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I swear to God if I'll see another Komi-san thread I will fucking read that damn manga.

Thumbnail made it look like the smaller head was the bigger head's mouth.

i gonna rape you stupid autistic cunt

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Will the series end with teen pregnancy?

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Cool beauty

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me on the bacl


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Who would you choose between Komi san, Komi mom or Komi bro?

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Komi mom.

Komi dad. Fucking look at him, he is the pinnacle of masculinity.

>the strong silent type

Komi's mom.

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I like how you excluded komi-dad because then there would be no competition.

Still my favourite chapter honestly
I can read it and the Delusions chapters so many times without getting bored
I had to make it fair for the rest by removing him

i almost gave up my pokemons

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i don't understand why is this girl still not in prison

Cause she'd just rape the people in there too

who can stop this monster?

Only one thing can stop her rampage
The Tadano Dick

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It's just a normal dick

Normal is best.

When is rapist-chan getting her anime?

Are you me?

Based Katai

Katai is 2nd best boy.

Read it you faggots
You won't regret it

>komi san will mever give you this look while she prepares to rape you
Why even live

>even gyaru got surprised


Good taste

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yeah, keep telling that lie from your mom

The entire Komi family is so perfect.

I want to NTR Komi's father.

How does it make you feel knowing nips will make doujins where Komi gets NTRed, pleasure old fatties for money, and getting all of her holes penetrated in disgusting fashions, and there is nothing you can do about it?

Post that scene.

He'll kill you before you even finish thinking about it.

>Komi gets NTRed
Male:Netorare is pretty rare, I'd be fine fine with this.

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So, a Tadano-fucks-Najimi anal doujin where Najimi's dick still isn't revealed?

It would probably just end up with him willingly deepthroating Komi's dad all the way down to the base.

Someone arrest that rapist.

Why does nips enjoy taking something nice and sweet and shit all over it? Do they find enjoy in all that mindbreak? Do they actually enjoy seeing the girls they like getting fucked by countless faceless fatties?
see: amount of Tifa doujin and ratio of fetish distribution

Reminds me of that Koe no Katachi NTR doujin

So thanks to you fags i marthoned the whole 130ish chapters in one night. I really enjoyed it and everything but humor wise it kinda feels like a much lesser handa kun in socially awkward misunderstandings.

>Najimi assfucks Komi in one page
>Then takes Tadano`s dick up her pussy the very next page
>No one comments on this
Why is it that Tumblr has been trying to make non-binary characters work for years and Nippon nails it the first time?

marathon feels best

>Then takes Tadano`s dick up her pussy the very next page

user, I...

But for serious, I think the nips get characters who aren't strictly "either-or" right is because they don't feel the need to dwell on it, attach any societal meaning to it or preach about it. They can let the character be the character, not an avatar for social justice or whatever.

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i wonder why she changed her design from cold beauty to cool beauty

I'll just pretend it doesn't exist like I do for hentai of other series I like

fucking psychopath

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I want a doujin where Najimi takes everyone's virginity.

no, you want to kill yourself

tadano's hand must feel so warm

You shouldn't be on Sup Forums, Komi-san




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Too lewd.

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Gyaru looke dumb

She looks disgusting


Sat-chan no

everything will be poop
will Komi fix the gangaroo?

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That's a job for Katai

But Katai is going to be too busy checkmating the Shogi girl

Katai will be caught up in the middle of a vicious love war, as he just tries to spend time with his bros.

Kometani's doing her commentary, so she may be Naruse's girl.

he is necessary for fujoservice

So is Katai, but he has Shogi too.


>that startled look

not with her pace

Just the idea of it already makes me really fucking mad

This is very good, thank you draw person chan

>Koe no Katachi
Nothing is sacred any more eh

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this thread was the last straw for me and i don't regret it

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When was anything ever sacred?

Yotsuba was once, but here we are.

That scene really makes me lose every time I see it

No lie, I would actually read that for the sheer lols of it.

The absolute madwoman

Komi, pls
You're too young and cute for this site

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I feel bad for the lonely ganguro girl.
Would be funny if she's actually quite smart

Okay then, fuck it, I'm reading it now.

I can totally see them getting together

is there anything even closely comparable to this in terms of raw cute?