Yuru Camp

New episode soon!

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Why do they sit like that?


The ground is dirty obviously

Maybe their butts hurt

who here has gone /out/ because of yuru camp?

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daily reminder

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Why would you cut Rin in half?

too much snow where I'm at. and I'm too broke to travel far just going to wait till warm weather

I haven't yet because fuck the cold, but I'm planning a desert adventure this summer.

It’s all Nadeshiko’s fault

how soon?

I'm going on a portage trip in Algonquin park in June. If we're still getting regular threads I'll post something like this. I hate winter camping.

Onee-chan must get bored as hell when she's waiting at the car, or maybe not

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This looks like a mobage new character annoucnement

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I've been slacking on camping for a few years now, but I've been inspired and made reservations for several Minnesota North Shore trips once winter's over.

Been browsing for gear too. All the shopping talk in the show really is that much fun in real life.

>Camping in the winter

Nope, I don't enjoy trying to sleep when it's freezing cold.


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Will you forget about buying the hat months from now when the anime ends?

Which hat?

Borders must be burned off the map.

Don't you think that's way too many potions?

Keep that shit outside of Sup Forums

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Post the original, that's the only one I have

I... I wrote a song for Nadeshiko.

These unenlightened asses
They cannot make the judgment call
Give up neet life forever their voices won’t be heard at all
Display incompetence
From never stepping out of doors
And blindly start their fires
Let the comfy control your mind


Live in ignorance
And purchase your camping gear
When comfiness is the real cost
Thinking ceases, the truth is lost
Don’t you worry
You’ll be told exactly what to do
I give my anons the lies they need
The comfy will succeed

The fires of neets will burn the spics
A million killed and obsolete
Burning whole the Mexican society
Collective comfiness controlled as you will see


I hope she'll like it.

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When I arrived at work today, my work computer surprisingly greeted me with a familiar comfy view.

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It's telling you something user!

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Indeed. I may be going on a multi-day camp in an area called the Enchanted Valley in a few months' time. But I'll be starting off sooner with some day hikes.

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Fuck off seattle shitter.

Nah jk have fun.

Quad gains.

Thanks WAfriend. Gonna try to get down to Capitol Forest soon to find new places to shoot which are not Triangle.

The one on the right looks like a demon or something with those things on its forehead.

The last time I remember hiking was in high school, and I was dumb and poor to buy camp equips so it was four hours of quad gains up the little mountain where there was my friend's hut waiting at the peak and "camped" for an hour, and then we were on our way down for another solid two-hour quad gains. Surprisingly, hiking is fun, you get to be exhilarated and see greens and shit. Have fun user.

>i'm already a demon

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Yeah, I didn't have the chance for experiences like that when I was younger, so I'm taking advantage now. I will.

this absolute madman

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If you are serious about getting into backpacking then may I recommend the North Cascades. It is very remote but it means you basically get access to everything you want. On the other end of the spectrum the Enchantments are fantastic but crowded and you need to reserve a spot which could mean years in advance depending on the time and place. But it is an amazing place.

Also Mt Rainier is better than Mt Fuji.

37 is prime.

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>yurucamp confirmed for kirara fantasia

That's a cute little tent.

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I would in fact like to do the North Cascades in particular, and back-country stuff in general. Rainier too. But I've never backpacked before, and I don't want to march into the woods like a retard and need search and rescue, or die. So I'll be starting off with some hike, and go from there. I did Lake Serene at the end of last summer, right before it closed, which was excellent.

I may try to pick up a discounted tent this weekend.

no because australia has no good open spots and its all just boring forest

If you are up in the Everett area then you absolutely must do the Big Four Ice Caves this year because it probably won't be around for much longer. That's just a day hike thing.

It is definitely best if you are solo camping to only start with over night things, keeping the distance sub 10 miles one way. There are a lot of important things to keep in mind about hiking and backpacking, hopefully you have some sort of guide you are following.

did you write a song for Cocona by chance?

No, but I... I also wrote a song for Shimarin.

What a thrill...
With mountains and pine cones through the night
What a thrill...
I'm camping and I'll melt into you
What a fear in my heart
But you're so comfy!

I give my life
Not for honor, but for yuru
Steak Eater
Winter time there'll be no one else
Camp, it's the way I fly to you
Steak Eater
I'm still in a tent, Steak Eater!

Someday you camp in the rain
Someday you feed on cup ramen
This ordeal, the trial to have fun
For the day we see Mt Fuji!

I give my life
Not for honor, but for yuru
Steak Eater
Winter time there'll be no one else
Camp, it's the way I fly to you
Steak Eater
I'm still in a tent, Steak Eater!

I'm still in a tent, Steak Eater!
steak eater

I hope she'll like it.

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>Big Four Ice Caves
Holy cow, I didn't know there was a glacier right there, and it's only a mile-long trail to get in. I live in Seattle, but I can set aside a day for that easily.

Wikipedia says I should go in the summer to see the caves. What do you think?

Pic related is my guide. I'll keep your advice in mind. Since the Laredo Incident, I'm doubly worried about working with fire, anyway.

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Summer is fine, but I would say go in the spring because then all the flowers will be in bloom. Generally the higher the elevation the later in the season the flowers come in but Big Four is really low elevation so earlier is better. And it isn't a glacier, just a big pile of snow.

If you are worried about fire then just don't start them. In most of the state it is incredibly easy to start fires, especially on the eastern side of the mountains. Remember to clear your area of brush, don't over build, put them out with dirt and never ever build them in tree stumps.

My tips that I wish I knew before I started hiking are to make sure you know if there are fees involved and have the ability to pay them. Also if you can arrange for someone else to drop you off and pick you up, if not take your shittiest car and leave nothing in it. It isn't as big of a problem as it used to be before those ladies got murdered up near Mt Baker a few years ago, but you don't want your car to get broken into while you are away. Also it lets you do through hikes instead of having to back track or do loops.

Also obviously don't take super aromatic food or at least use it up in the first day. And get a bear bag for everything else. And for fucks sake bury your shit and do it away from the trail or where people walk. And pack your garbage out.

Spring it is then. I don't mind having an excuse to go sooner. And those are good tips, I'm noting them down. I need to practice navigating as well.

>And it isn't a glacier, just a big pile of snow.
I'm seeing it described as a glacier though. Anyway, semantics. Thank you for the help.

NOOOOOOOO it really isn't. It matters if you are going to be going up into the mountains for navigation purposes. Looking at a map and seeing glacier and then looking up at a mountain at an ice field and thinking glacier is a good way to fuck yourself. Also if you are walking across a snowfield you best know where it is a snowfield and not a glacier so you don't fall into a crevasse.

Next soon when

гуд жоб

You raise a good point. I take it back, it's not semantics.

In any case, I won't go acting haphazardly around the ice caves of the Big Four.

>get in loser we're going camping

what do?

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Grab my best bros and go camping with cute 2d anime grill

I've gone camping twice this winter. Since I'm normally a bug magnet, winter is way nicer. It's not a great picture, but I bought the stove because of Rin.

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We failed to protect her

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All girls like sex though.

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>Have to pay to get the full image

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Not Nadeshiko. She only loves eating.

Nadeshiko would be the type who eats snacks during long hours of sex.

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you already posted this

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Gokkun doujins with Nadeshiko

I want to ask her personal questions like how she manages her menstrual cycle.

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She still hasn't had period yet.

Holy where 2 cop

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Fucking with Rin.

who here /buranketto/

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shh, its secret society

Is it a part of illuminati?

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Autumn is coming here, it's maybe the best time of the year for camping.

spring coming here
if only I had time to camp

How does sex with Nadeshiko feel like?

Comfy and laid back

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Would i stay in the southern hemisphere?

It's 30 C here

yuru heights

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If I imagine any harder, I'm going to have a stroke. IMAGINE

Nice KyoAni CG background.

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So tiny.

Average female height (Japan): 158.8cm (5' 2.6")

Damn, I'm almost half meter taller than the average.


Horns don't move, dum dum

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What about sex while eating?

And skin doesnt form a fang but here we are.

Kagamiharov Nadechenko

Did they get activated?

Who's up for some ENAL?

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I'm a fan of dorky-looking normal girls who secretly have great asses.

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I want this girl as my girlfriend. I love plain.

Why is this show getting so much porn? Especially the eyebrows her
Should I watch it?