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Weekend scan thread. What are you working on?

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Still waiting for ebook user to deliver

Almost forgot. Uploading. Most are in shit quality, but they're readable. Get it from EBJ if you want something in higher quality.

Reading random stuff to see if there's anything interesting that's not too much of a pain in the ass to clean and redraw.

Oh hey, thanks a lot.

It's been the better part of a year since I finished the last series I worked on and haven't found any new series worthwhile to pick up since that didn't get speedscanned before I had a chance, shit sucks.

Recently reread サトラレ
It's one of my all time favorite so it is kind of shocking that there is no eng scanlation for it.

>Everyone can hear the thought of the "Transparent". In order to protect these people, the government decided to oblige the whole population to act as if they were "deaf" to the Tranparent's thoughts...

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These are plenty good for me, thanks a lot.

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You're lucky, the rest are 1024px.

What do you think of this?


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Their is an interesting man though

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Send that garbage art back to the showa period where it belongs.


I helped a group with typesetting a manga and some time after that it went MIA and never released it. I have the whole volume saved and I'm not sure if I should release it since it wasn't a solo project or what to do with it

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If you can't contact them at all, you might as well release it. How long has they went MIA, a month or so?

How about this?

People are finally asking me where the next chapter is. It's been over a half a year. Wonder if this will motivate me to do it

Cooling off.

Is there a quick way to clean bubbles? Couple hundred pages of just pic related type of bubbles.

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Just use the lasso tool and bind a function key to a fill action.

I use Don't remember where I get it, probably someone shared in one of those threads. To add it just drag&drop this action in PS.
It not works with all bubbles, like non-closed/edgeless types, or sfx types, or too narrow/text close to edges types, but otherwise it covers like 60-90% of bubbles in any manga. You need to use magic wand to select bubbles, then run this action (I binded it at F6), and it's done.

I was bored and figured something out.
>magic wand (0 tolerance, contiguous only) select white area of bubble
Set the rest of this as a single action.
>select inverse (ctrl shift i)
>make new layer
>fill selected with white (anti-alias + contiguous)
>hide background layer
>magic wand select the large none bubble/word white area
Only down side I'm experiencing now is I cannot resize the file afterwards unless I merge the new layer down.
That's so much more complicated than my own version but works better, thanks!

Just upload at mangadex under group's name and be done with it. Unless your typesetting was so horrible it literally killed people in that group after they seen it.

And I was wondering where all those recent horrible translations came from...

Anyone who gives half a shit about their translation won't be using a tool like this. As for the rest, their translation was going to be awful anyway.

Anyone read this?

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I like her design

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into the trash it goes

>group picks up saint young men
>leaves the missing chapters hole alone
I hate it.

I'd be willing to translate, but I wouldn't want to typeset or anything.

This is why no one wants to pick up half translated series. Someone will find a way to complain

Why would someone pick up a half translated series but skip ahead 10 or so chapters while doing so? For what purpose?

found this interesting miniseries from Jump Plus, hope someone picks it up

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What's it about?

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Anyone compared quality of EBJ vs Kindle rips? Not file size, actual quality.

Depends on publisher, etc.
It can be identical, worse, or better.

There's no global guideline for such things.

This is convenient, thanks.

Just download the samples.

her lover left for space exploration for 20 years
and because the time goes on earth slower than space he takes her heart with him (in this world if you take someone's heart they don't age)

however he dies, leaving her stuck in this age for 1000 years, the story starts when the government that want to renew the village that the girl lives in send a nerdy employee to her house

first time actually being in this thread, so sorry if I've missed some guide or something.
If I wanted to commission some translation/scanlation, where might be the best place to ask for this?

Outside of hentai, there's not a good "hub" to ask for commissions. Your best bet would be to ask certain groups (kind of like commissioning art; you don't just shout into the void, you ask someone specific)

It's going to be a year until MangaDex is anywhere near complete/not slow or broken.

more than half a year, I have seen groups come back after months of hiatus, but I think is not the case here

wouldn't want to give the impression the group is active again though


>wouldn't want to give the impression the group is active again though
Just add a note explaining what you've said here, that the group is dead and you're releasing anyway.

What do you want translated? I'm interested but my lack of typesetting ability is probably a deal breaker.

Just do , more than half a year is plenty enough to assume that they just don't give a crap anymore.

Killing Bites, starting from Chapter 31. I'm asking more or less on behalf of the Killing Bites thread, so if a translation is provided, I'm sure I'll find someone to typeset.

Thanks. Just for research purposes, where can I find said hub for hentai? haha.

Just see any of the groups on Sadpanda who mention they are taking commissions. It's usually in the uploader comment

guess that's the best thing to do, thanks for the advice, anons

Same kirara manga as usual, slow as usual. I seriously love the manga, but at this point I kinda wish somebody took it over because I already burned out last year.

I'm amazed by Goggled user who blazed through ~70 chapters of Slow Start in a month or something. I'll never learn Japanese and English at that level.

Goggled Shiteater doesn't actually translate anything. He uses Kanji Tomo as a text hooker, and then puts it into google translate, tries to guess what it means, and then de-Engrish-ish it.

Really, you can easily tell, because not only can't he translate handwritten things, literally ANY sentence that's split between two bubbles he gets wrong, because he for some reason refuses to understand that a sentence can extended more than one bubble.

The only thing anyone should ever do with Google Translate is to look up some kanji and run them through Jisho.

I only see like a dozen translated chapters of Slow Start, what do you mean?
Besides it looks like a slice of life, I'm sure the Jap is not too complicated. (not trying to discredit the translator)

There's a dozen of typeset and released chapters, but he already uploaded scripts for 60+ chapters and some anthology chapters as well.

Slow Start has its share of puns, those tend to cause translation hiccups. And while in general SoLs do tend to be on the easier side, I can vouch that some may be harder than others due to puns, writing style or specialized vocab, so it depends.

Granted I didn't read his translations so I can't comment on the quality, but wouldn't nobody use his translations if that was the case? That does sound a bit extreme.

For what it's worth, translating handwritten scribbles really is annoying as fuck, especially when the raw isn't very high-res. With some egregiously tiny and blurry examples I had to ask for help from more skilled people in the DJT threads and actual Japanese people...

What's the manga? A Channel?

Oh good, I'm not the only one who does that.

I do the Slow Start editing and TS, and while he does get a few things wrong in bizarre ways or miss a negation sometimes, the majority really isn't bad. I doubt he could provide scripts at this speed if he didn't know how to read Jap himself. Low-res handwritten kanji are hard for lots of people.

I use it to type in Japanese because for dumb reasons I still don't have IME installed. Maybe I should just take the plunge.

Color Pages fucking suck.

Redrawing? Just bullshit your way through it like everyone else.
It's note even hard, just tedious.

Welcome to the retard club; I used to do that too.

Having the Google IME installed is a godsend when you actually use it outside of Google Translate.

The only problem is that if you're an ESL like me you'll now have 3+ languages to switch between and it can get confusing.

any coloring guides?

>miss a negation

Those are annoying in Japanese, as they may or may not actually be a negation. E.g. a じゃない could just as easily be an "isn't it" rather than "not". Most of the time it's dead obvious from the context, but if your language sense is lacking, like mine, it can be a bit confusing at times.

A less popular one, it's probably obvious enough which one it is, but I'm attention whoring too much already.

>but wouldn't nobody use his translations if that was the case
When have literal fucking mindless retards using his "translations" it doesn't matter what quality they are. They literal suck the shit straight out of his asshole.

And when people try to point it out, the mod usually deletes their posts.

Google's IME looks actually pretty good. Thanks. I never heard of it and would have used Microsoft's instead.

Can you upload 恋情デスペラード ?

What is it?

This has been getting a lot of special chapters in Weekly Shonen Magazine lately. How is it?

Premise seems nice. Guy gets dumped by his current gf so his friend who is a girl confessed to him on the spot. After those first 3 pages it's just a standard 4koma about them doing cute things together. Nothing special, but nothing bad either.

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I'm going through chapter 1 and there are definitely at least 1 mistranslation per page. Not enough for anyone who doesn't know Japanese to notice, but they are definitely there.
The guy knows English, I can tell you that much.

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Kodansha? I guess even if you find someone to pick it up, you ought to get them from EBJ to get 1600px first.

look at the bottom left corner

God dammit.
But I went ahead and checked anyway. And what I wrote seems to be true regardless. It's that resolution for every store but EBJ.

Store exclusive quality is so fun.

>I doubt he could provide scripts at this speed if he didn't know how to read Jap himself
You sure are not very smart.
It takes less time to just use OCR text hookers and google translate than it would to look up what kanji mean and the grammatical rules surrounding them.

Using text hookers is literally no work and can be mostly automated. And from there it's just copy and pasting it into google and trying to guess what's said.

So what's it say
If there's someone I know on the first day of high school, that'll be a relief?

Kindle has even lower resolution for volume 1, surprisingly (although that could have been the original, and 1024 an upscale), but...

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Why do you ask? There's probably hundreds of series in this state.'s a decent 1600 for volume 2.

Literally what. Don't have the magic tool to rip from EBJ so can't compare with that.

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Well, that's a shame. I do go through the entire script to touch up the English, but sadly I don't know enough Japanese to check whole sentences by eye nor do I think anyone else will be willing to translate everything again. An user here on Sup Forums offered once, but I never heard from him. At best I might hope for someone to check his script against the raws.

I suppose if you're just guessing then yeah. I was going by how I sometimes try to read raws without trying to actually translate and still want to know what it really says.

Now just rephrase it so it doesn't sound terrible in English.

Yeah, basically
"meeting someone you already know on the first day of school is such a big relief though"

They just don't update their old e-books or Kodansha doesn't allow them to.
Volume 1 is 1024 on BookWalker as well, but volume 2 is proper 1600.
Pic related is your page from, but ripped from the EBJ PV.

Same how Kodansha recently increased the resolution for all their stuff but it only applies for EBJ (good! Afternoon, etc.).

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I'll never understand why people drop ね so much. In that context she's making the statement a rhetorical question.


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probably because english isn't as wishy washy as japanese is

You either keep the cultural context or you make it sound not weird, unfortunately

Japanese use ね fucking everywhere. Trying to keep it a rhetorical question gets old really fast. It's like trying to keep every double negative you see. It's just not going to work, and it's not like you missed out on too much meaning.


I wonder if older Kirara/Houbunsha volumes were updated to 1900 on EBJ, like how the new ones are published... (probably not)

>tfw can't find the motivation to translate the most popular series I'm working on

I mean, it's extremely easy to make that example a rhetorical question.

"Running into someone you know on your first day at a new school is a big relief, don't you think?"

There are indeed some cases where it's tricky to keep, but I feel it's pretty important to try and do so. Because using rhetorical questions is how the author wrote that character. So not translating it means you're losing part of their characterization.

And they don't really use ね that much. The much harder challenge is trying to translate です without it sounding awful.

Different week, same problem ね?

You translate that?

But the point of the わね isn't the rhetorical question, it's just there to be a sort of soft exclamation. If you want to translate it to English you have to put too much focus on it, which I don't really like.

Depends. I try to whenever it's possible. But in some causes it's just literally not.

It's even worse when you have one character using です and another character using ですわ.

No, it's most certainly used as a rhetorical question question there. Because she's affirming that the other girl agrees with her that running into someone you know at a new school is a relief. As that was the topic of their conversation.


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