O my rubber nen thread

Post asspulls

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Can anyone actually explain what is happening in this scene?

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>Predicts he's going to die from lack of oxygen. Sets up a command to his organs to heal with his gum abilities.
>Gets blown up.
>The only reason he died was due to a lack of oxygen. He is dead for awhile.
>Nen activates a little bit after his death. Now he raises himself back from the dead.
>Uses his gum power to stick his organs back into place because that means they are all better. He also can replace limbs because of gum properties.
This scene is a culmination of bullshit from that character. Don't you dare insult this series though, because this is the best shounen ever made to its fanbase..
I used to like the series, but the hiatuses and fagbase killed that.

One Piece > HxH

One Pieces aura ability, haki is nowhere near as broken as Nen and One piece has an infinitely better story with much less asspulls.


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BCfag here

Synopsis of ability
>With an open grimoire, the user creates a cat from red thread. By simply touching a target, the cat can change the outcome of an event to something more favorable for the user. However, this only helps those about whom the user cares.

This fucking retarded ability can do literally fucking anything. You could make yourself a god with this ability if you really wanted to. I loved this arc but holy shit this might be an even worse asspull than O MY RUBBER NEN.

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I was hoping somebody would post this


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I get that Toriyama wanted Gohan to fulfill the finishing "epic" blow, and also give Vegeta his moment, but this was fucking retarded.

Just let Goku have his final sacrifice, and let it end. More meaningful. But no, you just need that final kamehameha finish.

Ofc, the series should've ended on Namek to begin with

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>hinted her ability has something to do with fate at the start of the arc
>ability literally has fate in the name
>ability is used to change fate

You're welcome, user!

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>moving brain functions

This was an asspull but in a good way.

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Having this much shit taste should be illegal.

pretty much any sharingan power used after chunnin exams.

I'm conflicted. I really hated the cell arc. It felt like a spinoff. If it had ended with Namek I would have been really happy.

But the Buu saga was top tier character interactions and Toriyama couldn't have done it without the cell saga.

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Totally foreshadowing for awakened zoan sturdiness and healing powers.

This almost seems reasonable compared to "o my nen cat that kills anyone who kills me then resurrects and full heals me".

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>This image solves all inconsistencies guys. Since nen can do some stuff after death it's natural that you can revive yourself if you use your gum properties.

That doesn't justify shit. Fuck off HXH fag.

I actually don't know what was worse.

Pell surviving the nuke, or Kite reincarnating himself via Crazy Slots.

Now that I think hard on those two, I would say Kite surviving felt like it hurt the plot a lot more as Pell was just some random shitter. Eitherway both were unnecessary and did more bad than good.

>Since nen can do some stuff after death it's natural that you can revive yourself

Dumb speedreader

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He restarted his heart with basically CPR using his nen.

Kite didn't ressurrect himself via crazy slots he was reborn as a fucking aunt like every other human who was eaten

HxH fans quickly became the butt of every joke around here after this chapter huh.

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Were they ever not a joke?

Wow, I never seen those images trying to excuse the plot. I must be a speed reader if I don't accept an asspull.
>The presence of nen can revive people after death.
Wow Hisoka can revive himself after death if he programs his nen?! The power of rubber is truly godlike as well to repair all the damage instantly. I guess nen is magic.
The problem with that is he was dead as a corpse for at least an hour. After that period of time he was able to make a complete recovery in a manner of minutes when his "nen cpr" took place.

It's fiction. Specifically a battle shonen. There isn't a battle shonen in existence where characters suffer real life consequences for the punishment they endure.

That's just head cannon.

Ging outright says it was a special numbero n his crazy slots, hell in the anime we're even given a flash back on it. That's just you trying to patch up bad writing.

There would be no reason to even state such a number existed if that wasn't the case.

dumb speedreaders are really dumb

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I feel like before '11 hit CA the HxH threads weren't that terrible. Nothing worse than your typical shonen shlock.



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I dont have much of a problem with this cuz it didn't really affect the plot in any way

Thankfully we have the truly enlightened fans amongst us like you to guide us through these foggy moments.


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Also, these pages doesn't justify anything :

- In Kurapika's case, its' justified by his feelings.
- Pitou wants to protect the king so badly that its nen works even after its death.

Hisoka has NO other feeling at this moment that "Oh, well, I'm going to die". Even his revenge rampage after that doesn't make any sense. "You killed me, I'm alive, but I'm going to kill you and your friends because whatever".

Asspull, 100%. No excuses. No page in the entire manga can excuse that.

This was an asspull

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He gave up his ego at that moment

It's hard to tell what the fucking guy is thinking or feeling. He's an enigma and his conviction to fight and kill Chrollo were high enough that he served him for years.

Furthermore the topic on nen after death is vague enough to justify it, we know it's there but we don't really know just where the line is drawn. To say Hisoka shouldn't have been able to bounce back is drawing that line on your own.

Also, Pitou is really a separate case, Hisoka just applied nen to his heart and gave himself cpr to come back, Pitou reanimated his entire body without his fucking head.

Oh my infinite stamina + Haki plot Armor, It just seems lazy how the fight ended, we gotta pretty hyped for something epic and in the end was just mediocre

> Oh my rubber nen
Don't bother me it fits in the hole arc, Hisoka tried to chew more he are capable, chrollo kick his ass, and e use his last resort

>loli BackBag
It fits in the hole arc too, it's kind silly but its fine.. so move along sr.

> The hole Fairy Tail end fights are ass pull

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Only brainlets think o my rubber nen was an asspull

>all these assblasted HxHfags swarming the thread to shill their shit series

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The fact that you actually had the pull that card just shows how desperate you are to defend it.

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In other words oda is a hack

I'm just saying that it's no different than anything else that happens in shonen manga. Restarting your heart with your powers isn't even a new thing (off the top of my head One Piece did it a while ago) and being able to patch yourself up after taking severe punishment isn't new or out of the ordinary for shonen.

It gets a disproportionate amount of hate for what it is.

This only became the meme it did because of the translation. People would give far less shits if it were different. On the asspull spectrum it ranks rather low amongst shonen asspulls.

Enel's power is electricity which in real life can be used to jump start a heart, also he didn't fully die like Hisoka did.

Fighting systems with limited, specific abilities suck. I'd rather just see tough guys beating the shit out of each other in a way which allows me to suspend disbelief

>Enel's power is electricity which in real life can be used to jump start a heart
And so can physically massaging it which is what Hisoka did.

>also he didn't fully die like Hisoka did.
I haven't read it in a while but I'd like you to post the page where it says this because I don't remember it.

It doesn't specifically say it, but he was awake enough to be able to use his powers on his own.

Battle Tendency ending
Joseph won by doing random shit for no reason.

If it doesn't say that then it's just conjecture on your part.


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Also he didn't massage his heart, he literally recreated it along with his lungs.

I posted it in here already

It gets hate because HxHfags are the first to go "Oh this isn't like those OTHER shonens!" only to quickly retract that the moment asspulls like this pop up.

Well you were right

Joseph even admits it was a total asspull, that was kind of the point. Now the Stardust Crusaders ending on the other hand, that was just bad.

How do people defend this shit series again?

That wasn't an asspull, it's suprising the stands didn't do something like this to each other earlier since they are both very strong precision stands.

He literally punched The World super hard

The Great Snake Escape - Naruto
Red Lightning Jolt Counter vs RBJ - Hajime no Ippo

It looks like he actually reaches inside his own chest to stimulate his heart.

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Is it an asspull if DIO is just that retarded?


>takes dio like a year to develop his time stop

>Jotaro learns it in an hour


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>Wow Hisoka can revive himself after death if he programs his nen?!
The level of "programming" required for Hisoka to make his nen contract and expand seems a lot less than what would be required to have your corpse controlled as a puppet, sent flying at your opponent, then sent flying again at them after not finishing them off. If you have a problem with Hisoka's revival, you have a problem with what Pitou did. And if so, fair enough, but just putting that out there.
>The problem with that is he was dead as a corpse for at least an hour.
Now maybe I'm the speed reader here since people keep bringing it up, but all we have to indicate the passage of time is an image of medics rushing in and people rushing out. We know that Hisoka didn't die from the explosion per say but was suffocated in the mounds of flesh that surrounded him. That itself should have taken some time. In the middle of the fight we also were informed by Hisoka's thought processes that medics would be coming in 10 minutes or so after he took out 30 or so bodies. Then we have a big scene where he's taking out people that make up a sizable percentage of the people in the stadium. At this point there could have easily been a call for more medics as Hisoka went human hammer on them.
Now, you may think I'm making a bit of a stretch here, but all I'm saying is that there's a lot more elbow room for a reasonable time frame when you consider things. Thus it's weird to insist it MUST have taken such and such amount of time without clear evidence.


>his entire existence in the series

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Nothing except deepfag shonenshlocks, of course

How the fuck did all these other characters get so fucking powerful without the influence of God Ki? Same goes with Kefla beating SSB. It makes no sense, even with potara. Does that mean if Jiren or Kefla gained god ki they would be even MORE insane?

This doesn't explain how the nen perfectly timed its activation where Hisoka was both dug out from under the bodies he had suffocated beneath, and also had not suffered any negative effects from no oxygen going to his brain for what appeared to be hours (it only takes minutes before brain cells start dying en mass without an oxygen supply), and how it used exactly the right pressure for exactly the right time to perform CPR perfectly, rather than, say, crushing his internal organs into goop or just failing flat out.

O MY RUBBER NEN was the perfect storm of coincidences and contrivances.

How the hell do you give Goku, the main protagonist, powers of an angel and still have Jiren win?

>Does that mean if Kefla gained god ki they would be even MORE insane?
That's exactly what that means.

>In Kurapika's case
When did Kurapika ever utilize nen becoming stronger after death? Are you confusing vows with it?

Speaking of Kurapika, his nen is an asspull.

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Fairy Tail is essentially an asspull that went on for over 500 chapters. Astounding, I don't know how Mashima pulled it off but he really created something special.

Mashima just doesn't care, he's been phoning it in his entire career

Yet somehow he still has a fanbase even though he doesn't respect them at all, it's fascinating

Him being a specialist in emperor time is kind of. But conjurers have a better possibility of having an additional affinity for specialization than some of the other types of nen. Someone explained the "100% in every nen type" thing better in an earlier thread. It doesn't make him better than everyone else at every nen type, it just removes the penalty for using a nen type other than the one you have an affinity for. He's still limited to his own ability in each of the nen types.

>Gon, Killua, and Kurapika learn nen at the same time

>Kurapika becomes an instant nen master while gon and killua are still rookies


ITT: chakra experts

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Gon and Killua are both good with it. I don't know on what criteria you're judging that Kurapika is better. They're all different types anyway and not really comparable. Kurapika does have that emperor time thing though that's suspicious but supposedly there is a heavy price for it, sucking his lifespan. Whether than ever comes to anything though is another question. Kurapika's main power is a conjured chain that can detect people lying which isn't anything that special. And a chain that can bind against any power with the condition that it's only usable on 13 people in the entire world on penalty of death to Kurapika, which is pretty in line with the "limitations make your nen stronger" thing introduced near the beginning of the series.

the girls are hot. that's about it