Simply the best

Simply the best

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>gimme the chocolate nagatoro!

>he thinks that the box isn't empty

She's not that mean

Nagato is a dork.

I had this awful thought that Nagatoro's present was from somebody else.

if they dont adapt this adorable fucking thing into moving chinese shadow puppets im going to be pissed

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No you retard, Valentine's doesn't work that way in Japan. Only girls give chocolate on Valentine's, the boys give something back on White Day.
Nagatoro would only have something if it was from a girl.


Just don't give her a screechy voice

> moving chinese shadow puppets

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Not mentioning Nagatoro.

She gets adapted.
But she's voiced by generic tsunrei

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top qt

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Toppest top

Agree they gotta get her right

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They fucked up Takagi, I hope they don't fuck up Nagatoro. An anime adaptation is a year or two away so no point in worrying about it yet.

>They fucked up Takagi
How so? It's AoTS for me and I think the VA they picked was very apt.

A girl you said.....

a keeper

Perfect tan, perfect smile, QT 10.0

Bad taste. The anime is very comfy and very truthful to the manga, both in artstyle and content.