Have you gone yuru camping yet?

have you gone yuru camping yet?

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Pretty cool

>bringing shit with you
weaksauce shit

>propane stove
>Cup noodles

You guys are faggots.

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Not bad, a+ for effort

Take me to Mt Fuji now.

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I live near the Shenandoah valley so I have tons of options for nice scenery.


Wrong state. I know Sup Forums likes incest but don't lump me in with those foot-smelling cousin-worshippers.

There's still snow on the ground, but I'm planning on taking a solo weekend trip in a few months once things get better.

I'm not /k/ or /out/ level hardcore though. I've got a nice little tent and I'll probably just cook over the fire.

Living in Canada is nice, since its not particularly unusual for people to go out for a weekend, and there are plenty of people and places with lots of resources and knowledge for all skill levels. Hell, there are pay campgrounds with showers and running water if you just want to go outdoors for a bit.

It's more fun to watch then it is to do.

Virginia then

A proud citizen of the commonwealth I am

There's more

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>national park
>on the east coast
Rest in piss in piss user

What kind of fucking bike is this?

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It's obviously an A bike.
Literally says it on the side of the frame "A-bike."

Looks like a bike to me.

It might be a bike

Those wheels look painful.

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>What kind of fucking bike is this?
A foldable bike that you can carry on your back or bring on trains and buses.
But it is NOT designed for actual travelling, at best it is for commuting to work from the train station etc. The guy realised it the hard way that it can't climb hills.

As a fairly recent transplant the state is nice but dear god allergy season wrecks my shit.