ITT: Old anime that had crazy followings when you were getting into it that was annoying but aren't around as much...

ITT: Old anime that had crazy followings when you were getting into it that was annoying but aren't around as much anymore.

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I dropped this at episode 18 after 9 episodes of "literally nothing happens and it's boring as fuck"

But it was great. Made me gay. I remember being ashamed while masturbating looking at twins.

I watched nearly everything with Tenchi Masaki as MC. Even OVA 4.

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Why a katana?

Hetalia and Black Butler
The fujos were fucking wild

I remember Hetalia being THE fujoshit show, but now no one seems to care about it.

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Haruhi is the most boring shit ever.

This was really weird to me because Hetalia used to be popular in that invasive way where you'd see it in any kind of stan twitter or Youtube comment related to anime but then overnight it just disappeared. I don't know what happened

Fujos moved to Yuri on Ice

Fruits Basket

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Ikki Tousen
you're gay mate I'm sorry

Inuyasha is like the posterboy for this, it's actually kind of crazy to think of how wildly popular it was in the early-mid 00's, and how nobody gives a shit about it now.

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I think a lot of early 2000 shows fit the bill. I remember Hell Girl being kinda popular but now it fade into obscurity.

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this desu
I'm finally getting around to watching it, it's actually pretty good.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn always comes to mind to me. Another super popular anime loved by fujos, then it got (understandably) axed and now no one gives a shit about.
Fujos and forgotten anime. I'm starting to see a trend.

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If Hetalia was about girls instead of boys it would still be popular

I remember trying to read that but dropping it when the mc didn't even kiss the girl after it was clear she liked him

I hear literally nothing about it. Which surprises me considering it's on ABC ME over here in Australia.
Severely underrated show nowadays.
I probably never see anything about it seeing as I only got into anime a couple of years ago. Same with Azumanga Daioh.

>there are people on Sup Forums that hasn't seen the manliest anime ever

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>Fruits Basket
People grew up and realised it wasn't that good.

You could fit a lot of shows from like 2000-2006 in this thread. Hell, nobody even remembers Elfen Lied and that was THE primary babby's first edge anime


Netflix clearly remembers. It's in their catalogue. They want the edgy audience.

This is the manliest anime ever.

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Was big with fujos as well

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The wannabe Kuroshitsuji was never popular.

Black Lagoon.


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Remember how Love Hina was everywhere? Now it's considered generic trash and blamed for proliferation of violent tsundere.

School Rumble
Love Hina
Kaicho Wa Maid Sama
Fruits Basket
Nodame Cantabile
Nana to some extent
But really, you can fill the thread with anime-con core early 2000 series.

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Also wasn't Love Hina the one that introduced the loser protagonist that finds himself sorrounded by girls?

I don't think so. Love Hina did not invent the harem genre.

The anime was bad but the manga sold well.

Where? In Japan?

Oh! My Goddess did it way earlier.

Yeah, no idea how popular it was elsewhere.

Speaking of harems, Tenchi Muyo was huge.

No king reigns forever, my son.

Here in spicland it was popular, but not to the extent of other fujo behemonts like Hetalia or the already mentioned Black Butler. It was Vampire Knight levels of fujo popularity.

It was pretty popular in Russia

Back in my day, Gravitation ruled all.

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