Would you taint your genes with STUPID?

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>long hair
Seems so.



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but im just as stupid as her. so theres nothing to lose right?

i want to raper her and her mom and run away

>running away after you sparked her interest

Would you?

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This is a candid camera, right?

i'm dumber

as long as I get her not the daughter

I'd rather have the cute imouto, Yoshiko is a walking disaster.

I prefer 風紀委員長

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She's the cutest

she is a slut SLUT

Aho move, any semen you give to her will end up in Yoshiko.

My dick says yes, but each of my neurons is screaming "NO".

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Nothing wrong with that, as long as she's only a slut for me.

slut is slut, slut is everyone slut

A president of disciplinary committee is by definition pure

pure slut. 99.99% SLUT

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I'd make her a single mother if you know what I mean.

She's cute and white, so yes. She's preferable to a smart black woman because of those recessive genes.

post lewd


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asian is white to black

It'd probably be really easy to talk them into Oyakodon. Just hit on the mother a few times. They'd share probably.

>long hair

Kill yourself.

I'd make that sacrifice to improve hers.

She tried to force the molester to marry her daughter

but i want to marry and fuck her

Maybe the STUPID will jump a generation so...

As long as I don't have to marry her.

>fucking a monkey
No, I'm not Brazilian.

How about this one?

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> 風紀委員長としての
so how does して make "as a" Is it basic translation or something happens to the noun?

Sauce me fampai

>tfw no doujins of any of the ahos.

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You know, the author of aho girl is literally a porn author and most of his girls look the same

Wait a second, how would MY genes get tainted? Does her vag secrete retroviruses that can taint my balls?

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via offspring

it's not like i have any other choice desu

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user, I hate to tell you this, but stupidity is contagious
why do you think the longer you spend on Sup Forums the more stupider you get?

That's half my genes problem.


>more stupider
Oh god, it's spreading already. Everyone, run!!!

she's no slut, she is perverted. there's a difference.

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Would you rather procreate with an ugly genius?

I made some banana bread earlier and completely fucked it up, so I don't think she'd want me.

Waifu Rule #2 - Don't stick your dick in Stupid.

So it's one against one. Go with your heart for the tiebreaker.

Only if it comes in the form of Oyakodon with her mother

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Any interest I could have had for her was lost after the gag about skid marks in her panties.

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Is he gay?
She's smoking hot.

constant sexual assault by a literal retard has turned him gay
can't say I blame him

Aho ain't bad in the body department either and he's gotten sick of her constant assaults and whatnot. Sexiness is not gong to affect him.

Seems he's attracted to exact opposite, tho...

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>Seems he's attracted to exact opposite, tho...
Meaning this

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Flatty McFlatflat is a good friend.

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Don't use that name

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>I'm just keeping company with Mr. Kimura as a friend.
A-kun wants a kind, plain, sensible girl, not someone tainted by the banana monster.

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Sorry. Her Royal Flatness, Princess Washboard.

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She's gay, no good.

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What is sex with the Aho like?

I want her and the mom

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I can't imagine her not losing interest in your banana right away after she unpeels it and finds out its not an actual banana.

you will not be asked.

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No she isn't!

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What a whore. It's no wonder she can't find a boyfriend.


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That mom was too good.

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horizontal alignment makes THICC.

fixed that for you.

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this looks kind of weird, if she doesn't have anything there then her chest is sticking out weirdly

I want to hug that board.

If i massage that board, is it a crime?

I don't think that's it. He didn't like the slave Aho trained for him, either.

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This is a girl who can run half way across the country in a day, break steel handcuffs, tear braided rope, and plow through walls.

You aren't getting away.

The mom already proved multiple times that she's totally down with cheating on her husband if it means marrying off her daughter.

Only the average japanese salaryman would have the courage for such a feat

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Oyakodon when?

>not undergoing a circumcisioin

She could just enter professional sports?

Whenever you want.

>implying she would understand the rules

who needs rules when you've got bananas
>see that banana tied to the finishing ribbon over there, when the gun fires run towards it.

akun, you baka

she would just skip trough the middle of the field instead of keeping inside her lane tho

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