Ramen koizumi and a psycho dyke stalker

Is this girl the most fucked up anime character in the recent history?

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What are you talking about? Yuu is totally fine.

>no lewd of koizumi's perfect body

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How had is it to make good ramen? I want to make some but I suck at cooking. And don't give me THAT recipe.

What do you mean

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This kills the koizumi

Homemade ramen is npt something you can just do, go for instant base and add stuff

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This is perfectly normal high school girl behavior.

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Everyone has their quirk.

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Not even the most fucked up character of the season.

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>Ramen is the universe
What did she mean by this

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Red Ai>Baphomet

>Yuu has planned a special ramen surprise party after school in the home economics room, and only invites Koizumi-san. Seeing a figure walk up the door as she is making ramen, Yuu happily greets Koizumi-san, having just made a dish out of hard-shelled clams. She tells Koizumi-san that she got the idea after secretly overhearing her and Jun talk about clams in the library.

>As Koizumi-san listens, Yuu explains that she used the clams that she caught on a boat to make an American-inspired clam chowder soup. She used her cooking expertise to make home-made clam chowder ramen, which is a dish that is only sold seasonally in Japanese ramen shops. While eating her own dish, Yuu tells Koizumi-san to start eating her ramen before it gets cold. She then asks Koizumi-san if it tasted okay, and was relieved when she said "yes." Yuu also asks if she could come again tomorrow.

>In reality, however, Koizumi-san was not actually there, and that Yuu had been talking by herself the whole time. The figure still standing by the door was in fact Jun, who stares in astonishment as her friend keeps talking to an empty seat with a bowl of ramen in front of it. Apparently, Yuu was pretending, or was somehow convinced, that Koizumi-san was there with her.

>The next day, Koizumi-san receives another text from Yuu, asking her to join her again in the home ec room. Jun pleads with Koizumi-san to finally accept Yuu's invite, fearing that Koizumi-san's rejections might be affecting Yuu psychologically.

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Ai is just a spolied brat

Too many words/pictures. Use a single picture from each frame.

You know, maybe Yuu mixed some of her hairs and blood with the ramen she made for Koizumi.

How come Koizumi doesn't give Yuu the time of day?

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It's pretty easy to tell that Yuu is way more trouble than she's worth as a friend.
Koizumi likes iinchou because she's chill.

Why arent you watching Ramen Daisuku live action?


I love their casual friendship but I worry Yuu is eventually going to wear her skin.

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This still gives me chills

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I bet she masturbated with the noodles


It's the normal jingle in some weird minor key or something.
It sounds bizarre after hearing the normal one a bunch of times.

After a unnerving and creepy as fuck scene the regular theme changed to that


Maybe because Yuu is overly friendly from the start and tries to force herself on Koizumi when it is clear that she wants to be left alone?

When is Yuu going to rape Koizumi?

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Google fucked up result size let me properly post it

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She isn't.
She is going to start chopping off her own bodyparts and making ramen with them, that she will feed Koizumi with.

Binging with Babish did it once

She already did in the kidnap episode

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I think Yuu needs to be sent to psychological rehab after high school.

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Ah! Who could forget The 'ol Sleepy Chicken!

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>short hair girl with ramen
>bitch is Okada or Urobuchi tier broken
>short hair girl with alcohol
>one of the comfiest shows of the season
Clearly the key of a better world is lower the legal age for drinking to 14 years old.

That's normal, you don't have a photo of your waifu? What the fuck, user.

I like ramen too.

Picked the fuck up
as a yurifag who loves suffering and yandere this sounds like heaven to me

They better fucking animate this.

Not enough episodes, they won't reach it.

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I want to eat pk-chan's ramen!

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Is she actually insane or is this just funposting like the Yuyushiki puppet theory?

Live action Yuu - Straight girl that likes girls
Anime Yuu - Lesbian stalker played for the laughs
Manga Yuu - Genuine mental illness

Blue Ai is just shit.

It's used as a joke. Her behaviour really is scary though.

What about our friend Hannibal Lecter with a wig on what I got.

>Straight girl that likes girls

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Fuck off. blue ai’s yandere mode is hamfisted and just makes her seem like a needy/possessive girlfriend

She keeps a koizumi observation diary (and already completely filled one notebook as she’s on volume 2)

Who sings the jingle/eye catch the best? I think Misa and Koizumi sing it the best