Tanaka the Wizard Chapter 20 Korean Scans

The Isekai series with the Most refined Intellectual fetish.
Esther is a Thirsty Slut

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Sure why not.

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Which one is the succubus slut who said she fell in love with the MC but kept fucking the other guys?

Tanaka gets uglier with every chapter.

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>gook scans

But why


>Implying anyone would bother scanning Tanaka the cuck
>Implying anyone would TL
>Implying anyone gives a shit about the quality of this shit series.

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>implying anyone can read alien runes from beyond the stars
the only thing worse is Thai jungle runes

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>that second panel

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Ripping is an option, which is what those gooks did.
Chapter has bee out for over 10 days now.

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why would anyone read a story about an ugly dude?
I don't get it

this is the chapter when Esther asks him to come into her room and fuck her.
No one posted it so.

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self inserting and THOT bullying

Are there two mangas? One that is better drawn and that?

I suppose you can't read anything if you can't self insert into the main character, regardless of how outlandish the difference between you and he is.

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There is art done by Mda Starou and the manga.

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Death March angers me greatly.

Cute beast-people, including people who are more beast than human, living in squalor and being treated like trash.

It really makes me want to incite extreme violence.

nothing to do with self-inserting. I don't read about ugly girls either.
Besides, having the protag look ugly would make it easier to self-insert since then I would be able to relate to him.

I guess nobody's actually buying that magazine.
It is fairly cheap, but I gotta admit, not really worth it.

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Because it's wish fulfillment self-insertion for ugly japanese men.

>all that garbage packed into a single book.
That should be classified as a lethal weapon.

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>protag look ugly would make it easier to self-insert since then I would be able to relate to him
Is this the reason for doujins always having the fattiest, smelliest, most troll-looking male character?

of course

The artist for the manga is terrible, he got a little better, but honestly i don't know why they went with him when there are far better amateurs out there.

I love doing self-insert, but to be fair I can't self insert to this one.

Well, all that garbage is only 260 yen per month and has still no buyers.
This tells a lot.

They have those so that you can revel in how low a woman can fall, usually for drugs, money or a giant cock.

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Frequently, yeah. It's also why Mushoku Tensei has the fat, ugly NEET reborn as a cute kid who grows into a fairly appealing adult.

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>fairly appealing adult.
He won the genetics Lottery, women were throwing their panties at Paul to the point where they didnt mind him raping them, and Rudy could be a lacivious creep and still have women worshiping him to the point he made a harem.

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>Monstergirl wrestling
Holy shit is this being translated somewhere?

Bro, if I could I'd post evidence of how ugly some of these guys are. I myself tbought it was hyperbole till I saw that picture. And you know what, most ugly bastards in porn have more tolerable looks tgan those guys. Tanaka is fucking brad pitt next to those guys.

>vanish for over a month
>release 4 MTL chapters in 2 days
>vanish again
I still want to bitch about it
Will anyone ever save FUNI?

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>ugly, smelly, fat guy
>with huge cock tho
kinda breaking my suspension of disbelief there

I did also say money or drugs.

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>that guy with the mask
Aw, so this is fairly new?

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It's their cheat ability
look it up, isekai big dick is a thing

I really, really want an Isekai story where the MC does away with Slavery entirely, because it angers the shit out of me.

For every 3 cute slaves the MCs get, there's hundreds of ones being mistreated and fucked over by horrible assholes.

You don't have to be handsome to have a big dick.

>isekai big dick

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Pseudo Isekai (Sister is Reincarnated) Sono Mono does this.

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tanaka is probbaly the best isekai ongoing, Hope for more thx for the dump

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Yeah, the "second chance" theme in MT is its strongest point though. Many isekai tends to shrug off the fact that the MC is the problem and blaming the society.

I dont know who this eyepatch woman is, anyways Tanaka will be reviving Edita Sensei soon.

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And that was it, continue normal operations.

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I wish

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It will be great when Tanaka finally ends up as part of Esther's harem

No you fags, it's about the girl being a slut, it creates a more obvious contrast instead of just having the girl being fucked by a bunch of ikemen.

The problem I have with Sono Mono is the manga's stalled out, and the LN is not very well translated.

God how I wish that Sono Mono Nochi Ni Manga was still actively being produced. Meru a cute.

Dunno, here's the fist chapter:


Seems like it. Also it looks like quite a hard SAO clone.
Chapter 0 only so far:


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>I was a virgin all along, please let me have your babies
>Author finds some way to troll readers again

Knowing that Graves is still a mayor character and that his BS 199 woman harem still helps him build a kingdom keeps putting me off.

Thank you kindly

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>spider girl

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>I meet

This artstyle is familiar.

tried the WN after the manga but couldn't keep gint for some reason
it's quite different and that left a bad taste

I heard the childhood friend who was with the hero in LN version and WN version is different, but I got two version of this. The first one is the girl isn't gold digger and keep being pure for The MC, and the second one is the girl doesn't have any promise with the MC (or maybe even she doesn't know him). Which one is true?

looks a lot like Turtle.Fish.Paint

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It's not him. i can tell by the eyes it's someone else.

Ditto, which is a shame. Really the manga's wonderful. I cannot overstate how good the manga is. I totally would donate for more, and I'm a fucking miser when it comes to paying for anything.

I never got far enough into the WN to be able to answer that.

In the WN, the Childhood friend was a Fame Whore who ended up marrying the hero.
In the LN the Author gave in to the fans and changed her character completely so she was always pure, she soloed the Demon King as fast as possible to go back to Wazu and wants to marry him.

Bodies look like Raiha too.

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Loos a bit like Raita at places, maybe? But it's Ganmarei.

Thank you

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tanaka has more stories and characters in the LN (as the twin loli slaves I think) besides being a little better written , so for that the tl decided to continue with the vol 3 instead of the WN

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I just read all the translated chapters of the manga for deprived person and was wondering if there was a lot of shit cut from it cause it feels like it's skipping some crucial shit like why this thief wants to be friends with him and who this old lady is among other shit.

Im still not sure if these 2 are the delusion Tanaka had about buying twin virgin slaves or girls from the Twilight Corps.

>Ganmarei got a serialization
Sweet, I'll have to keep an eye on this.

Which is brushed off with just making him one of the strongest magic casters in the universe from the onset, and legal loli dragging him out of the house. After that it doesn't come up any aside from the usual "whoah panties ehehehehe".
Faraway Paladin does it better, where it actually continues to influence his life and decision-making.

>I just read all the translated chapters of the manga for deprived
Why would you do that to yourself?

The manga is terrible, it cuts and changes a bunch of stuff, besides the art it's shit.
LN it's way superior, and translations are way past the manga.

artist is ganmarei, writer is this guy twitter.com/p_kobushi
>calling the writer "produce"
man those nips got some faggot names for things at times

>「Yes, Iris-sama is not a fault. It’s me who should apologize for thoughtlessly petapeta momimomi peropero nyurunnyurun Iris-sama’s body……….」[1]
>「You didn’t peropero nyurunnyurun me, right!? And what is it in the first place!? 」
>「Ah, peropero nyurunnyurun part only happened in my delusions……However, I might have done it if I wasn’t blown away……….」

>making him one of the strongest magic casters in the universe from the onset
But that doesn't matter, because he still faces tons of challenges that can't be fixed through brute-force, and even those that can require aid from others.
Him improving as a person comes up MANY times, especially when he makes mistakes and has to make up for them. I can barely think of any conflict in the series that ISN'T connected to his past life's mistakes, and him making decisions based around that.

People just like to focus on him being an "OPMC" and nothing more.

I don't see why she's somehow described as loli.

Why is porn isekai the best isekai?

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>People just like to focus on him being an "OPMC" and nothing more.
People like to focus on this for everything

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>porn isekai
>become minotaur in next life
I like where this is going.

It's not, but if those were individual chapters in longer manga it would help.

>WN Aria fell in love with the hero as they journey'd together and properly apologized to Wazu for breaking their childhood promise, Wazu wishes her happiness and moves on.

>LN version Aria still thought of Wazu and promptly went chasing after him to clear up the understanding.

Same, it triggers me greatly.

Also, if someone was wondering about the one on page 108, it's this one and also fairly new:


First chapter is already scanlated.

best part of it is suprise vanilla

[Hihiyama Yokikana] Tensei Shite Minotauros ni Natta Ojou-sama ni Semarareta ken (Bessatsu Comic Unreal Tensei Shitara H na Mamono datta Ken Vol. 1) [English] [constantly] [Digital]

Anyone besides me able to understand the author's writing style in the novel?

Can't fap in public.
Will read later.

So where is the NTR with Ester anyway? I've read up to the current chapters that are translated and so far, she seems to deeply in lust to the point of no escape. Is it because she's literally a succubus and thus can't not fuck, or is she just a slut?

I do know that she's mostly after him because of how powerful he is, though.

I feel that the situation with the WN was an inevitability. A lot of shit can happen in between starting an adventure and defeating the demon lord.

Yuusha Party finally got an update, but things don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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