Dragon Ball: 8.5/10

Dragon Ball: 8.5/10
Z: 8/10
GT: 6/10
Super: 7/10

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I want to see Bulma's pantsu.

You only said Dragon Ball was better because you think you’re supposed to


Dragon Ball World Martial Arts Tournaments are the only truly great things in whole franchise.

So can anyone explain how Super is in any way better than GT?

Dragon Ball 9/10
Z 3/10
Kai 5/10
GT 1/10
Super 2/10

People other than Goku appear and fight, for example.


Is that really enough? I would rather have a shitty reboot Dragonball over whatever the fuck Super is.

GT was 3/10 and Super is 5/10.

A chill adventure full of characters with unique gags that doesn't take itself too seriously

Or a edgy powerlevel galore that tries way too hard

>super over gt

you done fucked up

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Yeah, it's enough for me.

Read the manga

GT had best 10/10 waifu.

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Remember when Bulma pissed herself?

>everything is edgy and try hard
>I enjoy whacky looney-tunes and take nothing seriously

Sometimes being the opposite/contrarian is equally retarded.

It's crazy how the original Dragon Ball is very different and much better than Z. Even as a kid, I watched Z first and only watched the original later, and though I still loved Z, I realized the classic is actually way better.

When I was asking, I wanted somebody with a brain to answer. I know the nostalgia factor of S does a lot to the head.

So mature!

>super over GT

Super fans are truly delusional

Maybe it's because dragonball z is extremely repetitive and boring. Dragonball at least had some neat adventure and gag elements to it.

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>a shitty reboot Dragonball
same, but what does this have to do with GT vs Super

>adventure and gag elements


They are all shit made for retards. Trying to discern which one is the least retarded is a fool's effort.

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Dragonball is unironically the best of the bunch.

I honestly think this is the best telling of the Cell saga portion of DBZ.

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do people who use the word unironically know how how much the world hates them

Super is going to get a 6 because I actually liked the Zamasu arc, some ideas of the first tournament and the tournament of power until kefla appeared. Everything else is GT tier.

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except gt was more enjoyable than s

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You can't say Kiero's party memers vs U7 is GT tier
Its been on par with Zamasu arc

>It's crazy how the original Dragon Ball is very different and much better than Z.
nigga wut. both piccolo sagas laid the groundwork for all dbz arcs

the saiyan arc is better than any dragonball arc as well

DB: 8/10
Z: 7/10
Z (Post-Freeza): 5/10
GT: 4/10
Super: 2/10

DB: 7/10
DBZ: 8/10
DBK: 8/10
DBZ abridge: 10/10
DBGT: 7/10
DBSuper: -6/10

No, Dragon Ball had fights where environment mattered because Toriyama hadn't made the mistake of letting everyone fly, and enemies often had unique powers and body-types that mattered in fights. Other than Oolong, hardly anyone felt redundant. Krillin and Roshi's deaths felt genuinely powerful because it wasn't something that happened twice per arc.

And since OP includes GT and Z as terms, he is clearly talking about anime-only, and we must also include the fact Dragon Ball never had episodes that amounted to a character screaming for 15 minutes alternated with flashbacks of previous episodes.

Dragon Ball: 9/10
Z: 6.5/10
Kai: 7.5/10
GT: trash/10
Super: diarrhea/10

literally how? Every GT fight followed a strict formula of: Goku fights, gets beat, gets power up, gets beat, uses last effort attack, wins. He even had to use a final attack after SS4 Gogeta how sad is that?

At least in Super Goku has lost 4 of his fights.

The manchild would be you for trying to downplay how good original Dragon Ball was

thats better than being shit the whole time

>being shit is better than being shit the whole time

thats like saying z was shit too, your hot opinion means literally less nothing

Dragon Ball: 3/10
Z: 6.5/10
Kai: 5/10
GT: 9/10
Super: 8.3/10

>this fucking guy

We're in Sup Forums yes.but you dont have to be a tryhard tilting manchildren around here

Z had its problems, but it often changed up who won and how and powerups weren't hoarded to 1-2 characters, it was far less formulaic than GT

DB: 9/10
Z: 8/10 ups and downs
GT: 5/10, 6/10 at the start
Super: 7/10 ups and downs

I think the GT fanboys are just the next level form of the Gohan fanboys. Legitimate criticism of why GT wasn't executed well just makes them stronger.

Dragonball is best
GT worst
DBZ and Super are literally the same shit. Everyone who says otherwise is wrong and a faggot

>just the next level form of the Gohan fanboys
anons trying to get DB generals banned from Sup Forums?

The dragon ball franchise is an amazing philosophical piece that shows how a man would react if he was put in that specific situation at that specific time and how to properly treat women. The characters are top notch and have well defined and clear motivations this makes us want to root goku as it shows how much of a deep character he truly is and how he thinks throughout the story shows how he should all inspire to be just like him. This gives dragon ball a very realistic vibe and shows what a highly developed sense of character development toriyama truly has.

DB: 4/10
DBZ: 10/10
DBGT: 10/10
DBS: 6/10

Newfag detected

>OG borefest with gags and weakling fighters who can barely even levitate
>better than anything in Z
Nice contrarian opinion you have got there OP. I can almost see from here just how cool you are IRL.

You're overrating GT and Super. They're more like 4 and 5.

>They're more like 5 and 4
Fixed that for you.

DB: 7/10
Z: 7/10
GT: 6/10
S: 2/10

DB and rest of Dragonball are from two different genres and really shouldn't be put together.

Dragon Ball: 9/10
Z: 8/10
GT: 7/10
Super: 5/10

>Bigger scale fights = good
I guess every fight in yu yu hakusho must be worse than the ones in Super

Dragon Ball from the start up to the end of Freeza's arc is god tier, the rest doesn't matter.
Just pretend Goku and Kuririn died in Namekusei and that Vegeta helped Chi Chi raise Gohan and be done with.

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DB: 8/10
Z: 7.5/10
GT: 5/10
S: 3/10

>Soyper fights
>any sense of scale
The last fights that had any sense of scale took place in Namek. The rest is just ki blasts supposedly more powerful but that don't actually destroy anything.

Dragon Ball: 3/10
Z: 3/10
Z(post Cell): 6/10
GT: 6/10
Super: 2/10

forgot the ranking

Original DB 10/10
DBZ 10/10
DBGT 9.99/10
DBS 9.98/10

As you can see all of these are in the running of best anime of all time and thus should be treated with universal love and respect for bringing the medium something revolutionary and unique along with deep, complex and emotional characters. You can however see that toriyama has been slowly losing his touch though.

DB 7/10
Z 5/10
GT 3/10
Super 4/10

db: 9.5/10
dbz: 8.5/10
gt: 4/10
super: 3.5/10

DB 7/10
DBZ 6/10
DBGT 5/10
DBS 4/10

hmm im starting to notice a trend




What's fact is that you're so fucking gay you newfag dipshit

>new series released after Super
>it gets even worse
Guess the "y-you re just nostalgic for the previous series" meme will not work this time like it did with the super faggots, eh?


who think super better than GT is fucking loser.thank to make goku become loser like you.Superfags

DB : Goku
DBZ : Gohan
GT : Torankasu
Super : Bills

King Piccolo arc is better than any DBZ arc

what is this, your gay shopping list?

Emperor Pilaf Saga - B
Tournament Saga - S
Red Ribbon Army Saga - C
General Blue Saga - B
Commander Red Saga - C
Fortuneteller Baba Saga - A
Tien Shinhan Saga - A
King Piccolo Saga - A
Piccolo Jr. Saga - A

Raditz Saga - B
Vegeta Saga - S
Namek Saga - C
Captain Ginyu Saga - A
Frieza Saga - S
Garlic Jr. Saga - D
Trunks Saga - A
Androids Saga - B
Imperfect Cell Saga - C
Perfect Cell Saga - B
Cell Games Saga - S
Other World Saga - A
Great Saiyaman Saga - D
World Tournament Saga - C
Babidi Saga - C
Majin Buu Saga - A
Fusion Saga - S
Kid Buu Saga - S
Gods of the Universe Saga - D
Peaceful World Saga - D

God of Destruction Beerus Saga - C
Golden Frieza Saga - C
Universe 6 Saga - A
Future Trunks Saga - A
Universe Survival Saga - S

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga - C
Baby Saga - D
Super 17 Saga - S
Shadow Dragon Saga - A