ITT: Your first waifu/husbando

Mine is pic related

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>Satsuki as first
You've already lost user. I'm sorry you're so new.

Off yourself. Satsuki deserves better.

>not having a harem of waifus

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go back

>jumping to conclusions
Been watching anime for 9 yrs now but didn't get the waifu thing til Satsuki.

I remember being madly in love with her before even knowing what a waifu was.

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I'm sorry, but it's terminal.

>9 yrs

I only have one waifu. There was another girl I liked before but it would be insult to call her my waifu, since I wasn't really committed to her.

>Loving more than one girl ever

they aren't real, it's ok to cheat

Does it count if she's not from Japanese animation?

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Glad i triggered you. I'll keep talking about my fav animes.

Still loyal.

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I used to kiss her face on my scooby-doo books before going to sleep. I was like a 5 year old /ss/ before it became a thing.

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>middle-aged still watching anime

>dudes that were in their 30s and 40s were watching anime when I was in middle school
>now I'm in my 30s and those same dudes are probably grandfathers but still take time out of their busy schedule to catch the latest episode of citrus and darling

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Just die.

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First and only waifu for laifu.

I go through husbandos like crazy though. I get more obsessive over husbandos but they don’t really inspire faithfulness in me.

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stealing your pic, I'll use this

I had a thing for her and April from Saber Riders. I don't remember which I saw first.

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Kill yourself.

First and last.

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Make me.

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You'll find a new one in no time.

I like her.

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whatever you say pal

Kill yourself

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^end yourself

posting first and only waifu for me

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>going for the ol' 2-for-1
Technically that's smart, but it's still cheating.

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The absolute state of neo-Sup Forums

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>brainlet who still believes there are no females on the Sup Forums

I began to think most of the anons who insult my waifu, call her fat and stuff are actually female. Made me a bit more lax towards insults.

>women praising male characters while insulting female characters
Just like real life then.

Funny thing is now I find her pretty plain and boring, but when I was 4 I was fucking crazy for her.

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shit taste

>first hentai
>first fap
>first love

PD shut up, shes pure

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Kite is better

Still her.

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an alpha girl like her deserves better than Hiro

This is my waifu. There are many like her, but this one is mine.

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If she is your first waifu you don't belong on Sup Forums

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here comes Sup Forums's police. how will you stop newfags from posting?

I'm not sure, but it was probably someone from Negima.

I'm almost 30 and loved Haruhara Haruko for 7 years from like 13 years old and in my old age those feelings have faded and I struggle perpetually to decide between C.C., Zerotwo and sometimes Satsuki.

Time will tell, I wish I had the kind of obsessive bordering on schizophrenic chuuni passion I did for a forever waifu as an adolescent, don't judge until you're older and your heart has gone cold and barely even doki-dokis.

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>tfw almost 30 with a 16 year old waifu

No regrets.

You'll notice I didn't say anything about the Satsuki in the OP, or the Konosuba chick, I've got nothing against newfags. It has everything to do with the fact that FranXX, is currently fucking airing. There's a difference between being new, and having only seen two anime in your life.

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First and only.

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what if you've been watching anime for 25~ years and a Darling character is the only one that makes you feel something

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Forever and always

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Fucking 6th grade when the show became my guilty pleasure

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She's not from anime, but she was the OG magical girl of my childhood. And I distinctly remember telling my mom that I would marry her when I grow up. This did not happen.

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Well then you've just got shit taste.

I'm older than you but I still love my waifu. Maybe you're just depressed.

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Great taste.

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But I'm talking about Franxx. How you gonna stop newfags who just came to Sup Forums this season from posting?

>that kimono
>that ponytail
>that nape
>that tomboy personality
>that genkiness
>that honor and morals
>that family values
>that dedication to others

She is still perfect to this day

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First and still is.

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Would make a good wife.

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Just, uh, make sure to bump up your home insurance coverage. Just sayin'.

Lina works surprisingly well in updated art styles.

OP is underage.

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