What happens to a Gal after High school? Do they become Gal college students? Gal Office ladies? Are there Gal Christmas cakes?

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Well that particular gyaru is probably going to die from an STD before she enters college because she's such a giant fucking slut

I think they just die of aids.

>gyaru is probably going to die from an STD
>I think they just die of aids.

both of these....also about 3 kids and 20~abortions, depending on school year.

They wind up taking it up the ass from the night manager at the McJob they have, just to pick up an extra shift.

They mellow out and find that guy who purifies them. However, they will need to fight the other women in his life first since he will almost always have Harem Aura (Rank: S) unlocked.

It all depends on her talents and decision making, just like any other person.

Holy fuck did this show have an asspull of a relation drama

I actually this only helped to make people stay away from gals

That's a rather specific example, is this based on a series?

The style stops being cool once you hit cake age, but between high school and then, there's onee-gal style. It's more "Western club fashion" and natural looking makeup, although they keep a light tan.

pretty sure all they do is get blackmailed about their past in ntr doujins after high school.

Sounds about right.

>Husband knows about it anyways and kicks the NTRguy in the balls repeatedly as he passes out

Maybe it's a fad that girls grow out of.

I need this, sauce boy

>an asspull of a relation drama

Didn't watch, explain?

She's not a slut. She only has had one boyfriend and that's MC-kun. The guy who tried to NTR for was anime only OC content

They go on as fashion college girls, think something like hooters, then if they get a degree they turn into stylish office ladies, if they not, they often open hair salons or the like where they remain as flashy as always.

There are Gal teen mothers.

They become Cougars, MILFs and GILFs.

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The manga got adapted really prematurely. With not enough material for 13 episodes the anime team made relationship drama by throwing in "young tan ntr guy" from the ntr hentai that aren't about old men

It's rather funny and cute how Yame is actually so much more possessive of Junichi than he is of her. I can't blame her though, I mean he does have Harem MC Aura skill equipped.

They become homely and faithful housewives and live a peaceful life full of love with their husbando.

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JAV careers and/or death by STD

She makes me diamonds

Why would she stop being pretty?

Miku is the best and purest gyaru.

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Please. We all know their best bet is to marry some desperate salaryman loser. Abusing shitty makeup that much will make them look like shit older. Brown ones gonna get skin cancer

Some gyaru become home ec teachers.

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I like this manga even though it's generic ecchi garbage. The MC shoulda fucked that neighbor girl when she broke into his room and got naked though.

It's asia. Every girl uses heavy make-up or they're lying.

>Being unfaithful

The MC should have called and broken up with his gf and got to banking Nene's bountiful body.

Might as well say entire world. Asia includes lots of different cultures

Most of them grow up and change their style into something more mature

Anyway, Yame is better. She actually is a Gal while still being a good catch. Nene is fake layers upon fake layers. Plus she's too busty for a shortstack/oppai loli, which is really saying something

>They integrate into society, get married, start a family and get blackmailed for their past.
>They get used so much they end up working in the adult industry as managers that no one wants to touch.
>they have a miscarriage and die in a bathroom from drug overdose while having a delusion of how their life could have been better.
>they get sold as meat in the underground slave market.

some of them grow off that style and become something else,like gothic girls, a lot of them becomes prostitutes i guess, most of them probably since they all look like masive whores

The sexy dark skined gal is a lesbo right? probs on a 3p?

I see what you did there user, saki besto grill

>Posts like these claiming that because they want to be seen as attractive and popular in High school of all places that they'll amount to nothing but dying of sex work.
These posts are the "nice girl" equivalent of pic related

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She seems to be half straight, half Yame-sexual.
Her plan to get rid of MC-kun WAS to rape him until he was ruined for dating/marriage after all.

Depends on the type. Pure gyaru marry their first love and live happily ever after. Slutty gyaru either kill themselves after listening to wouldn't it be nice on repeat, die of a drug overdose or maybe some sort of STD. There are no gal Christmas cakes, as by that age they are either dead or have been married for near a decade.

They become JAV pornstars. Their competition like for example Kashii Yui, goes off to college, get a job and marries the man of her dreams.

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She's less of a lesbian and more like Yukinasexual. She does have lesbian tendencies, though.
She'd suck his dick without a moment's hesitation if he had just pulled it out of Yukina.

Slutty gyaru steal your boyfriend?

Kashii is a slut. I know those "perfect girl" types. They're hornier than even the sluttiest gyaru could ever hope to be.

>Ranko and Yame are both training Junichi's body to become /fit/
Oh boy, how ripped will Junichi be by the end of the manga?

Slutty gyaru don't steal boyfriends, they're side hoes at best.

>Kashii is a slut

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Gals don't live past the age of 18.
At that age they either succumb to the several hundred STDs they have or end up killing themselves.
Such is the life of a gal.


This. That style and clothing is basically just a hunting outfit. A mating-season plumage.
Once they've gotten a loving husband it'll gradually fade away and usually completely disappears by the time they have to take their first kid to kindergarten.

And if that doesn't work, most of the time they just hide the yearbook photos and make sure no one at work ever remembers who they were. Because it looks bad for a professional christmas-cake.

The more serious a girl tries to look the more dicks she sucks casually on the side. This is a truth of this world.

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it all eventually gets revealed, usually by a fat old rich man they used to do compensated dating with, or some old Gyaru BF, then theres the rare case of their sons bully vitcim.

they become gal prostitutes of course,cheap ones on regard of all the stds they carry

So you're saying that while they were having premarital sex, you studied the blade?

Meant for

I studied economics and politics.

Ah, the modern blade.

i though guns were the modern blade

am i the only one who enjoyed this anime?

economics and politics are no match for a rich corporation at your side.

Thats why I got an Executive position,
60% of time im just shitposting in the office.

no no no, corporate conglomeration is the modern gun

The anime was okay but NTR-man and that drama at the end was the anime staff making stuff up. If you liked the characters up until then, you should just read the manga. It's only got 47 chapters translated so far, hence why they ran out of stuff to adapt

post pic of window from desk with timestamp

It's a youth culture. Being showy and brazen gets embarrassing as you get older especially in a homogeneous society like Japan. They start wanting normalcy and societal acceptance, so they mellow out. You can't become an OL and marry a year into your employment with dyed hair and a tan.

fat chance, I got in by being friends with the CEO, im not screwing up this cushy job.

It was made up by final Episode and the lolicon doing the flash step meme.

that fat lolicon guy was the only good thing that came off that horrible anime

t. fat lolicon

The best part of the anime was Ranko molesting the other girls in the hot springs. She was a bigger fiend for titties than any of the dudes.

>Hajimete no Gal
>Gal Gohan
>Oh shit Galko-chan!
What other Gal manga are there? I need a fix

I don't doubt the validity of MCs relationship with Gal. My problem with the manga is its tendency to insert drama into an otherwise banal slice of life story. Most men in MC's situation would bust a nut, fuck Ranko, or fuck Nene after being exposed to their antics. You can't just expect a guy to be faithful to his girlfriend after throwing girls much prettier than the GF at him. If it was a hambeast, I understand, but a short busty girl offering consensual sex for love is begging to be impaled by the cock.

You got to be faithful to your girlfriend user. When you ask a girl out, unless you live in a society where harems are okay, you're promising to be faithful and have to live by your word and tell the other thots to begone because you're taken.
Besides, at his girlfriends been ready for him to fuck for like, 15 chapters now.
The only thing stopping him is him

I understand, I was just pointing out that real world problems don't work in Hajimete no Gal because the stress of having to reject thirsty women like Nene will wear the ideals down till MC gives up and fucks her wild in a fit of passion. You can't use society's rules to control peopke's desires forever.

True, but in the real world by this point he'd be dealing with said stress inside his girlfriend every day. Now that other girls are after him, she has to do her part to fight them off too.

I don't think the main gal want to fight them off. I think she wants to share him with Ranko, Nene, and BoA. The only requirementis that he doesn't bust a but without her permission

>Gal college students
>Gal Office ladies
Yeah, they stop the gal trend once they become mommies.

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I usually hate this meme but in this case is true: Kashii did nothing wrong.

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She's running on pure jealousy that a guy she didn't give a shit about moved on to another girl.
It's literally a girl getting mad that a guy she "friendzoned" moved on

literally never happened

t. NTR-kun

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Not always.

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You've never heard of mama gyaru?

They become top-tier wife and produce their own gyaru.

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>only thing stopping him is him
Nah, they're still too premature for fugs. They've kissed and gone on dates but still not the time yet.

>dont talk to me or my gal daughter ever again

>Gyaru JS

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They star in AVs. Just like every other japanese woman. All of them are nothing but sluts.

Yes, this.

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You're a fucking faggot.

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>Everyone is in porn. All women and all men.
Through dick, unity?

No man in the world would tell her no. NONE. This guy is literally a faggot. He's even twice the faggot because his goal is to lose his virginity.

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His goal is to lose his virginity to the girl he chose to date.
Settling instead of seeing it through isn't being a man.

No. Just all the women. AV business is clamoring for men because there isn't enough of them for how many sluts are doing AVs.

>Ranko's face
Gets me every time.

Yeah, but it comes across in a bratty and harmless way, so it's kinda cute. I'm talking about the anime anyways, maybe in the manga she's more mean? i don't know.

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