Destruction Flag Otome Ch 7

>Get the Harem end
>Has enough Political influence to Rule the Kingdom
>Is too damn Baka to do anything about it
Is there a more Dense Isekai Protagonist than Bakarina?

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I cant watch/read something when its obivious that shit will go south. Its like a curse.

God, that smug is perfect.

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Why are inverted Otome game settings the best?
What could you do to give Eliza a happy ending?

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Pray really fucking hard that everything is going to be daijobu.

I'm actually eager to see just what happens with the insert of the "Protagonist"

Will she be a bland bag of nothing? Constantly turned down due to everyone becoming attached to MC? Or another person gluing themselves to MC?

Bakarina is lovely

Thats a question for Zhuge Liang, I have no idea how I would even hope to survive a week in her clusterfuck of a situation.

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How does a society manage to call the miracle in the bottom right ugly?

more like diejobu

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The answer to everything is to get stronger, she's her game's version of Harold Stokes, so she has tons of hidden potential upgrades ready for her since she's the rival of the heroine. But unlike most isekai'd MCs, Eliza doesn't really remember jack shit.

>Or another person gluing themselves to MC?
You're psychic.

LN spoilers, but…
She becomes another one of Bakarina's harem members, and the "confession" scene that the Protagonist is supposed to say at the end of a route was said to the MC. Of course, being a black hole, she doesn't understand why she said the line to her.

She makes her part of her Harem,
there is no escaping Bakarinas Gravity pull.
Supersticions and bullying.

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>Eliza doesn't really remember jack shit
She vaguely remembers things, enough to keep her personality. But yes, it seems the more time she spends in this world, the more she forgets, probably because she's fusing with the true Eliza, like how that one priestess seemed to mutter about.

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I actually love that the Otome schtick has basically no bearing at all over the events that occur, and that the actual important, world-shaking happenings make the bullshit almost completely irrelevant.

Also, Harold Stokes is a bad example. Not even he could escape being c u r s e d.

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Look at her face, she has no idea whats going on.

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The only girl that wont betray the mc

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Hah! Now a better question.

Why the fuck am I enjoying a shoujo manga so much?

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My point about Harold is he at least got ahead of the game so to speak. He became far more powerful than his original version ever did and acquired everything there was to acquire and more much earlier. Eliza doesn't get that benefit, the most she can do is bully the kids at school and the scrubs on the battlefield. Claudia still remains the strongest person in Arksia or whatever that we've seen in a fight.

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I think it's more of a FILWTV situation, in that the fusion has essentially resulted in a separate personality entirely. The original Eliza was only a stereotypical stuck-up noble girl, and not at all the goddess of war we know and love.

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There is no such thing as good isekai.
Like this. This crap should have bended at volume 2.

Because the Bakarina black hole transcends the bounds of fiction and reality.
You are about the cross into the event horizon, and there's really no helping you now.

you know you can just stop reading it at vol 2 right? I know I did.

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Well her new dad played a pretty big part in that development lol.

You could say that Eliza got an even rawer deal than Harold did, since Harold was at least blessed with innate talent for becoming strong. Eliza seems to only have tenacity and cruelty to fuel her.

Anyone else hoping he snaps and tries to reclaim his bakarina by force and she kicks his ass?

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>Why the fuck am I enjoying a shoujo manga so much?
Shoujo is just a demographic, it has no bearing on whether the story can appeal to others or not other than the fact that it presents a girl MC in a shoujo environment. It's perfectly possible to write it to appeal to non shoujo demographic ironic as that may seem.

Just look at Lax Demon Girl. That one's hilarious just like Bakarina.

Unlike typical isekai, where character becomes omnipotent by page six and rest of the series focuses on masturbating on stat blocks, otome game isekais have powerless MCs and the whole series has to survive on character interaction

I like the way she's depicted in the manga better than the WN.

I'm so, so, so unhappy the manga artist is sick.

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Im hoping that she ends up marrying a poor dirt farmer cause he is a funny dumb guy like her and the rest of the Harem gets NTRd.

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I want her to have an extremely graphic Yuri ending, because I'm totally into that.

Of course Tanakafag wishes for cuck end

>crossover with blacksmith
>happy (?) end

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Nah read the later arcs, Eliza clearly has massive hidden potential. At first everyone of us thought she's just a normal fodder turned dynasty warrior but it turns out that there's something special about her bloodline which she managed to activate, possibly due to her being a fusion unlike her useless relatives.

That said, she doesn't know shit about it cause it was never mentioned in the game (as far as she knows of course) and therefore unlike Harold she doesn't have any leeway to take advantage of it ahead of time. Otherwise this would not be the story of despair it is now.

I have a counter argument.

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I want this now.

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well I'm glad it doesn't go the "supposed MC gets BTFO by the actual MC" route of these types of stories, but I'm already bored of the Bakabowl since there's really no one that actually has a chance to win her over. It feels worse than an adventurer isekai's harem, in a way.

Then again, I was never one for otome-styled reverse harem stories anyway, so I might be biased.

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because it doesn't pander as blatantly as the typical isekai, or if it does (well, there is a reverse harem), we're too oblivious to see it as pandering since we're guys. I think it's fresh because I am tired of the usual otaku bait

Anybody care to guess how much stress relief sex Bakarinas Dad has to give her Wife to make her forget about their daughters "quirks"?

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I dropped Eliza halfway because it wasn't cute and it had too much suffering for the feMC which should have just been cute like Bakarina. Does it get better and more redeeming?

Nah there's plenty of overpowered otome isekai MCs. Iris, Shen Miao, Yurushia, it's probably cause you're still new to it.

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I mean you say that, but girl isekai runs into the same character relationship problems adventurer isekais do. That whole "the world is out to get me, but I have a harem to play with and back me up" kind of thing. So despite being less actiony it still feels like more of the same.

>This crap should have bended at volume 2.
i thought it did technically end at volume 1. I swear it was already "complete". Did the author just come back for a sequel because money or whatever, or were the translators just behind for a long time?

As far as I can tell, the one "ability" she has is getting so fucking mad that her IQ temporarily jumps 20 points, which really seems like something she inherited from her family. I'm not sure how that would come up in a setting where Eliza is some dumb pampered noble.

What I think is that there was nothing that she could have learned from the Otome game in the first place that would've really helped her. There's a significant emphasis placed on how radically different and hardship-laden the actual world is compared to some dumb generic Otome setting. I feel as though had she memorized every bit of the Otome game to a T, she would not have things the slightest bit easier.

Also, the LN illustrations are impossible to find. Damn.

Tanakafag, why do you read Tanaka? I'm reading it now, and it is autism incarnate.

You just answered your own question

It was always good, it's just not your cup of tea user don't bother.

>Thank you Anne Its really reassuring that youre coming with me.
>If i didnt you would forget how to breathe.
What did she mean by this?

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A lot, because the woman is a living pressure cooker by this point.

I don't remember the novel that much but was Anne part of the harem or is it mostly servitude?

Is this a bad otome ending version of isekai?

She better end up the next minister of agriculture or else.

Where do you think we are.jpg
She was her personal maid since childhood, and Bakarina hooked her up with the Gardener.

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>people explicitly tell you it's suffering all the way down
>wtf why isn't this cute like the only other otome reincarnation thing I've read in my entire life
You only have yourself to blame.

>As far as I can tell, the one "ability" she has is getting so fucking mad that her IQ temporarily jumps 20 points, which really seems like something she inherited from her family. I'm not sure how that would come up in a setting where Eliza is some dumb pampered noble.

Her adrenaline overdose allows her to go from Eliza levels of physical prowess to near Claudia levels, and was what surprised her uncle and bug lady enough to get them killed.

You're right in that it's very possible the game doesn't reflect the world she's in enough, but it's hard to be sure unless it's like Lax Demon Girl where the narrative explains how a game and alternate reality is connected.

Why would anything nice ever happen?

Learning to cope with how emotionally stunted she is is a somewhat major plot point, and I feel that her development through that is quite positive. Additionally, her wartime actions have earned her not only fear, but genuine respect and further peerage within the kingdom. She's able to make friends quite naturally after a certain point.
However, it's definitely not all roses and rainbows.
Definitely not.

>TFW no QT hoes in your magic school so you have to bring your own.
Thats it, continue normal operations.

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>She's able to make friends quite naturally after a certain point.
If you discount all the nobles including the prince trying to court her, sure.

I wonder why is fortune lovers not a thing

i read it when it started being translated and i had no idea. This was shortly after i got disappointed by that pink otome magic otaku isekai which just stagnated to the point the translator even dropped it (first part was delicious though).


The marketing team dropped the ball.

>What kind of duke's daughter has a favorite hoe?!
Sue me for having a child's sense of humor, but I chuckled.

the same reason The World from .hack didn't become a popular MMO. Concept is one thing, execution another.

I wouldn't worry about it

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Can we take a moment to appreciate how goddamn smart the exploding hair ploy was

I'm more talking about Margrave Molton's son, among a couple others.
Also, the cover seems to strongly imply the Alb route. Where do you see that going?

I only see more suffering.

bombloli is pretty cute, yes.

you and I have very different definitions of fun. It was absolutely riveting to read, but fun? not the word I'd use

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inb4 Eliza uses Mefuri to give some chick an "explosive" orgasm.

Who the fuck is harold stokes?

4 guys and two girls before magic academy but sadly she is denser than a thousand black holes imploding on top of each other

The premise is that the MC was reincarnated into an Otome game villainess. That's pretty standard. The problem is that life is far, far, far removed from the flowery, vapid romance depicted in the game.

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Now I'm worried. I remember when Nicole first popped up my first thought was

>Huh, so this is "Tall dark and handsome"

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We need more isekai with FemMCs

The comedic male version of Eliza.

The World has that nice pseudo norse feelerino but Dot Hack also had a lot of inherent mysticism all the way until the end of GU which just made shit work, The World just doesn't work without Harald's and Ema's bullshit and trying to artificially induce it in a MMO would just fall flat because you'd know it's fake because angry super AIs and full-dive MMOs will never be a thing in our lifetime.

Read my death flags show no sign of ending. Its a great webnovel. The author is just a lazy gatcha prick.

A foul-mouthed and extremely cool, dashing, charming, and strong bastard.

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a vastly inferior male Eliza from Death Flag