Post 11/10 anime moments

Post 11/10 anime moments

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wrong scene

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this never happened you cuck

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>implying it didn't

And the entire sequence leading up to it.

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>12/10 moments.

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For me it was pic related

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Was worth the wait.

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Best scene of 2017

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This point is where the anime is at its shittiest. They show that scene every episode for what felt like dozens of episodes. Killed the pacing

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What in the actual fuck were they thinking

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>no-one posted guillotine gorilla

This was the only moment is this whole series where we got any kind of fan service.

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Stopping the earts rotation, shattering the ground and all windows, and that bitch was all like "Oh shit i fucked up" after talking shit and then getting one punched

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That moment made up for how bad the show became towards the end

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''Because we are alive,we feel joy''
Fuck,Ping Pong was a masterpiece

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impeccable taste

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Thanks doc

I can't find an appropriate screen on google, but the 1999 version of the arm wrestling scene in HunterXhunter.

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A tie between pic related, or this

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it's a masterpiece m8

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Goddamn it user. I was trying to forget.

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I'll seriously never understand this series. Seems solid and all, but I really don't get why people cry the fuck out with this

A great moment and well deserved

Did you even watch the same series?

Now, this was great.


Did you actually watch it or are you just basing that off of people's reaction to that scene? For me the whole series was building up to it and is the reason the ending had such an impact. I don't think it would have been as emotional if I hadn't watched the whole series first.

If you did watch the whole thing and still didn't feel it, then idk, I guess the themes just weren't something you empathize with.

Yeah. I understand it's sad, but it never really struck me sad on Jintan's side. The mother issues and the other dude caught me off guard, but I never actually got what the fuck with Jintan.
But maybe that was because I was watching NHK at the same time and Sato is Jintan on steroids.

Jintan was damaged as fuck. That was the point. It was more the sadness everybody else felt.

Actually, I could empathize with Jintan as I suffered the same shit (the mother, not the dead loli). But I guess I never bought the whole love of Menma as a kids because for me that shit doesn't count in the slightest. So yeah, that's probably just me.

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Golden boy is a masterpiece, too bad it was only 6 episodes

I agree about the love aspect, she really was too young for those emotions to mean anything. For me it's just the loss of a friend and a mother, compounded by the fact that they all feel guilty for her death in the first place. The ending for me was special not because of Jintan, but everyone else finally being able to see and hear her.

Wait, was this in the series or is it from the movies?

It feels too late

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The moment all the surface level layers are pealed off and it's revealed what this series is all about

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Fighting a god killing monster with physics.

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that look on saitama's face

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Still not happening.

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I love how they draw characters with all the coloring layers inside. It's like playing around in illustrator but on paper. Funny to see.

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This whole episode is amazing from start to finish.

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Are you new to animation?

I wouldn't say I'm new. But, I definitely don't really see the raw drawings much. The last time I saw drawings they were cells and those are a lot different.



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