So you are telling me theres a poster that wants to fuck that?

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>He wouldn't the bug
What a pleb.

Ainz "Cucklich" Ooal gown

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I don’t see how intimacy with any of the Pleiades could end well.

What poster doesn't want to fuck?

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>Who is Yuri?

My wife.

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>this was last week
Sup Forums is saved

Ainz "Do you value your life? Then better fuck my wife." Ooal Gown.

How does Entoma smell?

shalltear is my favorite overlord


I want to go balls deep in Ainz


Entoma and Cocytus were made for each other.

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>you'll never win Albedo's favor and get a race change item in a magical box
>you'll never get to open it and become an area guardian
How do I cope with this feel?

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If you commit yourself to living at least a few more decades some extremally realistic Overlord like game will be invented

Out of the way Overlordfigs bear comin' thru

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What if you were a lvl 1 humie who got adopted by Albedo? Would she be a good mother?

Only if you like /ss/.

There are people who don't like /ss/?

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if you think they can be called "people", yes

Supreme Waifu

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>46 more days

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>if you're from YGGDRASIL and don't have any levels in cook, you can't cook

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tsuare is waifu material even after being stuffed by a thousand cocks

>can only have one character
>wastes levels with shit like cooking, mining, herbalism
Literally WHO would do that in their right mind

She wants the dragon d.

Faggot that got isekai'd into NW
Also the faggot that cashed in mad money for being only one to take cooking and herbalism to the max and selling his premium shit to all the warmongs and mageturds.

How else am I supposed to mine for fish?

There's serious politics and trade wars going on in the game.
Going with a jew build and guild is pretty good actually, monopolize a route or mineral and your set.

>not becoming a mining specialist in EVE online

with her nose, silly

We've got 400+ posts in a thread named "OVERLORD general" just yesterday.

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Overlord is a show that is so dead at this point that even generals go unnoticed.

>be lvl 100 human, invested in all economic and knowledge jobs, no direct combat jobs
>max level commander, trader, gatherer & crafting jobs, etc.
>get isekaied into NW
>"Umu, Albedo, this insect poses no threat to us, but has outstanding capabilities, treat them kindly."
>get into Nazarick with a comfy non-combatant/administrative position with Albedo as your boss
>while all the retards who focused on combat classes get the ace or happy farm
Who in their right mind indeed.

>Morally wrong

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she would just cleave you in half before you even speak anyway, at least you would have a chance to escape

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You wouldn't be out in the field to run into her death squad because you're not a combat oriented build. You would be behind the scenes conducting keikaku like Renner does and earning a profit in the shadows. Just make sure you're devoted to Princess Renner and all will be well. You'll get to earn profits for Papa Bones soon enough.

Or just go to PDL's side, ainz wouldn't risk an attack since it would cost too much resources to win.

Albedo wouldnt want a ugly ass human baby much less

I dislike being labeled a "furry" for wanting to fuck Entoma.
Furries are humans that dress up in fursuits to resemble anthropomorphized animals.
Entoma is a spider demon that dress in bugs to resemble a human maid.
Not the same thing. So we need a new term.
I sexually identify as "Chitinous"

PDL is more likely to kill you than Nazarick is desu.

"faggots" is what they be called

I love cocks like a true bi__sexual and even I can appreciate /ss/.

These people, if you want to call them that, who do not enjoy some good /ss/, are vermin. Rats in human skin.

>he doesn't want /ss/ where the girl has a cock

>unironically liking shota
Off yourselves scum, it’s bad enough that shit is infesting femdom.

Who has PDL killed so far? Nobody.
Who has Ainz alone killed so far? Over 200000 COMPLETELY INNOCENT beings.

PDL hates players and it's heavily implied that his meddling was behind the deaths of many players in the past. It's not that he's evil, he's just devoted to cleansing the world of all players. And you'd be one of them.

>Who has PDL killed so far? Nobody.
A shitload of Demon Gods some of whom might've been heteromorphic Players, possibly 13Heroes Players and most likely remaining 8GK too.

>it's heavily implied that his meddling was behind the deaths of many players in the past
In your headcanon maybe. Post citations.

But the last of the 6 gods lived unharmed until the 8GK. How do you explain that?

Players weren't running around genociding Dragon Race back then.

as long as she's not grossly fat I could fuck anything.

Bullshit. He worked with the thirteen heroes, two of which were players.

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Nabe has the most punchable face from all the maids

And guess what? They ended up dead. Don't work with PDL. You WILL get dicked over.

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Just the evil and edgy ones, he might not even kill ainz once he realizes he's not that bad.

>he's not that bad.

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>he's not that bad

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One hero killed the other and the other died from from wounds. PDL has nothing to do with it. Also PDL considered the karma alignment of Shalltear before considering her a threat. He obviously judges players on an individual basis.

>One hero killed the other and the other died from from wounds.
>PDL has nothing to do with it.

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So when are we going to get more info on DDDL? If he's supposedly the strongest dragon lord and PDL could nearly one shot Shalltear, could DDDL nuke Nazarick?

>“...Perhaps. But I personally feel that it would be better to wake up she who sleeps in the bottom-most levels of the city which floats upon the sea for help. You’d have better chances for success.”

>“She’s ‘waiting in the land of dreams’, huh? If only we had preserved all of Leader’s knowledge, things would not be so troublesome. He died too young.”

>“It can’t be helped. He… killed a comrade (Player) he had spent his journey with, and it got to him. I can understand why he’d decline the resurrection. Rigrit, you were shocked too, right?”

Please cite one source that would imply PDL had his hand in this.

No, PDL is strongest. DDDL just can solo any guardian except for Chair.

>Reading Jew Press

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He's gonna get ganbanged by all the guardians at once then caged up as a lv up attraction.

Probably not. The nuke is PDL's special move but he probably has some other spooky shit up his sleeves.

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There's also psychic Dragon too, he's named by name and not a title. Probably not DDDL.

That's wrong though. PDL's only 130+ level and stays in the same spot all the time because he's paranoid and lazy, while DDDL is 150+ level and is still training to get stronger.

That's from skythewood smartass

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>lvl 150+
>can one shot chair
>can possibly win against all the guardians in a fight at once
This seriously doesn't bode well.

the largest headcanon

Didn't Maruyama say he could defeat a few of the floor guardians in 1v1 combat?

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It's from the official Overlord fact list!

I don't think those levels are official, but the author stated that both of the dragons are raid boss tier for NZ. Not to mention Ainz was afraid of the dragons from the moment he first heard of them in the NW.

>[citation needed]

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Then what the fuck I've been reading?

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>Then what the fuck I've been reading?
Probably the Spanish translation.


I like the implied racial insult, but you should aim higher.

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>Not to mention Ainz was afraid of X from the moment he first heard of X in the NW
This is a very common occurrence though.

You're head canon could one shot Nazarick, PDL, and DDDL all at once

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This. Man is afraid to dick the willing.

Also PDL a Jew, NW and Nazarick should gang up on him and DDDL for their Jewish divide and conquer ways.
T. Not Ornstein
T. Not Gough

>"The Deep Darkness Dragon Lord, who annihilated the players 300 years ago. Possess the ?????, one of the 20 world-class items, in his possession. His unique magic is damn strong and both his offense and defense is flawless, but unfortunately Shalltear is his nemesis. Against any other Floor Guardian, he would likely be victorious... Don't fight one-on-one? Deploy the Gargantua? Don't say that..."

DDDL lvl 100 confirmed.

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We don't get any substantial info so we have to figure it out ourselves.
Raid bosses are basically monsters with no job classes but with high stats and skills.
Pure dragonlords like the frost dragon only have racial levels so a lv 90 dragonlord is equivalent to a lv 130 and lv 100 is equivalent to a lv 150.
DDDL and PDL should be around lv 110-120 equivalent.

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She would if Ainz told her that human child was just like him and he wants them to be near their side all the time.

What in gods name are these assumptions.

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>Pure dragonlords like the frost dragon only have racial levels so a lv 90 dragonlord is equivalent to a lv 130 and lv 100 is equivalent to a lv 150.
Not really.

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where do you read all this stuff about other guilds and players, I want more worldbuilding?
I'm caught up on the 12 main volumes and pleiades day

>I'm caught up
In name only.

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It's called having a functional brain, you should try it.

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read the BD specials


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