What's wrong this bitch?

what's wrong this bitch?

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>tfw too angry to type a correct sentence

but seriously though this is the worst character I've seen.

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her arc made me dislike Jun more than he deserves and she's a psycho overall

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Deep down she still mad as fuck things didn't work out with Jun

Where are the new pages

God why is she so fucking hot?

I want to fuck Misuzu.

Imagine having hate sex with her

How can one girl be so perfect.

She's the typical girl with a bad temper that secretly harbors a heart of gold.

>secretly harbors a heart of gold
Nowhere in the manga we're shown that though.

>Could take advantage of everyone but chose to help them instead, with nothing for her to gain from it
Did you even read it, user?


Tomo-Boy and Jun-Girl Besto couple!

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>tfw no Tomo till April

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Too perfect

why does she have heart eyes?

Yes shes been a cunt through and through.
The author should go back to draw Tewi doujins

what the heck is that

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>10 times in a row
That's cute, I can come at least 20 times in a day.

Can't decide if she's a lesbo or totally wet for her best friend's best bro.

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>draw school girl with actually black hair
>sexual as fuck
>every single time

Makes you think

It's about doing it with a partner though, something you haven't even done once in your life

>That Jun
Oh my

What is this?

>That Jun-ko

I want to choke fuck her and make her swallow my semen.

Oh my

>Tomboy is actually a boy
What did user mean by this?

A pre-order bonus for the third tankbon yo the buyers of comiczin. Most of them havent been translated

She's not tomo

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You might've seen others like the one that oyakadon fag posts everywhere. And in Yanagida's Twitter account(with a Watermark ofc).

>tfw when you're just trying your best but you get all the shit

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She is a dyke!
She is in love with Tomo, but Tomo is too dense to realise it.
Basically she is living through the same stuff her mother went through with Tomo's mom.

Why would you anons put yourself through this.
It's long past the time to get off of Fumita's Wild Ride.

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