Is this the most cucked any MC has ever got?

Is this the most cucked any MC has ever got?

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actually bumping this thread

>Go back in time 2 times to save waifu's life from serial murderer
>become OTP
>Get put into a coma for 15 years after serial killer fails to kill you
>Wake up
>Waifu married to best friend already with a child

why don't go back in time again to make sure fag killer doens't put you in a coma tho?

Because the power of time travel is a random thing. :D

Context is guy with the ability to travel back in time to save people travels back in time to his childhood, realizes several kids back then need to be saved, then he saves them but is put in a coma until the modern day and two of the kids he saved married each other, then catches the killer for good and goes and bangs a qt pizza girl

nigger both of them were lives he saved
that was the endgame from the start

Woulda been cuter if they stayed together in the future.

To predictable cheesy
It's the fact that he got a tragic ntr'd that people remember this.

Nope, you're just self-inserting. Airi was the obvious endgame girl. Part of his goal was to save her from dying, and he accomplished that.

You're absolutely right, but this just cements I'll take cheesy ass schlock of over shit like this.

because it was shown in the beginning the bigger the change in the replay the bigger the karmic backlash the MC experiences. the coma was the consequences of the lives he saved.

Ahh butterfly effect, it makes time travel a shitty experience

Mom gets killed by a serial killer who killed people during his childhood because she realized who the killer was. He has the ability to go back in time to basically figure out who the killer is to stop his mom and the past victims from getting killed. He gets close to one of the girls that was supposed to die. It’s not really a romance series and he even points how how dumb it would be to fall for the girl. In the end, he’s in a coma, and times moves on. She’s ends up with the other victim who was supposed to die, his friend. People claiming it’s NTR like his whole motivation was to go back and get a waifu and not save his mom, pizza girl, and the other victims. None of the people he saved ever knew of his powers or that he saved them either. His life changed for the better afterward as well.

how? he got into a fucking coma right? That means that he misses school and shit

Sup Forums is STILL mad about this

>stopping a murder
>has Karmic backlash
The lesson he needs to take away from this is that murder is good and he needs to start killing. What a stupid fucking repercussion jesus christ.

If I remember right, in the light novel or in another manga, Kayo stays with him for 15 years and marries him after he wakes up

He writes a manga similar to his experiences with the time traveling and saving people thing and it gets popular. So you don’t really need school for that but he did miss important life events and such but he’s not working at a Pizza Hut any more. He also does meet the girl who he saved by going back (though she didn’t die). So he still gets to meet and be with all the important people in his life. The anime kinda does spend too much time on Kaya so I get why people are hung up on her but that was to distract the audience on who the killer was. If she hadn’t had so much screen time and the other victims had their own stories I would have liked the series more.

Can’t be worse than the killer’s motivation.

No he is

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The killer waited 15 years to finish his work, that's some fortitude

he lost the eye?

No, considering there wasn't anything implying they liked each other. Retard readers just tried to force it so they could spam NTR and cuck memes.

>Is this the most cucked any MC has ever got?
Nope, just the viewer and Kayofags and White knights. He's hitting a younger pussy.

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>killer's motivation
Which was?

Anyone who thinks Kayo should have waited 15 years while he was in a coma is fucking delusional.

People fail to realize that from their perspective they only spent a couple weeks of their entire life together.

But he saved her so she owes him her love :(

Does this series count?

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Is this porn


nah, he got pizza girl. And while he was in a coma, she was growing up and knew nothing about him, so it's all good.

I think his mom got the worst deal, but at least her son did a lot of good.

he didn't even managed to save his mom???

Reminder that Kayo may not have waited but Sensei did.

no, just swollen

this girl, holy hell she caused a lot of trouble after the main character fucked up. and it's still not translated into english

>Go back in time 2 times to save waifu's life from serial murderer
That's not why he went back though. He went back because his mom was killed and he was framed. He barely even knew her in the original timeline, she was just one of the killer's victims.

Prior to the coma he was a depressed struggling author with crippling social issues due to being fucked up from his experiences as a kid. After the time travel and coma he becomes a successful author and is a lot more happy and positive.

Is this the series with a teacher as serial killer? And the MC saves a bunch of kids. I kinda remember something like that.

Retards, all of you, the guy met the girl a week ago and as a child and you expect him to develop love for that child? self inserting is the worst kind of cancer

>Go back in time 2 times to save waifu's life from serial murderer
You have your shipping goggles on so tight that you completely twisted the plot.

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>>Go back in time 2 times to save waifu's life from serial murderer
He went back to save his mom's life. Then he remembered there was another girl that died (OP's pic) and he tried to help her too.

You guys are ridiculous for ignoring context.

>~30 year old goes back in time to seduce a child

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I mean there is an omake where his mom basically tells her to live her life because she kept going to him for many years yet she felt guilty for not doing anything. The anime was pretty shitty to focus on her alone and missed out on some details

No, that's Guts having to watch his girlfriend get fucked into submission by demon cock.

i thought that's the payment for changing peoples fate

Don't use emoticons on Sup Forums.

Was it ever implied that he liked/loved Kayo?
He wanted to protect her,that's all.

1-He never met her in the ''original'' timeline.
2-His initial objective was to save his mom and then he noticed the kidnapped/murdered girl went to the same school as him.
3-He proceeds to make the connection that whoever went for his mother was the same who went for the girl since his mother most likely knew the culprit and could have been a witness in a reopened case.
4-There is some irony here,it's not ok for a 27 year old in the body of an 11 old and to flirt with an underage girl which could eventually become his loved one but it's ok if he flirts with Airi in the present(a 18 year old).

I feel like it would have been better for her to know somehow that he actually time travelled.
His actions were actually more heroic than what is initially perceived by his pals.His friends instead of thinking of him as that ''great friend of ours that works at a pizza place''now think of him as the '' unfortunate childhood friend who went into a coma to save another friend of ours''.

Were his 15 years of life that he wasted on a coma worth 1 girl's life?
Absolutely,he even makes the point that since when he graduated highschool his life has been a mess and he wishes he changed it somehow.
That's why it's perfectly fine for him to lose 15 years of his life on a coma because he already did lose 15 years of his life in the original timeline but know he has the comfort of knowing he saved a life.

The only thing I wanted was for everyone to know that he changed the future.

Cuckold posts are the worst. At least embrace your horrifying fetish instead of trying to justify it.

>Sup Forums STILL thinks this is cucking

fucking speedreaders I swear

How fucking insecure do you have to be to even think like this?

things I don't want to accept even though they make sense = cucking

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