Golden Kamuy ch150 scanslations

Everything hurts

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Thanks for the dump user

np, what a banger of a chapter. Angst AND lore right near the end.

Well shit as expected that guy was his subordinate.

>Toraji dies in sugimoto s arm while pleading him to let others use the sledges so that they save themselves which saved Tsukishima


>without Sugimoto a great part of the cast would be dead in the war

How can a man be so charming.

> Sugimoto was probably dead inside at this moment

Just caught up with this so I could enjoy the threads for a bit before the anime fucks them up.
How are these threads? What did I miss?

You think Sugimoto will ever eat dried Persimmons again?

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We post male bodies and masturbate to them in group, then we pretend nothing happened when posting in other threads and until the next chapter.

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Who is this guy supposed to be?

The guy who told Tsukishima about Igogusa last chapter.

I'm not sure about this.

Is Tsurumi lying again? He killed the girl and had him imprisoned by his own command, right?

>and so the devil puts on a mask
Yeah pretty much

but why go through all this trouble for a no-name guy?

He's playing the long con and molding a trusted man?

Exactly. Look at his face on the bottom left corner.

whats the importance of tsukushima to tsurumi? or is tsurumi just gathering damaged goods like him and ogata as theyre more likely to follow his cause?

Damaged goods, making his own if need be.

Something I've been wondering about Tusrumi. We all know about his injury and that brain damage doesn't heal, but what about the skin? We've seen the stuff that leaks from his forehead, has he really had a gaping hole in his head that never closed all this time?

That fucking smile at the bottom left. HE PLOTTED THE ENTIRE THING.

>Tsurumi had an "Ainu plan" even before the government screwed him and his men over

"Oh, I only want the north to separate from Japan and form my own military government For The Sake Of My Men" confirmed bullshit, can people finally stop pretending otherwise now

He probably pushed Tsukishima off him just so he'd get injured for certain.

Tsukushima's going to get used and then tossed aside by Tsurumi when he's done with him

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About that, does Tsurumi knows about Ogata killing is dad?
Chapter 103 is wierd, the way the flashback is put together seems to imply he knows what Ogata was doing and was part of it but what he says both before, and at the end of said flashback makes it seem like he doesn't.

Tsukishima might even be fine with it, too.

Tsurumi's the worst.

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Yes, he knows. He's lying to his men when he pretends otherwise, dummy.

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Wait. So he found the girl's body, buried it in Tsukishima's father house, then dug it up in front of everybody to fool them into thinking that the father killed Egogusa?

And then he turns around and says "oh but she's still alive and married in tokyo"

So if it wasn't even Igogusa, whose body was it? Tsukishima should have asked him, but he was obviously tired of his bullshit by that point.

Oh right, sorry I'm not bright. Tsurumi's thinking is too twisted for me to wrap my head around.
Is there anything Intelligence officer Tsurumi doesn't know at this point?

Where the gold is.

What Ogata's thinking.

Man fuck Tsurumi.

It's amazing how my boy Tsukishima and that slutty Matagi could turn out so decent despite having to serve under that cunt Tsurumi.

What if he knows, has already found it and hid it elsewhere, but the hunt is part of his plan?

Remember, this is the kind of person Tanigaki was even after a month free from Tsurumi's influence.

That man is pure poison.

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So that the 7th forms ~deeper bonds~ with one another, and a deeper loyalty to him?

Yeah, that sounds like something he'd do. It's why he killed Ogata's dad, after all.

He might even be the one killing Hajime's girlfriend too.

i don't think tsurumi killed her himself but he might have started the rumor that tsukishima died in the war

Really want Tsukishima to join to main gang now, we need a new straight man now that Kiroranke's turned into an antagonist after all. Seriously feels like the story is setting him up to die though (and also I think we're headed towards the final stretch of the story regardless?)

At this point, I'm even starting to doubt he has brain damage.

Most likely, Tsurumi manipulates people but he is not necessary cruel to "innocents" as seen with the baby, probably spread the rumours though, she may have even gotten married and left the town or am I being too optimistic?

Y'all laughed at me for suggesting in the previous threads, and it turns out I could have been right. Suck it.

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Oh worm

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I wonder when will tsukishima tell the truth about tsurumi to koito.

He really ought to. A lot of Tsurumi's plans would crumble if his men/ex-men actually TALKED TO EACH OTHER.


>A lot of Tsurumi's plans would crumble
Is that even in 7th Division's best/personal interests though?

Well for starters, Ogata could dismantle Tsurumi's faction if at any point he had said to one of them "Oh btw, you know how the higher ups are punishing you because of that general's suicide? Well jsyk I was actually the one who killed him and Tsurumi helped. He even knew that y'all'd be punished for it, but he thought it'd make you more loyal to him and it did. Kek."

What is this face trying to convey?
Also thanks for the dump, what a great chapter

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tsurumi about to start his thot squad

That he told the guy peeping in the tent to tell Tsukishima that story to begin with.

But Ogata knew about Tsurumi's true nature even during the time of killing of his father. He purposely hid it from everyone, and one of the reasons for his betrayal is that he can't trust Tsurumi.

Now that we know that he doesn't think much about his comrades( no more "he wants to help his subordinates and their families"), I have to ask, What is his end game Sup Forums?

That's exactly it though. Tsurumi is his direct competition right now - why WOULDN'T Ogata throw his side into chaos by spilling the beans once he turned traitor? He only stands to benefit.

He still wants his own country, run by him. It's just entirely for him, instead.

Say something nice about this man.

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Maybe at some point he did, but I think his addled mind just wants conflict now.

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Oh please. He had plans for the gold even before the government screwed them over. The suffering of his men was just a convenient excuse.

He planned to get half his face blown off like that?

Can I trust him Sup Forums?

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You sound like someone easily duped.

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I want to throatfuck your smug face off.

Injured enough to make Tsukishima feel guilty and indebted to him? Maybe.

You can try.

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Would Tsurumi's loyal son harem believe a traitor like Ogata who even killed some of his comrades rather than their commander who """"""""cares"""""""" for them? They're probably so blinded and manipulated by Tsurumi's bullshit nakama plan at this point that they're not even capable of doubting him. (and would shoot Ogata at sight)

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Quick question. I recently marathoned the whole series so far and was wondering what the anime will cover up to. I don't know if there is a good cutoff point.

I have the feeling that the real question is not who's dying but who isnt.

My dad works for the studio that's animating it and he says they're gonna do 48 episodes.

no, tsurumi's just seen tsukushima immediately jump to protect him despite the fact he was just about to kick tsurumis ass a few seconds ago, he's grinning because hes just got confirmation that his plan has worked and that he basically owns tsukushima now. I doubt getting half his face blown off was part of the plan theres no doubt he'll exploit the situation to make tsukushima and anyone else feel even more indebted to him

No, he just smiled because he confirmed that even though Tsukushima was fucking pissed he still had enough loyalty to try to protect him. Essentially, he knew he had won him over.

If it's 1 cour, I'd say it will probably go up to Nihei and end on chapter 29.

>no more "he wants to help his subordinates and their families"
i think he'll still deliver on that front even if he doesn't actually care personally. its just another way for tsurumi to buy loyalty

>What is this face trying to convey?
that he's a ninja turtle now

I feel like Ogata's a skilled cock sucker, he would be the one to SUCC the smug out of *you*, user-san.

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I used to idealize Tsurumi for having such a loyal skilled man band but this chapter shows how fucked up Tsurumi really is, even to his own comrades
The guy broke poor Tsukishima just so he could use him for his own goals, he was fucked up even before his brain damage

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Impossible, he's too much of an incel.

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Is he? I've seen many people say that about him but never understood why? He is the master of creepy unbroken eye contact, knew about Tsurumi being a manipulative dickbag and didn´t fall for his bullshit and also, if you just go back and re-read the baroto arc- pure chad just comanding all the beta pussies and not taking anyone´s crap.

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Oh shit, those are the guys who were in Tanigaki's squad at the beginning. You know, the ones from 'that' scene. I like the callbacks.

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isn't this too

>all according to keikakku

there was a Chinese dude that got open heart surgery but couldn't afford to complete the treatment and he lived for atleast 10 years with a gaping hole in his chest from which you could see his beating heart. He just covered it up with cigarette packets and continued on with his life

He's cute.

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I've actually never gotten what people like about him. He's like the face tattoo guy in Tsurumi's gang, he absolutely has character and artists on pixiv seem to fucking love him but for me he just falls flat.

I know we've the chubby one before as well but I can't remember where. I think he died too.

he's a cat, so he's an asshole

but a cute asshole you want to pet.