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Hokuto no gun has began scanlating it. Truly an hero.

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It would be a pain in the ass to dump it page to page, so I'm giving the url


Whatever, I'm dumping it.

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And that's all. Enjoy chapter 1 of first Shonen Jump success.

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The plot of the series revolves around Mankichi Togawa, who at the start of the series is a single delinquent student with one dedicated follower (Rappa) who blows a trumpet to kick off the fights Mankichi gets into. Like many later iconic shonen protagonists, Mankichi's power is his ability to appeal to the others around him who join his cause (sometimes only after first losing to him in a fight).

Through the series his followers grow to eventually become such a huge amount they become a literal army of thousands that performs impressive feats of strength and engage in all-out war. While Rappa is too young to properly take part in much of the action in the series, Mankichi's most prominent and consistent follower is Ginji Kubo (a young delinquent with an eyepatch).

The villains of the series are at times other delinquents but also include much larger enemies in the form of big business or an arc where Mankichi was sent to a juvenile delinquent rehabilitation facility (which had the atmosphere and harshness of a prison). Some of Mankichi's closest friends die along the way (with one former enemy who became his follower heroically dying to save him) and Mankichi himself completely loses his way at times (with his friends trying to revitalize his spirit). The series also included romance in the form of Mankichi's first love Tomoko and him briefly leaving her for for another girl (Ayumi) while she waited for him to return to her (which he eventually did).

I remember there were a lot of people who wanted to read this when the 50th anniversary threads were done.

I wonder when they are


>digital scan quality

Japanese manga sites really have to stop behaving like their customer base is stuck with 1990 internet.
It's ridiculous that paying customers get 1/3 of the resolution they'd get by simply reading manga on even the shittiest pirate site.

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Finally! Thanks user


Really enjoyed reading the first chapter from beginning to end.

It was sweet short and to the point with no distractions at all.

It's no wonder why this was good. Very good introduction and writing.

Thanks OP. I hope it doesn't get dropped.

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Between this and Dokonjo getting anime subs, I feel I'm living Jump origins

Holy shit happening of the century

>beats the shit out of the author in the first fucking page
Picked up

>Ginji won't appear until chpater 4


Holy shit, this is kind of a big deal. Wasn't this the very first big hit series in Jump?

Yes, it was. First big Jump success and the title which helped it to reach 1 million copies

Saint Seiya author was a big fanboy. Thanks to this, he decided to become a mangaka. Hokuto no Ken was also a big fanboy of this

Saint Seiya's author actually tried to join a gang during his highschool years and he almost repeat a grade. He has autism so it can't be helped

I just hope now that Happy Scans retakes Ring ni Kakero. For some reason, they are stuck in chapter 26 for months

Still waiting for Shutendouji and God Mazinger. It's almost a year since the last release

I've seen the complete mangas raws and can't wait for more chapters.

It seems MC is only a kid, but he grows really fast. I'd say he's now 13-14 years old. In volume 3 he should be 16 or 17. At end of manga I'd say he's 19-20

Shonen bump

>Hokuto no Gun
See ya in 2087

Hokuto no Gun is among the best scanlators out there so this is pretty great to hear. Did they finish some other project or something?

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This is great. OG right here.

Hell yeah

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What a time to be alive.

Mankichi VS Popeye when.

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Trumpet's a cunt.

I was one of them and I'm here.

I just hope this continues, I liked the story so far.

Legend Bump

I won't get excited unless it's fully translated

That did not go where I expected it to.
Picked up

it's not awful but I don't know if it's more than a historical curiosity at this point in time.

The First chapter was enjoyable, I've looked into the raws as well and looks like shit gets really serious.

But since is Hokuto no Gun scanlating it, we'll only see it finally ends in 2030 since they pick an insane amount of stuff to scanlate but doesn't focus on none of them at a steady pace.

I've been wanting to read Shutendouji for a long time and I'm only waiting for them to release the final volume to do so.

That's a damn good start. First time hearing about this series despite it's supposed historical significance but i'm definitely on board.
Crazy to think this is even older than Hokuto no Ken or even Devilman, the art and comedy is surprisingly solid.