Ryuuou no Oshigoto

She's sleeping, right? She's sleeping, please tell me she's sleeping.

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I can't believe Ai is fucking dead.

>cute elementary school girl tries to cheer him up after loss
>he just behaves like a dick
Fucking Christ, I knew something was off with the guy from the first episode on. Now I know for sure. What a piece of shit. He doesn't deserve her one bit.

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Obviously I don't read the LN but can anyone spoil what's about to happen? Is Ai really moving away for good?

I think Yaichi is going to lose and the series will end with him trying to become a stronger shogi player. But I feel bad for the way Yaichi treated Ai in this episode.

V8 will be out tomorrow.

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Only 2 episodes and you'll find out.

Is the girl on the right the big boob girl/Ai in the future/presenter chick from the OP?

>5 different short stories in 5 shops
Does someone actually collect them all?


Nope, it's Machi.

Some people collect or sell them in YAJ.

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WRONG. This Ai is deceased.

He'll be begging her to come back, or at least he should beg her on his knees

Where is Ryuo currently?

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This episode was infuriating, I had to refrain myself from punching the fucking monitor

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wew Yamcha pose.

She will never recover.

Fuck you, she'll be back stronger than ever before

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I'm going to rape Ginko.

When can we expect the summary for volume 5?

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Jesus fuck this whole scene was brutal.

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Why does he even care about any of the Ryuo shit when he has a cute girl like her in front of him who will love him unconditionally? Should anything else even remotely matter in this situation?

Because you have to ask questions like that is why you don't have a cute loli with you.

Tell me if I fuck up. Haven't been doing this for some time.

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2 fucking minutes wasted in shitko

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It's so fucking unfair. I really think I deserve one. I really do.

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>tfw no cute elementary school girl as a disciple

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Is Yaichi based on a real shogi player or several?

He's based on me


Which reminds me, Habu was presented a bouquet of flowers by a JS during last year's award ceremony.

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Look at that face, he likes what he sees.
And why are there so many ara ara onee-sans watching shogi

Was she the award?


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Just look at that smug fuck, you can just imagine how many JS go to him to be his disciple

>Nope, it's Machi.
There a difference?


The Meijin in anime is based on Habu except he doesn't get any lolis.

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Gee user, I wonder what will happen if I don't do my work. You think I can get a promotion?

Unfortunately he doesn't take in disciples, for his own reasons.

You're confusing Tamayo with Machi.

best girl Ginko will take care of punished yaichi

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FFFFFFFFFFFFUCK!!!! It's Toki all over again!!!

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Take that slut outta here

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>You're confusing Tamayo with Machi.
Seems like I am. Who was the one that's into MC, Machi(girl on cover 8) or Tamayo(announcer girl)?

>tfw I'm the only guy watching this series because of the MC

The announcer was wetting herself for him on that one episode.

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Season 2 title = "Ryuuou's Work is Fucking Done"

Yaichi is a good guy

More like "Ryuuou is Done".

More like "Lolicon King's Work is Never Done: Char's Counterattack"

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You can never be the only one at anything.

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Having Ai cower in fear and beg for forgiveness was pretty hot to be honest.

This episode was a fucking mistake

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Is small Ginko cute?

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That's what any kid would do if you discharge your anger on them.

Ginko is shit and a fucking slut.

Why's everybody so harsh on her? First gunko traumatized her on that one first match they had. Then the shark trying to steal her husband from her. Now fucking Yaichi discharging his frustrations on her and reviving the trauma from her match with gunko. And then this other fucking bitch who feels superior for beating an already beaten little girl. Something's wrong. We need some healing asap

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Shut up, Ai. Hyperventilate some more and pass out again.

Machi is sort of obsessed with Yaichi (probably to the same extent as Ai), while Tamayo doesn't really hold any special feelings toward him.

Eight years before the series, Machi participated in an amateur Meijin tournament and made it to the semifinals, but lost to Ryou. Just when she was about to break down in tears, a young Yaichi told her not to cry because "the moment one's heart breaks, that's the moment they truly lose". He then told her that he will show her "an interesting shogi" and brilliantly won in the finals. Yaichi's shogi which deviated from the standard moves was so mesmerizing that it made her forget to cry.

From that moment on, she decided to devote her entire life to become a female pro and a shogi reporter to follow him even if she realizes she doesn't have any talent.

Ever since then, she's spent her entire life chasing after him.

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Ginko a shit.

>Another good girl that won't win
For fuck sakes, LN authors needs to stop doing this shit.

Spoil me, does he keeps his title against the meijin?

Ginko a best.

Ai's mother called her the most dangerous opponent in the bowl and we'll see how good she is next volume.

Ginko a worst.

It's been said multiple times already by a lot of people that it's hardly a "spoiler" by now, but yes. He wins 4-3. Meijin himself later acknowledges that Yaichi's the strongest shogi player at the moment.

Shut up.

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Ginko a cute.

Ginko a trash.

Ginko is sex.

Blue > Red > Char > Keika > shit > Ginko

This wasn't a good episode.

Vote the best girl!


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Nobody even noticed the mindbroken shark.

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Ginko > Red Ai > Blue Ai > Char > Keika

>shitko first

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Does Ai gets a revenge?


Red Ai avenges her.

Flat and sexy.

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>stawpoll without captcha
Might as well make Natagiri as the best girl.

Great taste.

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Stop replying to yourself

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Stop replying to yourself.

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Stinko was a mistake

Director is trying so hard to push her but he's failing. Only a few shiteaters likes her

They rushed through the date, didn't they?

>rushed through the date

Cool. They look like sisters rather than rivals, especially since last episode.

This is Karolina StyczyƄska, a female pro. Say something nice about her.

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This pissed me off