girl wins

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whats wrong with her eyes?

Umaru is canonically alpha, people respect her and the narrator say it in the intro

Rin dominates

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The Greatest

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Most of the people on here are way too young to know her.

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The winners.

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Why are there so few lewds of her? She's literally made for sex

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Get ready for a real ALPHA female

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Jill-sama raped BOTH all holes with her iron fist.

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Ange's pussy is so alpha it damaged said Iron Fist.

You mean her boipussy?

I think Ange one that one
Ange's hole DAMAGED the arm, remember?
Jill IS alpha though

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Alpha females are trash
You want a submissive qt homemaker not some cockwhore who sleeps with the first guy she meets.
Being alpha is for men.

Only true alpha females dominate other women

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So beta females are good?

You have a retarded view of what being an alpha is.

Came to post her

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perfect answer. she is the only thing that makes heavy object worth watching.

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she was the one he stuck his dick into. so I'd say that counts as a win.

What about an alpha homemaker?

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That girl has seen some action.


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Fireworks master.
Probably made a few mistakes along the way though.

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