More Hanabi sweetness soon. Any predictions?

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Hanabi will teach Sumire how to give Boruto a paizuri

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Its hilarious how last thread the shipperfags tried to discredit eachother. They are both making bullshit facts up about borusumi and Borusara. Truly they need to stop and just look at the facts and not over think shit.

Shipping is the cancer of the fandom.

No shipping talk here please.

Based. Hanabae >>>>>> Hinatetty

It’s just that one retarded BoruSarafag again, no other BoruSarafags or BoruSumifags are shitting up the threads with headcanon about why their ship is “better”

Both Hyuuga sisters are good.

Swing-kun’s breeding ropes were butchered by SP

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Are you HYPED for episode 52, lads?? Finally the movie retelling!!

I predict her team will become very proficient in taijutsu because she's a master of the gentle fist technique.

I wish sumire would give me a paizuri

Ok I'll control myself

With what tits, you p3do??

She doesn't even have the breasts to do so you pedos. Wait until the timeskip.

Hanabi has a prettier face but hinata got them tig ol bitties

>not wanting to fuck a cute loli
Neo-Sup Forums was a mistake

This. I want a 3 way. Imagine how amazing Gentle fist handjob would feel. Injecting the perfect amount of chakra I into the tip of your penis. Activating all of your dicks chakra points just right...

No I'll be good I promise. I just got a little out of hand last thread. I don't want to become known as someone who ruins threads

I am indeed. I'm hoping to see hinata charging in after Naruto and having an epic fight. Reminder she has sage chakra just like naruto and sasuke. She got it from hamura.

She has enough. Rub those budding breasts against my dick and I'll cum buckets.

I appreciate that, the threads haven’t been as shitty as they were a few months ago, so the comfier the better

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>closing chakra points in your dick so you can't orgasm
>riding you until you're ready to explode but physically can't
>releasing at the moment she orgasms so you can cum together
>the pent up desire makes you cum like a firehose
>she activates a chakra point in your prostate so you have zero refractory period

Next episode is an automatic 10/10 because of Hanabae. Whoever made her Team 15's sensei is a goddamn genius.

>delicious flat chest (Himawari)
>budding breasts (Sarada/Sumire)
>breeding busom (Hanabi)
>STACKED (Hinata)
If you could only pick one, which would you pick?

Anyone who doesn't pick a Hyuuga is a pedophile


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I wonder if she was always planned that way or if she was such a hit in episode 8/9 that they decided to give her more importance

STACKED please.

>he thinks liking 2d lolis is pedophilia
Imagine having this much shit taste

They've clearly never fucked a tight vagina. I'm now 25 and have had sex with adult women and teenage girls (alsl as a teenager relax) and the teens were tighter. Now I imagine how tight a preteen would be.

Man, just imagine how tight Hima’s cunny would be

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you are not a lolicon anymore, you are the real deal now.

As long as you don’t want to fuck actual children, you’re fine

Just what is wrong with Boruto threads?

This series is damned, I tell you.

user please I'm at work I can't get this hard... and I recently discovered edging and I'm loving it.

Business as usual

Imagine being as degenerate as you.

They’re not real, user, get over yourself

you didn't forgot her birthday present don't you user?

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If we're talking just to fuck definitely himawari

If specifically for paizuri hanabi. Hinata would smother my dick too much I'm unfortunately not the biggest :( 6 inches ain't bad though

>Any predictions?
An influx of Boruto x Hanabi fanart.

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Surely her husband will—oh, wait

Whichever it is I'm glad they did it. I wanted to fuck her ever since we first saw her and I still do now

Loli Hanabi is literally RIPE for impregnating

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It'll be amazing.

Nah don't worry it's illegal so id never do it. It's not worth going to prison. If they lower the age of consent however... I make no promises if they legalize it.

Manga chapter 22 when??? cant find any info on next chapter. i cant wait to see continuation of the Kara arc.

Absolutely nothing. They're the same as any other thread on Sup Forums

No it's not. The series is great

Nothing degenerate about it. People used to marry as young as 13 all the time. Sometimes younger. Biology says good to go. The law says no.

user, Hima is part of the Hyuuga clan even if her last name is different

I'm ok with this

I want to deflower the sunflower

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I'm still holding out hope she's metals mom and got with rock lee

*smooth jazz*

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I'd give hanabi an average sized suppository

I agree 100%. Loli hinabi and himawari are the best lolis this series ever produced. What I wouldn't give for just 5 minutes with either of them...

I want to be Boruto and Hinata paizuri me, smothering my virgin dick every day and her wanting her son to cum all over his mommy's tits and face.

Reminder that Hima likes anal

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Me too. So god damn badly. I want to absolutely destroy her

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How to ntr Sarada and Sumire.

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You're fired Robert.

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imagine if both Sarada and Sumire got ntr by a yandere.

She's not though lol. She's a single unintersting loser.

Hahaha, that'd be great. Sarada will be just like her idol Naruto never getting the one they loved at first while being Hokage with no kids. Sumire will just hang herself.

That would be the good life. Hinata is number 1 milf in konoha

>fellow Himafags coming out of the woodwork
My brothers, would /ourloli/ be open to a bukkake?

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People used to dump sewage into the streets. What we used to do is not relevant.

That's a good girl.

>stop calling me what I am

>sexiest milf in the village
>sexy aunt
>Loli little sister
>father who's never home to catch you fucking any of them

It's not fair. Boruto has all the luck...

>liking any 3D girl.
get out.

Don't forget
>tsun tsun childhood friend
>hawawa class rep
>butch and fem dykes
>thicc brown girl
Boruto dating sim WHEN?

even better if the girl that won was some sort of eldritch abomination.

God damn i wish that was me so fucking bad.

Why are they so perfect together?

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Truth. The Hyuuga are the greatest in the show.

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What does ntr mean?

it menas the same thing as cucking

Based Jazznata; island of sanity in a sea of madness.

She might be. Please confirm this Boruto

Top three waifus:

Prove me wrong

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I don't see Sakura on there. Shit list.

>shit list
You mean a list of shit? That's where Sakura belongs


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Then why isn't Kushina on the list of shit? She acts just like Sakura.

Still the funniest shit I've heard in this series.

I hope so. She'd be perfect for it. Look at that cute face. Imagine it frosted like a cake mmm

Two weeks from now.

I forgot that time Minato tried to kill Kushina

I'm talking about the character, not their spouse.

I forgot that time Kushina married a guy who tried to kill her repeatedly

>marries a guy who tried to murder her repeatedly
>destroys her child's house for asking a question
>lies about her feelings to Naruto

>marries a guy who never so much as looked at her the wrong way
>sacrifices herself for her child
>tells Naruto "I love you" with 100% honesty

How are they alike again? Oh right superficial bullshit

Good job deflecting.

How is that a deflection? Kushina would never do that because she's not shit, unlike Sakura who did that exact thing.