I absolutely adore these two

I absolutely adore these two.
Their relationship is beautiful throughout the entire show.

What were your thoughts on this show?
Why was Rue so best girl?

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it's one of my favorites
ahiru has such a wonderfully casted voice
it's funny, dramatic, charming, and bittersweet with a pretty good ending where it brings great closure but still leaving you wanting just a little bit more in regret of having to end watching it

their relationship was more closer to how i pictured lwa diana and akko's, but i don't think trigger studio staff ever watched it for inspiration

They felt like sisters to me, even though their relationship is not filled with joy or love they seem very close

Maybe the whole white swan dark swan motif is just making me feel that way though

sisters, bffs, whichever, it is nicely orchestrated for what it is, and is a must watch for especially anyone whotriggerstudio wants to direct or write for anime

also best amv youtube.com/watch?v=tHZqxecCukg

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>Why was Rue so best girl?
Because you like evil cunts

>evil cunt
Fake news

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if he liked that he'd be in love with you and your mom

>Sup Forums defending horrible characters just because they're sexy
Every time

if i did that i'd be defending you and your mom

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What makes you think shes a bad character or evil person?

She was only a bit snobby and that is understandable regarding her image of herself comparatively to Ahiru

because girls were snobby to him in highschool
he's gonna be like that eliot guy

>kidnaps Mythos
>injects Raven blood in him, subjecting him to pain throughout the second half of the series
Yeah, she's such a wonderful person

That wasnt really her / brainwashed version of her, when she started transforming into Kraehe she actually said how she was starting to lose herself.

Rue is sexy so she's forgiven.
Ahiru on the other hand...

Ahiru is the purest anime girl


Her interspecies lust caused everything

Pike and Lilie were hilarious. I usually don't really care for non-important side characters, but they always made a scene that much better


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That cat always make me laugh. Sad he was just a side/joke character.

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>Sad he was just a side/joke character.
Even worse for Femio. Only one episode. He made such an impression.

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his voice was so unfittingly fitting

>when Ahiru is saying goodbye to Zura at the end of the series and this starts playing


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Femio is best boi.

This guy accent was so great

So many good choices of music to go with the scenes.
I have yet to find another show that does it as well as Princess Tutu.

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Not true.
That was just her trying to find excuse for it.
Kraehe was her true self.

Theres at least 3 more scenes similar to this

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Holy shit guys i love Rue so fucking much and i don't even know why, someone please explain that to me. And i was so happy when she married that fag prince in the end.

Reminder that Tutu is lewder than Kraehe

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Delet this

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This show is so well-done. It's serious and tragic without being "dark" and edgy and without needing to kill any characters. Wish there was more like it.

But wait!
There is more!

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And then there's also this

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I found TuTu unbearably boring. It reminds me of Utena.

Despite loving it, I can understand how some might feel that way

Me too. I felt like a retard watching the series because I'd lose my shit at the same dumb joke over and over again.

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Not enough harem shenanigans/fanservice for you?

Some of the more monster of the eek parts are like that but when it's focusing on the plot it's the best thing in anime.

Mythos is an absolute faggot. Tutu does all that for him, and he doesn't even thank her

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Fakir's a lucky guy

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>gf turns into a duck so you cannot experience physical intimacy with her but also prevents you from getting a real gf because she lives in your pond and it would be a dick move
I feel bad for him

>gf turns into a duck so you cannot experience physical intimacy with her
Who says he can't?

>implying he didn't write her into a girl

He'll find a way

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More like a duck move haha ha

This is definitely one of the best AMVs ever created. I also like youtu.be/mY9VcmUemJo

>May those who accept their fate be granted happiness
>May those who defy their fate be granted glory

Name a better anime quote, hint you can't

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I don't remember this quote. Who says it, Edel?

As I watched this season for the first time, towards the end of the first half, I realized that I was rooting for Ahiru and Fakir to end up as a couple, but I thought it was just a fanciful notion that would never come to fruition. I was so, so pleased with the second half.

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this melody too

I absolutely fucking adore this anime. I never thought that so many of my favourite anime would have been shows made specifically for little girls.

And seriously, is there anything more adorable than little Rue.

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I noticed immediately it had the same comedy as Doremi

Yup I think the first or second time she meets Tutu.

Same director.

Rue and Fakir were by far the best elements of the show, I'd even argue that these two were the stealth main characters.
Ahiru is firmly locked in the "muh prince" box and doesn't really progress, Mytho is a literal plot device while those two both have great character arcs and tons of development.