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I already jerked off three times earlier but I guess I can go again.

God I love butts.

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Makun is so lucky. She's thicc not fat.


I bet she's a squeaker, not a screecher.

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I really like how the guy's dad is looking like he's starting to lose patience with his son.
>Are you really saying no to her? Are you a fucking fag, son?

Right? He's hung up on some fantasy broad, meanwhile Megumi wants him.


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I really want to read this but reading a romance manga over 100 chapters just feels like a chore.

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I doubt there's any actual romance just spineless mc-kun

I wanna do things to her.

Worth it, because it's more comedy than romance

That last arc, he was on the verge of confessing. But of course, lol comedy...

It's complete trash except for the fuckable heroine.

delet this

I dropped this a long time ago, does anything ever happen or is it just
>Girl shows panty
>Guy protects and is embarrassed
>Guy see that other girl
>Doesn't talk to her
Every chapter over and over?

Remember Megumi's friend with the bow on her head? She gets a boyfriend. That's pretty much the only plot progression so far.

literally screaming for NTR doujins

He almost had some character development, but nope!

I know it's ecchi and formulaic but I like how fun the series feels. It's a nice friendship between Megumi and MCdude.

you are right. it has about 10 doujins now and every single one of them is NTR

Are echii artists just failed hentai artists? Because if you take hentai, remove the sex scenes, it still has a better plot and more progression than most echii mangĂ .

I think the main problem is they are still stuck with the outdated trend of waiting until the very end to pair the main couple up. Most Hentai artists can write stories about a boyfriend and a girlfriend, but hardly any Ecchi mangaka will touch it. They always have to be dense friends for 95% of the manga to appeal to virgin otaku fantasies.. I just wish for once we could get some good long ecchi where the main couple forms early on and still gets into these embarrassing situations.


Fuck, I know the artist did doujins before. Does anyone remember the name he went by?

It's the truth


Yeah, no...

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I really wanted to like this series but every character besides the girlfriend was just annoying to me.

I said good Ecchi

Gods yes, but it still has the same problem of no real progress

>beta fag ignores hot chick defenselessly and not so subtly begging for dick for 100 chapters, the manga

Yeah, no mystery for why all the doujin I've seen for this series are NTR or Rape based. the plot basically writes itself.

Sadly, anything actually "good" gets the axe, japan is full of ppl with shit taste.

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No true Scotsman.

>tfw all the doujins are NTR

All NTRfags should be put to death

>Kensoh Ogawa does a non-h series
>it's literally just any of his other works, sans the h

why bother.

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Everyone except the gf and the younger sister ( I think, or childhood friend) are annoying. I hate the slut so much I skip call chapters she is in.

It's a good premise that's executed poorly overall

Theres 0 plot progression or character development. Just has really good fanservice

>Theres 0 plot progression or character development.
It's like you forgot about the arc that has just ended.

It pissed me off so much. Why couldn't he just blurt out his confession right as her friend burst in the door instead of the crap ass ending we got?

GODDAMN: the manga


she's already getting BLACKED on pixiv

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Chion has a better ass.

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As a individual of gaijin decent in this glorious land of Nippon, I have observed that the Nipponese are beginning to like butts almost as much as the Yanks.

Her ass should be illegal.

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>No more pancake asses
Thank God.

does this mean we'll finally get anal content in JAV?

Why are the series from this author so fucking comfy?

Like that the main girls are all THIC too.

That detail is awesome


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Because it's a person of high esteem and clear vision. God bless him.

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>title in the filename
My African-American brother. We need more anons like you.

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Ew, obese asses are disgusting. You all niggers or something?

This kid did good following his instincts

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neat, thanks for this

I guess this is a booty thread.

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I'm still sad it ended. I would've loved to see it continue and grow.

The age of ass is upon us, rejoice butt brothers.

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I think I've saved that picture seven times now

You know normally, you put that over your head.

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No. Fuck off you helpless baby.

What would you do if this girl sat on your desk like this?

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Looks like I'm tossing salad for lunch today

Walk her home gently.

Catch a good whiff of it and than try to get my tongue up her ass as far as I can.

its should be changed to comedy and ecchi since literally nothing happens its fucking worse than Nisekoi

>playfully snap the elastic of her undies
>she turns back to see the alpha male who did it
>smile and wink
>her face when

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Remain silent and wait until she leaves, so I can lick the spot she sat on.


It is. Just skim it and look at the ass shots, you won't be missing anything as there's no overaching plot anywhere. The author should've just drawn hentai instead, we'd all be happier.

NOTHING CHANGED. It's all the same as it was in the first chapter.

Post girls you wouldn't mind being the seat of.

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Why can't I find the source

Tell me user

pretty sure it's one of Methonium's works.

The true Sup Forums move.


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My spank folder is 96% anime butts help

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Ass > Boobs
If you disagree, then you are more than welcome to, as this is just my own opinion, and both are great regardless.

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Well what else are you supposed to spank