Boku no Hero Academima Thread

I want a comfy discussion
I actually drew this picture months ago as a crazy way to commemorate an anniversary with my girlfriend. We were both watching BnHA at the time, and she is taller than me

>What girl would work best with Mineta as a couple?
>What quirky couple would you like to see?
>Do you think more people should marry because of their quirks and not because of love?

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Ok I'll shoot, because you came in here with your own art and everything.
>What girl would work best with Mineta as a couple?
If Mineta got a girl his entire personality would be gone. So none (I also just think he's a tired joke that's overstayed his welcome Tbh)
>What quirky couple would you like to see?
Mina and Aoyama would be fun, I'd like to see more interactions between them. I'm about 80% sure his life would become hell but she'd get to drag him around, ruin everything he owns, etc. A totally short-term relationship.
>Do you think more people should marry because of their quirks and not because of love?
No, cause that's fucking bad? For a second I thought you asked a cooler question, what people should marry because of their quirks and not because of a relationship? ie come up with eugenics nightmares.

>Mina and Aoyama
I know Kirishima is the likely endgame, but I think those two are fun

Is your bait-meter broken or something?

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I actually liked his ideas

I don’t think it’s him

I always wanted more Aoyama and Mina interactions. Not as a ship but just more interactions in general.
I want Aoyama to snap in Mina's face someday.

What a waste of talent, user.

They’re fine, it’s not like she’s ever been overtly mean to him

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Op here, your last question is better than mine, but I can't change what I wrote.
Here have an Aoyama

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The only girl for Grapeshit is Mushroom Girl from 1-B. Once she gets speaking roles, she'll end up being an unabashed perv herself who never fails to make phallic jokes regarding mushrooms. Plus their Quirks are pretty compatible. Ejecting poisonous/sticky spores.

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Do we even know what her quirk is called yet?

Soon to be Bakugou and Camie. The men of the Bakugou family really know how to score.

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Friendly reminder that Nejire will win the Dekubowl.

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Is this the thread we're using? Really?

>>What girl would work best with Mineta as a couple?
Probably a girl who can not only tolerate him, but not treat him differently because of how he acts. Just someone who loves him unconditionaly and gets him to open up.
>>What quirky couple would you like to see?
In my imaginiation, Bakugou and Megumin, in actuality, Bakugou and Toga.
>>Do you think more people should marry because of their quirks and not because of love?
It can be a combo of both but tgey should still love each other.

I hope you and your girlfriend recieve many happy returns and a long lasting relationship user. So how're the rest of you doing tonight?

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I started drawing this before you-know-who started spamming cuck shit last thread.

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Paintguy why?

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More than anything else, I’m really amused by how tiny the babie are

I want Shinsou and Eri to appear more regularly so that the plot is ruined

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Everyday until canon.

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paintanon is that a Jojo reference I see there?

He (Mirio) is my sunshine
Eri is for improving, not ruining.

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>It's a cuck shit episode

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Fuck you Shinso is a shit though

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*bumps into u*
Nothing personnel, kid...

>Bakugou and Camie
Funniest ship ever because you can feel the desperation of the western fanbase with all the horribly drawn western art trying to push it.

great job as always

What the fuck

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You mean you aren’t convinced that she’s into Bakugo?

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>have the real one beside them
>put more attention to the false one
Dumb girls.

When will we get art of Deku and Kendou together?

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except the real one is boring and a robot vs a false one who has fun and smiles

Shouto is pretty boring, Maboroki is way cooler

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How fat will todoroki get?

Something to wash your eyeballs with

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>Maybe if I ignore Kaminari he'll go away
>just don't make eye contact


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its traced

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Get Deku kicked out of school for sexual harassment

Say my name!

fuck you

make fun of his phone case

Make fun of his hip bone.

>last panel

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Kaminari needs to get his antenna out of Todoroki’s face

Wouldn't be the first time.

Masturbate furiously, the crop out the dick and send it to Ochako, taunting her by witholding the complete image

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Send it to everyone else in class, including Aizawa and especially All Might.