But of course, it's Nico-chan, the greatest school idol of the universe

But of course, it's Nico-chan, the greatest school idol of the universe.

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Thats not Nico, thats a fake

that's objectively wrong

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Kan Kan Mikan the fuck outta the way muse and make way for the superior idol.

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Best idol coming through

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>being this wrong

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So pretty

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Being this cute should be illegal.

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Nico NIco Nii~

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Maki a slut.

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I always loved Kousaka sisters.

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>still talking about irrelevant 2D instead of seiyuus

Umi da

Post hair down Nico.

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Why cannot Yohane and Hanamaru wear bikini at all while Nico and Rin with flat bob can wear bikini??Does Kadokawa know that no one faps with one pieced swimsuit??

Nico Yazawa is the best girl in all of anime across all genres. Ive watched every anime out there, and none match up to her except maybe Tohru Honda

I want to marry Nico!

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Why is nico sitting next to a fart machine?

cute tomato

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For me, it's Kotori

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Is there a single aquors girl that beats even the weakest muse girl? I can't choose a weakest so I wouldn't know

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Umi and Nico are top tier.

Kanan is an improved version of noizomi and umi.

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Blatantly false on both accounts

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Every Aqours girl is better than any girl in that image.

But Yohane and Hanamaru cannot wear bikini at all and wear UGLY one pieced swimsuit instead despite calling themselves little demon. No one will be seduced and masturbate over one pieced swimsuit.

Fact about Yohane and Hanamaru oshi-they could fap over ugly one pieced swimsuit. Has small painis size as Japs and Chongs.


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