Darling in the Franxx

Hiro has come to see us!

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Is Hiro Jesus?

then zero two is Mary Magdalene?

>the girls already swooned over him at that age
Imagine Naomi happiness when she was told that she would ride the alpha dick of the plantation only to find out later that she couldn't even get him hard


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Even the chad from professional squad seem to remembered him too.

I want to go fishing with Goro

The only thing that can beat a cult leader is another cult leader.

Maybe that's why the elevens like him so much.

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Jesus christ be praised!

Anyone notice how Goro was essentially implying that Ichigo is simple minded at the beginning of the episode? That what you see is what you get, and wears her emotions openly?

Wish 02 was easier to suss out by comparison. Despite a unique possibility she might be illiterate she's got layers to her which will require Hiro to patiently penetrate.

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>everyone lusting for Hiro's chad dick

Love when they model personal relationships in anime based on reality a little at least

>she might be illiterate
Good catch, thats why she calls it a picture book

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There needs to be a scene where he reads a book while embracing her. Maybe with a blanket over the two of them.

God be with you..

>02: Is that a picture book?

God, this was really cute but also depressing. Which kind of seems par for the course for the little interactions that reveal more of 02's character. Like last episode when she asked Hiro if he thought she looked a little more human.

I'm guessing her upbringing was pretty traumatic, and I'm guessing in her isolation she either rejected attempts to teach her outright or was just denied the opportunity.

02 is way too ignorant of too many things to be older than she looks. She didn't even know what rain was before Hiro told her about it. In short, 02 knows nothing but Muh ''Kiss is special'' and things that Dr. FranXX taught her.

That bitch needs to die soon.

I hope Hiro teaches her how to read by sitting down with her on his lap reading books every night.

Hiro will destroy APE because they made his waifu suffer.

At first I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be a Kingdom Come reference.

The Rebellion begins soon.

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I would like this.

She is illiterate

God, at least Ichigo was halfway respectable.

Like I'm convinced what they're doing with Futoshi is very deliberate. Look at how noble he is.

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Holy shit, it all makes sense now. Hiro is Jesus Christ. And Milkman is the Anti-Christ.

>klaxx can't read
That's racist


Christians: 1 APEtheits: 0

Seeing as he gave those kids their names, he is essentially their Papa


Flashback scene of young Darling and Oni when?

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Look at all those cute shotas

No flashback, I think. But maybe some sort of dream scene when they mentally link at some point?

What the actual FUCK are the bottom of those legs

high heels dum dum

>I shall bestow upon you a name
This show would be better with Goro as MC

>drawfag delivered

Fuck the new ED, TORIKAGO is miles better.

Bring it fucking back and Aniki will wake up!

really based

My respects to you.

This opens up the possibility of an episode where Hiro teaches Zero Two how to read

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the infinite other spammers

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I know you keep reposting this but I think I agree with it
She definitely just learned about these things from Dr. Franxx from observation of him molesting and flirting with Nana
How else does she know what a pervert is?

fuck off onifag

>Announcing sage

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I miss visible sage, things went downhill after that was removed

not fat just bulkan

hey remember that one guy they introduced at the end of a big episode and didn't really give a fuck about later?? me neither

Its not his time yet

>she might be illiterate

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