Classroom of the Elite

What would sex with Kushida be like?

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First for Kei a best.

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Depends. Am I blackmailing her or is she blackmailing me?

First one then the other.

Arisu, Horikita, and Ichinose are the top 3 girls.

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Like lies

How much do I miss out by violating the chronological order and skipping volume 6 and 7 in favour of 7.5? I'm asking because I'm disinclined to skip stuff I enjoy no matter how trivial the details are.

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I want to hatefuck Kushida and i want Kushida to hatefuck me!

Best hatefuck of your life

very fucking hot

doujin when?!

First for Koenji better than Kiyotaka

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Youkoso Power Level

Ayanokouji (100%) = Golden Koenji >> Hyper Blue Ryuen > Sakayanagi Blanca > Ichinose >> Horikita = Katsuragi Calvo

How can one of the most popular LN series hardly have any fucking doujins? What few doujins there are range from mediocre to outright bad. It just doesn't add up.

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Blocks your path

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Where were you when canon OTP was confirmed? My boy Hirata getting that white room kid.

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If you are disinclined then wait a few months. Answering your question would be spoilery.

Hirata is best wingman for KeixKiyo on several occasions.

Yamauchi, Onizuka, and Sotomura are the bottom 3 boys.

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>The guy just threw shit on the head of his friend's girlfriend.
Is it NTR?

Also have you read the "rooftop scene" from vol7? If you have might as well go on with vol 7 last chapter then 7.5.

Today is March 12th. It is Sakayanagi's birthday. Please wish this natural born genius a happy birthday and say something nice to her. I'll start. She's going to absolutely fuck Ichinose over and once class B has been crushed she'll move onto Kiyotaka and make him regret ever coming to this school. Nothing can stand in this genius's way.

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>second season never
a real shame too. the show had a really cool current atmosphere to it

Happy Birthday, Little Girl

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Best rival.

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I would like to see the dark atmosphere of the Kei scenes animated

Leave Arisu to me

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That scene may been too much for tv. Would make sense if s1 was just an ad.

Trips confirm glorious Kei scenes deserve to be animated. It's not every day you see an MC straight up try to rape a girl just to push her into mentally breaking down. Of course he goes all soft and gentle on her later but I'll be damned if his actions in volume 4 weren't some dark shit. His actions in the entire volume coldly calculated to break Stockholm-chan. I'd pay through my nose for at least an OVA of that volume.

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>That scene may been too much for tv
B-But this is the true charm of Youkoso. Why can't we see Kei scenes animated? Just why?

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Happy Bday best girl.

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Bad marketing strategy. An impact scene like that is ideal to attract readers to the original work

A fight between bottom feeders does not interest the Queen of this school. A natural born genius is above such petty squabbles. She looks down on this class conflict. If Arisu truly wanted it, Kiyotaka would be on his ass begging her for mercy. Kouenji would run back to his CEO daddy and Ichinose will wish she'd stayed absent in high school too.

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Arisu a shit.

You just can't handle an actual genius which is why you prefer incompetent failure like Horikita, paranoid sluts like Kushida, autists like Sakura, backstabbers like Hasebe and easy girls like Kei. This here is a natural genius born to lead the lesser masses. She's easily better than some manufactured fake genius who's only pretending to be all that.

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Youzitsu twitter is going to forget Arisu Birthday

【祝】みなさん! 今日は、Aクラス・坂柳有栖の誕生日ですよ!

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You can read the Rooftop Scene and the Volume 7.5 if you read the spoilers about Kei and Kiyotaka relationship. So I think that you will be slightly spoiled

>Tfw no doujin about 50% using his intelligence to dominate her into becoming his little plaything

Looks like the Neighbour is the only one they forgot. Even Satou got her own birthday wish on time as did Karuizawa and now Sakayanagi. Poor Neighbour-chan she really deserved better on that count.

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See this is what happens when one does not look through the Sadpanda before unloading their woes here. Let me help you, friend.
Now witness 50% using his 100% dick to mindbreak Kushida into becoming his girl.

Don't worry, Sudo will always be there for her.

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If they did even after what happened with Horikita's birthday, then they really are terrible at being professional and official.

They said delayed due to various circumstances. They didn't admit to forgetting. Regardless, why do you care to insinuate otherwise so much?

Still best girl.

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We know your preferences will never change, Sudo.

NTR ships are the best.


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It's not really NTR. They are literally made for each other and even Ayanokouji ships them.

Well its NTR for those who like Horikita, and isn't she a bro-con?

and even Horikita VA ships them.

It's NTR for self-inserters, true Horikita fans understand that Sudo is the proper partner for Horikita after the development they underwent together.

Violent, biting you neck while you have missionary sex and screaming.

I don't care about this series outside of the anime, I wish everyone felt this way, reading the novels just because nothing else is availble feels like a cheap copout as far as the continuation of the series goes.

Thank you

Doomed to fail. Her obsession with onii-sama was getting to dangerous unhealthy levels especially in vol 5 where she tunnel visioned herself into aiming for class A to the detriment of her class and got BTFO'd by based Dragon Boy and Bitchshida. That's the end result of her bro-con so she's growing out of that and more towards the NBA side of things.

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RIP brave soldier. You have earned your rest. But before you go, post THAT picture too. You know, the colored official illustration of that chapter.

>Kushida not glaring at you with hatred

Into the trash

>Still best girl.

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Kushida wouldn't touch a disgusting sausage, sorry

>They said delayed due to various circumstances.

It's an excuse. They simply forgot and tried to justify themselves.

If they forgot then they could easily include that in their apology. But they didn't. Either way, it's your belief against their words.

I want to cum inside Arisu's unwashed shit hole!

Does anything actually happen in classroom of the elite, or is everyone misunderstood and the MC sociopaths himself to the top with 0 effort because he's school jesus?

Obviously a lot of things happen. And mc wins by destroying everyone. It is not like he puts no effort in it. I seriously don't know where you got that from. You are probably just a animeonly if you ask something like that

NHK ni Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

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I wouldn't call him Jesus if you've read further into the novel.

What does Kushida's breath smell like?

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doujinshis are not smart enough to craft that kind of story

Surprisingly and perhaps refreshingly enough the MC isn't all that overpowered. He's very good no doubt but even he can't just steamroll over everyone else with no effort. That's not what this story is about. He's not like Onii-sama where he can nuke his enemies into oblivion with a mere thought. For most of the story he's actually quite limited in what he can do because he doesn't have enough pawns and he can't afford to stand out. A lot of things happen in the story though. Just not without MC being absurdly hax. It's actually pretty fun. You could have a read through yourself or if you'd like me to spoil you I could do that too.

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√Karuizawa manga when?

Why didn't he just rape her?

While he's certainly no Oniisama in terms of OPness, I'd say the more important difference is that unlike with mahouka, kiyotaka's real abilities keep being hidden. Not just from others in the story (which kiyotaka does better than Oniisama) but from readers too. 9 volumes in, we have no idea what he's really capable of. And the feel is that it'll keep being like that in the future, only showing the minimum required for the job, with that minimum growing because the opponents he face will keep getting more difficult too.

>Giving her the exact kind of evidence she needs to blackmail you into oblivion
I'm glad Kiyopon is smarter than that.

Paranoia too really.

>This kills the Keifags

He can just take responsibility and marry her. Would Kushida-chan be a good wife?

She'd be terrible. Her constant paranoia and deceptive nature would mean she'd constantly fear her husband or her children may one day let slip the truth about her to the public and lead her to keep a constant, vigilant watch on them that may turn into abuse as she begins to descend into paranoiac insanity.
Honestly as far as wives go, I'd say Horikita and Kei would ironically make the best wives and mothers. Horikita would be a strict wife and mother and somewhat demanding yet caring where it counts while Kei would be a much more lenient and affectionate wife and mother while having a softer strict side to her.

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Good point there. The difference I guess is in Mahouka by the time we were 9 volumes in we already knew what Onii-sama's upper limits were and exactly what he can do at his best while here even after this many volumes in we still have literally no idea what Kiyotaka's best is since we've only seen him do the bare minimum in everything. The only glimpse we've got was the rooftop scene and I doubt he was doing his best there.

Myths don't hurt anyone until they are confirmed and this is exceedingly unlikely given no official sauce.

I'm going to marry Ibuki!

Fresh shitposts.

>Sex with Horikita will likely be similar to bedding a cold, dying fish. Likely no reaction unless you put in monster effort to make her cum. Then she leaves you hanging.
>Sex with Kushida will be dangerous since she'll seemingly cry out of pleasure the whole time only to reveal that she's filmed the entire thing after and blackmail you into being her little dildo bitch.
>Sex with Sakura is the easiest thing ever. You can tell her to do anything, act out any fetish and she'll do it as long as she can get your tip inside her.
>Sex with Ichinose will be costly. Very costly. By the end of it, you'll realize you'd need to be a Bill Gates tier billionaire if you want to afford her full services. Of course, for your money's worth you'll get sent to heaven.
>Sex with Kei will require a lot of patience. One wrong move and her past trauma could be triggered and she'll break down crying. Gentle, comforting sex is required. You cannot do this. Only 50% can pull it off.
>Sex with Hasebe will be the wildest, hottest and most passionate thing ever. Yet you'll know deep inside there's no real love there. If a stronger alpha comes along she'll go along with him instead.
>Sex with Hiyori will strangely be the most enlightening thing ever as she'll randomly quote Shakespeare, Bronte, Milton and random /lit/ authors every time she orgasms.
>Sex with Ibuki is like fighting in an MMA championship. Not worth it though. I'd rather fight Conor McGregor than have sex with Ibuki.
>Sex with Satou is rather easy. After the first date she'll be spreading her legs wide open for you. Both of you will be inexperienced so might not be the most pleasurable experience.

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Literal soccer mom tier wife.

Kei sells like hot cakes.

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Horikita would make a great mother and wife, albeit demanding, strict and bossy, under the conditions that she matures emotionally to be able to connect with and care for people and that she gets over her unhealthy obsession with Onii-sama.

are those vol 7.5 reprints?

Yes, they stores went out of stock two weeks ago.

No one can stop her now. She's a refreshing heroine tbqh.

What does Arisu's breath smell like?




Lavender with a hint of my semen

Go away Albert.

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