This is the cutest and purest onii-chan imouto pairing in LN/Manga/Anime history

This is the cutest and purest onii-chan imouto pairing in LN/Manga/Anime history.

I've been reading the LNs. The author integrates magic and science perfectly. The anime adaptation wasn't too bad. Tatsuya is a little OP, but is offset by his personality. The imouto is a cute. There's not a bunch of stupid pandering. The characters actually develop. All kinds of stuff happens. I dare say this is nearly a perfect story.

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I've been reading the LN's too, the anime leaves quite a lot of information about worldbuilding, magic and characters inner thoughts out so it makes everything a little bit shallow.

I had a hard time following all the magical terms until I read the LN. Then I realized that it was simply the anime's short-coming.

9/10 would take the job.

>Tatsuya is a little OP
And Pacific Ocean is a little wet

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They never fuck though. Why

Miyuki is just too adorable, unfortunately there isn't enough of her for the anime to be enjoyable.

S2 when

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Best imouto

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Miyukis Miyukis are out of control

They get married

They made a manga that tells the story from her side.

The anime was retarded as fuck

Miyuki Shiiba:
> 1 - Oniisama, Oniisama, Oniisama.
Every time when she says that fucking words she literally its sucking his dick.
> 2 - Brocon complex
> 3 - A fucking incest slut
> 4 - Extremely bland and submissive
> 5 - Potentially a dangerous, jealous, cunt yandere
> 6 - Yamato nadeshiko Bullshit!
Fuck You

I agree. Very bangable body though.

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Clearly the opinion of somebody who hasn't read the LNs. KYS

>BR imouto
>Modified so she is NBR to allow for procreation with Onii-sama
>Made explicitly for her Onii-sama
There is nothing better

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Season 2 when tho?

Also, the movie kinda sucks.

The best part of the movie was the 2-3 minutes of screen time of Miyuki in her swimsuit and in the bath. Otherwise, it was rushed with little actual plot development. So exactly like the anime adaptation. I just want season two so I can see the Reminiscence Arc and young, tsundere Miyuki.

>So exactly like the anime adaptation
Eh, the school competition arc and the beginning of terrorist attack arc were pretty interesting to me.

Mayumi is the best

Has the imouto won now.

I'm not saying the anime was bad. It was enjoyable, but it cut a lot of character interactions, threw the pacing off, and they did not do a good enough job of establishing and developing plot points.

She is engaged with Onii-sama, so yes.

How is she BR and then NBR. Is it via magic, cause that's certainly a new one.

One day the Second Coming will get an adaptation

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yay, last I heard he was going with the Ojou who's always competing with the imouto.
I think a lot of that has to do with explanation of magic and how it's used in that world. it works great on book because you can reread, and take your time to visually understand the concepts. In the show you gotta explain a lot hope the audience gets it, and still have action and dialog occur not relating to the complex magic about to be used in the show.

She's blood related as in they literally come from the same genetic stock but both children were test tube babies and were modified to be specifically compatible with one another in order to produce OP offspring.

So it's BR because they are still siblings but NBR since there's no risk of birth defect or anything and indeed he was literally made to give her children

Basically the Yotsuba were terrified of Tatsuya's power and thus decided to create a magician with the sole purpose of being able to handle him. In order to make sure this happened, they modified Miyuki's body with magic and in the process altered her genetic code. So they have the same parents but different genes.

Technically cousins

Tatsuya wasn't a test tube baby, only Miyuki.

Wrong Read the LN'S they're cousins

hmm weird,I'd still consider them BR rather then NBR since although modifications are made seem to mostly be the same, it's just they made process not random for making our wonderful imouto there. Thanks for the information.

Wrong. That's their cover story to allow them to get married.

“from a genetic point of view, the genetic relationship between you and me is much closer than you and Miyuki-san.” - Maya, volume 16

Stop self inserting

In the Succession Arc in the LN's it is clearly shown the Tatsuya is Maya's son and not Miya's, making him Miyuki's cousin not brother.

"Very well. I’ll admit it. Certainly, the thing I’ve said just now was a lie. You were not born from my egg, but you are truly Nee-san’s child.”

“Certainly, we are nephew and aunt genetically. But spiritually speaking, you are my son, Tatsuya-san.”

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Dude, Lelouch and Nunnally are as platonic as it gets. Therefore, they are disqualified from the conversation.

>Lelouch and Nunnally are as platonic as it gets

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>Deep sibling love = romantic love
Sorry, doesn't check out

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Head pats are the best way to show your love and give praise to imoutos

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and fore head kisses are the best way to show your love for you onii-chan and remove magical limiters.

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After the next season of OVAs for Strike the Blood and SAO anime, good chance Dengeki will have something to announce for next year. Whether that's Mahouka is still up in the air, maybe Sup Forumsnons will finally get their wish and the bastards decide to give Spice and Wolf another season.

Don't get my hopes up for Spice and Wolf. I have been burned too many times.