Can you out grow anime? Everything just seems so boring these days

Can you out grow anime? Everything just seems so boring these days.

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Get married and have children.

I think that sometimes, but then I watch Eva again and realize I haven’t even come close.

Maybe anime out-grew you?

You're just boring.
This is now a Needless thread.

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The arc with Yamada in the all-girls school was perfect.

what is your anime completed

Watch better anime retard american

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There's nothing manlier in life than small girls with cute panties!

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Take a break from anime/japan media in general.

t. american who thinks liking anime is "phase" and never truly liked it

try any of these

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How old are you?

What's the bottom right one?

Akame ga Kill

just don't watch trash

if you've seen over 500 anime, then you know what to avoid already

The more anime I watch the less trash I see. Like, initially I thought that anime for otaku is trash, but than I tried to watch it and like. Later I thought that harems are trash, but later I liked them. After that I thought that mecha is trash, but still I liked it later. And even if anime is trash there is always at least a one tiny thing thing that makes it enjoyable.

Harems ARE trash.

Harems usually have a lot of pleasant characters and generally fun to watch. You can't call anime trash if it is fun.

What the fuck are you all talking about, this is a Needless thread now, discuss Needless.

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>The more anime I watch the less trash I see
This is unironically the case once you get over 500. I watched on average 35 shows a season for the last 4 years.

I've liked shows that I expected to not be good or didn't think were good at first, and I've hated shows that I expected to be good or were good for a short while before self-destructing. And something isn't trash just because I'm not interested in it.


>Americanbabbys thinking 500 is a lot

I don't have as much time for anime these days, but I still find the time to enjoy a few episodes. Don't try to watch everything, find the exceptional ones. It's kind of like tv

worst girl always wins

thats why I don't watch harems anymore

It's not like anime has gotten boring. You've become a boring person.
Try something from the 90s or early 2000s

Kind of, I've resorted to watching pre-2000s anime now.

I usually find the characters in harem anime the worst part. I don't find them for at all.
Not what meme means.

No. You've just become more of a faggot over time.


I broke 1500 this season, retard. I said after 500.

>americanbabby thinks quantity over quality is a good idea

>can I get tired of something
Yes, retard.

It is a meme. It isn't true but people just go around constantly saying it as if it were their own opinion, even though they are just repeating what others have said.

>hurr your number is too low
>w-well now that i know y-you've watched more than me you have no taste
Stop posting.

Americanbabbys everyone
I've seen more anime than you've ever known, but not all of it was worthwhile

You are the epitome of having no standards.

All of these are bottom of the barrel harem shit, save for middle and lower left. Both both of those are still repent with in series shipping garbage.

What use do standards have? Can I eat them?

>Posts about eating

You don't really grow out of anime but you can grow out of Sup Forums.

>than you've ever known
There are probably less than 1000 people in the world that have more anime watched than me.

who hurt you user?

Hahaha that's cute ameribabby, run back to your totally """"obscure""" gundam

No one. But I can tell you who hurt you; God. Because you cursed you to be born with mind crippling degrees of autism. To the point where you can't function or read social cues in the slightest.

>all this projection

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>an anime like needless will never exist again

I'm not the one calling people "mad" and "hurt" for making normal posts. How is it projecting at all to state that you show the symptoms of autism?

thats a waifu list right? because maybe 2 or 3 of those series aren't absolute shit

I've seen dozens of harem anime, and I didn't enjoy any of them. Therefore, I think the genre is trash, and I don't bother with it anymore. Nice try, though.

You can't outgrow an artistic medium. Now go watch more Japanese cartoons.

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which ones are shit in your opinion? These 9 anime with the exception of apocrypha were great

Re:zero was awful user

how? re:zero was amazing


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none of those anime are higher than a 6/10 and that's being generous.

re:zero - 8/10, not enough Emilia
fate/zero - 10/10 - masterpiece
fate/apocrypha - 7/10, only watchable for Mordred
konosuba - 8.5/10
kimi no na wa - 10/10 - masterpiece
knk - 9/10
klk - 9/10 - fun
fate/ubw - 9/10 - not as memorable as zero
agk - 8/10 too many deaths

>literal MAL tier ranking

Almost 20 years watching anime and I watch +30 shows per season, maybe you didn't like anime to begin with.

When did everything get so bad anyways?

It didn't

You are just subtly lowering your standards. It happened to me, too.

Harems, SoL/comfy shows, mecha, comedies ARE trash. However, as with everything else there are some outliers that are genuinely good, so you pick up a bunch of seasonal garbage in hopes of them being better than you expect.

i can confirm this is the case.

i'm happy anime exists. it's one of the few good things in life.

Why do the mods let this shit go unpunished

So yeah we all know Needless is epitome of shounen manga and all that shit but can we agree that worst part of the show is that we don't see any Arca x Yamada?

Mecha isn't trash u disgusting naruto lover filthy casual

Nah man it isn't just "these days anime is so boring" you just have to find sum rlly gud ones out of the disgusting filthy casual bowl of overrated anime's just try to find sum and maybe experiment with different genres such as horror comedy and hentai...


MMMMMMMM konosuba is gud shiet perfects waifus nice fantasy a harrem but without the sex and a pussy ass shut in neet

Are these ironic

Is thsi some kind of joke?

mecha is on the same level as naruto

"retard american" LuL KEK this mf is the type that collects katanas and takes his shoes off in his room because his favorite waifu gurl did it and he wears head bands that are from Japan with symbols that he doesn't even understand that is true beauty ypu look at a waterfall?? get that shit outta here you look at konosuba? well maybe not get that outta here but u gud fat neckbeard wizard man u are a beautiful fat specimen

and from the deepest regions of my heart i luv all of ur cheeto stank fingers all of them

because even if sum generic ass action anime is boring you can always be happy with fapp material...

It's time to stop posting

golden boy

kentaro is a badass

Why do you think the majority of Sup Forums are underage retards and early 20s "mature" faggots with some old autistic neckbeards here and there? Must be a coincidence.

is this the dedicated shitposting thread?

You outgrow stale or bad realized tropes, which anime sadly consists of 80% of the time.
The few gems each season carry me over.

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Buzzword invented by idiotic millennials