Oyasumi Pun Pun

I started reading pun pun, I'm 11 chapters in and I have laughed/cried every single chapter so far. Anyone felt the same?

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You're in for a wild ride.

Keep going user.
Don’t listen toyou’re in for a treat.

>11 chapters
You're not even close to done. You're going to be spoiled.

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Back out. Now. Stop while you still have your life ahead of you. You don't want to spend months and years seeing a shrink just so you can return to the way you were before.

Finished it about 4 days ago.
That was an experience.

I stopped reading after the uncle's girl popped Punpuns cherry. I couldn't deal with the feels.

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I think that this part was even more depressing then the entire Aiko thing.
That whatever the fuck kind of weird mental illness the various Punyamas have, it will be transferred into this little innocent girl as well.

It was basically confirmed with 'god' being in her eye.

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I had to stop around there. Got scared of how much feels I got and evidently it didnt even start going on full throttle yet. Some parts were too relatable and it didnt help at all.

Maybe one day when I could hole up myself away from everyone for a couple of weeks i'll fnish this.

Fuck don't remind me of this bullshit! It's really a masterpiece but fuck my life.

Why couldn't Punpun JUST BE NORMAL

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It's the wildest ride i've been in
I thought my heart wouldn't be able to take any more of it by the last third of it

But he is normal, that's the terrible part

Who was in the wrong here?

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Hated this manga, characters acting retarded does not good drama make

I wonder how RL Japan laws are about killing in self-defence. Fucking crazed mom.


>Hated this manga, characters acting retarded does not good drama make
They're retarded but in a human like relatable way. Literally me lol type stuff.

>does not good drama make
you does not good writting make

I am legit unable to relate to any of this, at all. Didn't find out people were that affected by Punpun until I saw faggots discussing it here.

Any works similar to this? Has Asano ever topped this one?

Just started it too. I am on ep10. It makes me feel weird. I would probably feel quite sad sometimes but this unique way of drawing MC is not letting me get too emotional.


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This will probably not be as this one but you can check Ore ga Doutei wo Sutetara Shinu Ken ni Tsuite

I couldnt relate to anything nothing that happened made any sense, nobody behaved like humans

Already predicted that that was gonna happen, but fuck it still affected me.

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When I got to this panel my entire house what completely silent. There wasn't a single source of noise. It really made the page's impact that much stronger.

Would you anons recommend this manga to anyone?


I was listening to
at the time and the scene kicked me in the dick so hard I had to stop for about an hour to collect myself.
Pile that on top of how it's referenced earlier in the manga and how it actually applies to this scene and it just completely dumptrucked me.

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Made me glad I didn’t spend a dime on this series, it pissed me off anons.
She deserved better.

Even the beginning was more difficult to read than Arigatou, Gunjo and the rest of the drama bunch taken all at once.

Like normal humans you mean? Its a story that is so fucking realistic despite characters being very heavy in emotional sense that it makes you completely adore Asano Inio's prowess as a writer.

The fact that a medium made you angry because of immersion and caring for an imaginary character means quality work user. Support Asano.

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I still remember how hard this page hit me when I first read it. The only page that shocked and traumatize me even more than this was miki's decapitated head in devilman

> being entertained by this degenerate manga

Why don't you read an actual book?


the world

Because you are a degenerate, my fellow redditor.
Now post your reaction pics.

>Having any kind of emotional response to medias you consume

the ironing

I might get a twinge of emotional response when I read the finest literature of human creation, but certainly not from the incoherent nihilistic babble of a manga called Oyasumi Punpun.

Are you a psychopath, maybe? Or are you just trying to show off how abnormal you are? Its kind of sad either way.

guess what retard, you just had an emotional response to media you consume

ayyy, me too

Got bored around vol 2

I was spoiled already, but it still hit me like a truck god damn it. Actually, knowing her fate made things worse, because all I could feel up to that point was a foreboding dread.

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I took this page to be far more optimistic. What you're describing I felt at the very end of the manga, 'cause it's a new classroom with new kids, but nothing really changed, like people don't actually learn anything from previous generations.
On the upside, everything with Sachi in it is the opposite. While society as whole can't learn, she's like a living proof individuals *can*.

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I knew it would happen sooner or later. His scene carrying her hit me a lot more.

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Same, feels a bit too melodramatic for the sake of it, not that it's bad but just not my thing

After re-reading Punpun a few times, I realised that Punpun's 'God' is pretty similiar to Carl Jung's theory on the 'Shadow'. And don't you fucking dare reply something about Jordan Peterson to me, all I know is that he's some philosophy meme that kills feminists or something along those lines.
Also, Pegasus was pretty cool and interesting.

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this thread is basically a field guide to spot neo-Sup Forums. punpun started out fine but all the cult shit was a waste of space it dragged everything down


I also really disliked the cult parts and thought they dragged the thing down, but it's so disconnected from the main plot that it can be mostly ignored and doesn't actually make good parts any worse.

hmm, this is also true

What *did* make the whole thing worse was since he meets Aiko again. I mean, the author himself said he basically gave up on the regular plot just to mess with the fans. It was too sharp a turn in the whole story. It's incredible how it ended up, almost believable, considering what he was doing, though.

I just skipped completely over the cult parts.

Got no idea what the author tried to do with that thing, or what how it has anything to do with the story.

punpun is a shit manga and overrated

but fuck aiko

Maybe he is a huge fan of 20/21st century boys?

>tfw Punpun starts getting depressed when he sees the girl with another guy
I couldn't stop reading when I reached that. It just hit way too close to home.

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Well, it's a comedy so...

>I couldn't stop reading when I reached that
I mean keep reading. That part hit me too hard.

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>becoming a serial rapist because your hot aunt gave you a reward for good grades
yeah no

kill yourselves

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What chapter was that again? I could use a good fap.

Kinda hard to feel bad for punpun when he was a horrible and selfish person.

I'm sorry you have boring lives. Hard to have any of that be relatable when you spend all your life inside a room.

Leave the thread before you're spoiled.
I cried after the first chapters with his family, hit me hard as hell for some reason.
Everything after just broke me, read it all in one sitting and finished at 4AM and went out for a walk after. Probably the most impacted I've been by a manga in general.

If you're going for a re-read, listen to Kaki King while doing so.
These two in particular.
>Tfw whenever I hear these now I feel the same way I did when I read it.

Most people are selfish and horrible to an extent though, even if no one's proud of admitting it. We've all fucked up hard at some point in our lives for dumb shit, and if we haven't, it'll probably happen sometime in the future. That's just life.

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This. I got as far as the high-school love triangle and was so mired in despair I found no reason to subject myself to the wall of despair everything appeared to be hurtling towards.
I was later spoiled the later chapters and ending and realized just how large a bullet I had dodged. My emotional state is in such a away that if I had made it that far it would have seriously fucked me up.

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Finish it user. It destroys you emotionally but the amount of catharsis you go through afterwards when you finish it will practically change you honestly. Completely worth it.

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I barely bounced back from Onani Master Kurosawa, even with its hopeful ending. Fuck, even Prison School's ending made me damn salty.

Really? In retrospective, it's the story of a emotionally unstable and depressed guy that fucks everything up and is pity saved from death.

That's what got me the most about it. It didn't mince anything at all.
It's probably best then that you don't finish it if it's affected you on that level already.
If you want to read something that's pretty depressing but with a core message that's fucking beautiful, read Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa. It's by the guy who did Kaiji and Akagi and it's one of the most touching manga I've ever read.

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Stop projecting shithead. Not being a sadboy doesn't mean you have no life.

Also to add, Kurosawa isn't extremely depressing, it's actually quite funny in numerous ways with really lovable characters as well. I'd really recommend it to most people itt.

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yamete kure

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>Also, Pegasus was pretty cool and interesting.
Don't hear that often. I enjoyed him as well.

sachi is a shit

No, it's overrated normalfag crap. The only good character was the uncle.

>informing faggots for a spoiler
you are an actual retarded newfag

no it was aiko even Inio agrees

I haven't laughed at single event that has happened in whole manga. Even things that were supposed to be funny were very unsettling and upsetting for me.

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"Can this bitch do something right?"

Can you elaborate on this? I never hard about that.

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I think this page is the most emotional.

I never read it because it seemed pretentious.

go read one piece

Too long and I didn't like any of the characters from what I watched.

it was written by someone who has legitimate mental issues, that assertion could be argued well

I just started it but why he didn't end up with Aiko? She was the main heroine