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don't steal or animu

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>Dragon Ball Super
I don't pirate shit

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Just googled it.
Seems like politicians are using Dragon Ball Super in their campaigns and will project the ep130 in parks for free.

>says the faggot you keeps torrenting anime
the state of Sup Forums

>that absolute madman who runs on the platform of canonising El Hermano

Shit nigga, I'd sneak across the border and disguise myself as a chico to vote for that man.

Toei should make official events and charge for admission then. I'm sure they could get a lot of money from the retards that enjoy that garbage.

>politicians are using Dragon Ball Super in their campaigns
Based as fuck. I hope they ignore that announcement and stream dragon ball anyways.

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Someone post that gohan blanco vs jiren webm

>incite piracy
Probably the shittest reason they could have given.

>impliying they have any kind of power in my shithole.
taking dragon ball from us would be the same as removing guns from americans, masive riots would take the streets.

>white americans are having autism attacks at the mere idea of anime getting popular
>meanwhile every mexican is happy about this
What's wrong with americans, lads?

Mexicans have Mario Castañeda

Oh, so a whole region of wich we didn't give a shit for the last 20 years are suddenly agreeing and paying millions of dollars in project permits through our sublicensee.

Let's show our apreciation by nullyfying these permits and threatening to sue anybody who dares to get a permit because we don't want to be associated with any shithole country, that would be a total PR disaster.

BTW, we will retain the DBS latin dub rights for a whole year because this incident.

Based Mario.

>Hola, soy Goku

Americans have a superiority complex by default, but only the most autistic among us have one over their taste in children's cartoons.

t. white american

I'd rather if a Xenoverse or Heroes anime happened first.

DBS is so sugoii (sugoii)

I can hear it in my mind, fucking based Jim Carrey AV

Because if it’s westernized we’ll keep getting garbage like b beginning and neo tokyo.
Meanwhile Mexicans love battleshounen and dramas, that’s why citrus is popular over there.

There is nothing western about b beginning. Japan has Netflix, too, you know.

If you've ever watched lucha libre then you'd know tacos don't give a fuck about things like copyright. Entire shows broadcast throughout the country or streamed with everyone coming out to Bon Jovi and Metallica and whatever other super popular big name bands/songs with no muting or music replacement. Toei can do whatever they want but the spics will just ignore them and carry on.

>citrus is popular over there.
Is It?

Hold on, what? Elaborate.

What did you mean by this?

Mexican culture wouldn't kill anime if it got popular there, they encourage the fanservice and action.
Meanwhile in America, everybody's a prude and acts like they have some kind of need to hate it due to it not conforming to western standards.
>t. American

>Asking Perú to stop piracy
This is the country where a pirated copy of a movie gets here before the official subbed/dubbed version gets to the cinemas unless it gets a global simultaenous release, and where it's not a crime to own pirated stuff (So if a policeman raids a pirated content selling shop and you already completed the transaction, they can't take your pirated DVD off of your hands).

The blame will fall on CR as the idiot from CRlatam gave them the permission to screen it as long is non profitable and used by a premium account. The worst that will happen is that CR might loose all their Toei licenses, right now CR is not responding DM and claims the screenshot from the negotiations is not real

>trying to tell Latinos not to pirate

Yeah, good fucking luck. Might as well ask the cartels to stop selling drugs.

Funny thing is, the dub for all DBS is basically completed, Lalo Garza tends to post samples claiming is “fandub” with a fake yt acccount, look it up.
The dub will probable “leak” if latam gets banned from DB

Ranma's mexican-speaking uncensored tiddies right when I came back from school are a really fond memory for me.

Because murricans don't pirate, right?

>getting out of school
>turning the tv
>watch uncensored anime
Good times indeed

>Spics will kill Crunchyroll and their memesubs in your lifetime

Chupa mis tortillas, Toei

>You have no power here, pendejo

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I haven't been following, are they airing the episode only in mexico or all of Latin america.

I'm glad at least some Japanese companies don't care about western fans. Still shows that they are not completely done yet.

This. I don't get why people are making such a big fuss, everyone in the west who isn't an ironic weeb pirates anime. And anyone defending region locked content should be skinned alive.

Mostly in Mexico long story short:
>Fans ask gov to free screen the episode in a large public screen
>Gov ask CRlatam if they can do this
>CRlatam responds that is ok as long they have a premium account and that it has to be 100% free
>People gets hyped, and other latam countries try to mimic the strategy offering a free screening.
>Toei takes notice and gets angry because they weren´t contacted at first
>CR goes into full damage control and claims the talks with the govt was fake and they never allowed such screening despite the fact that the whole talks were screenshot and CR usually streams anime on movie theaters in Mexico.
>Toei is fucking mad, but in the end the one gettng all the shit is CR as they are the ones who approved the screenings whitout asking Toei if this was ok.

why is lalo always angry when he directs the dub of dbs?
in a facebook livestream mario was saying "dont get so angry you are not directing right now" lol

Do you think they're going to stream it anyway come Sunday? If so, will there be any consequences?

isnt it sad that 4kids had to westernize animes americans would like it?
meanwhile latinos didnt have to change shit, its almost as if they are closer mentally to japs than americans, weird innit

They are gonna stream it, they dont give a fuck, and CR is the only one getting fucked over this for enabling them, unless CR pulls the plug and cancels the upload of the episode till another date, which is also gonna piss off subscribers.
For Mexico, the worst that can happen is that Toei gets mad at Mexico and decides to cancel their tv rights but that would be pretty much shooting themselves on the foot as all of this is happening because of third parties unrelated to the Mexican broadcasting networks

you see, latam is ALWAYS forgotten about when anything that isnt globally available is distributed
we pirate because its simply BETTER than any official way, tell me how are we supposed to watch anime here if dubs are shitty, if content is region locked, if they dont even license distribution for us, if they dont even allow for dubs for us (and as an aside, we just love dubbing things, everything we watch comes dubbed, so by pure virtue of experience our dubs are always superior to english ones)
and we specially pirate anime since they just never give it to us in the first place, but if they do then we still pirate it, its a problem that cant be solved

like gabeN said, you cant stop piracy you can only make your service better than the pirate's service

Someone explain me this, what if they simply use an official platform, what would be the problem of "watch it with friends"?

I dont think LatAm counts as western though? for us USA and EU is western, we are our own thing

He is a pretentious asshole, I organize anime cons and even when he is getting paid for doing his job, once he refused to get into stage because they got him the wrong brand of bottled water he asked for, not shitting you, he was planning on walking of the event with 2k dolaridoos in had. Thankfully we previously made him sign an agreement (which the idiot didnt bother to read) which pretty much said that we had the right to sue his ass if he didnt do his job propertly.
No wonder he gets so much shit from both the fans and other voice actor alike, and Mario might be an asshole, but at least he gets the job done, there is no professionalism from Lalo

so thats why dbs dub has been lacking
its a real shame i think he has a certain talent for screaming as a VA, i mean i fucking love his ichigo voice but i never knew he was this much of an ass

They are using an official one and paying for the premium service, Toei is just mad that they weren´t contacted previously, instead the ¨deal¨ was made via CR

>Western countries in a Western continent
>They aren´t western
American Education

i think we should riot and make our OWN official enterprise to legally give out GOOD subs in spanish, AND MORE ANIME DUBS we are the best at that thats for sure

>Mexicans paying millions in licensing fees.
>Mexicans buying lots of overpriced merch.
>Get mad because of a public screening of 1 chapter.

>The blame will fall on CR as the idiot from CRlatam gave them the permission to screen it as long is non profitable and used by a premium account. The worst that will happen is that CR might loose all their Toei licenses, right now CR is not responding DM and claims the screenshot from the negotiations is not real

that never happened.

Fucking beaners, you mongrels have headcanons about reality too.

He is talented and actually gets deep into the source material while doing the voice casting. But he really lacks professionalism when it comes to his public image, dealing with the fans and other voice actors as he can´t handle any feedback be it positive or negative.

>pedro thinks Western civilization is defined by continents

T. Crunchyroll shill
.99 shekels have been added to your account

>>Mexicans paying millions in licensing fees.

Mexicans believe their own lies, this is amazing.

>They are using an official one and paying for the premium service,

5 fucking dollars don't make it "legal", for fucks sake have you ever read the therms of service you absolute moron?

You can't stream Game of thrones if you pay for HBO, you can't have a massive viewing party for Stranger Things even if you pay for netflix.

Seriously how dumb can mexicans get?

It never happened. And your headcanon won't change the fact mexicans are deluded little monkeys that believe anything they hear.

You can faggot, nothing stopping me from inviting dozens of people and having an anime viewing party.

>Thinking mexicans give a shit about copyright.

>Mexicans believe their own lies, this is amazing.
After the whole EL BLANCO, I wouldn´t doubt Mexicans at this point
>You can't stream Game of thrones if you pay for HBO, you can't have a massive viewing party for Stranger Things even if you pay for netflix.
By this logic every soyboy should be in jail by now.
Also >Reddit spacing
you have to go back faggot

I suspect it's their copyright department trying to prove its existence.

but i said we separate our selves from you, enfermo mental
in america there are the hues, then the latinos, and then the gringos, in english classes we are teached to refer to your content as "westerner" content

and as an aside latinos didnt need to censor anime like you americunts did so its clear as day we are absolutely different from you, reason why our views about anime showcase the important contrast that while you thinks it is a childish thing that only autist can enjoy, we believe its another type of entertainment that can appeal to different age ranges

the only westerner country in latam would have to be Chile, those faggots always like pretending they are americans for some reason, so that makes them both ironic weebs like you, and mech/muh deep symbolism/Moeshitters like their neighboors, trully they are the worst scum of the continent

Eat fucking shit, Toei

>mexicans are deluded little monkeys that believe anything they hear
Like Amerimutts still think spics will pay for the wall.
Saludos from Spain by the way

>had to
nah they just did it, didn't have to

>the only westerner country in latam would have to be Chile

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Toei is just SEETHING because they were reminded absolutely noone gives a shit about their cuckyright laws.

Imagine being so butthurt you have to step on the fun of the ONLY countries on the planet that actually enjoy DBSpic.

Damn, those actually look neat

they had to do it, because if they didnt, most amerikids wouldnt have watched those shows
it was a buisness desition, although since they were a shitty company, we cant know for certain if it was the corrrect thing to do

And that's fine, they can't do anything and mexicans don't care, the issue is pedros with their own headcanons thinking having being a "premium" CR member means they can stream shit
Do it and please stream here the drunk fights
The logic you moron is that is not legal, paying for a streaming service doesnt mean you own the rights. There's nothing wrong with doing it, but doesnt mean it's fucking legal. My issue is with idiots pretending a screencap said that was "ok" and then not only lying about the content of the screencap but also spreading those lies as if they were true.

Argentina and Uruguay are western too, but it's all about pretending to be yuros, chileans want to be anglos not americans.

Get fucked TEI, get fucked jewnips.

ahh perro traes el ocnittriz

Hey, mexidubs are pretty good.

tacos are too poor for gun culture desu.
Fuck off.

meant to say "subs are shitty" sorry
most of the times yes, they are good, but sometimes they shit the bed, (gintama dub)

>gintama dub
Good god, that one had some really big fuck ups, but I was kind of getting into it by the last eps. Shame Jesus Barrero died, he was getting better by the end of the season. They should have casted Rene Garcia for Gintoki desu

>you can't have a massive viewing party for Stranger Things even if you pay for netflix
So, there's a number people count or what? Because when we gather at my uncle's house, we often end up watching a Netflix movie or show in his rather big living room.

>opens a museum exhibit for fucking eva
dont tell /m/ about this

Shut up commie cunt.

man you made me remember when the DB cast was doing voicelines in an FB stream and then Seiya's line came up and it said "ask Jesus Barrero for direction on this line" "what are we supposed to bring a oija board or what?"

They could have asked the mexican goverment for a public screening fee.

according to that user´s logic you should be ashamed of yourself m8, how dare you pay for a streaming service and enjoy it with your family and friends. Think about poor little netflix loosing all that money

yeah think about poor uncle netflix is loosing money they werent even gonna get in the first place
for shame

>worrying about copyright
Fuck off muricunt jew.

If you read the ToS for netflix I'm sure you'll find something about that, and what you're doing is against the license agreement. So yeah, the number of people counts.

There was a whole shitstorm back in 2012 when Microsoft patented a technology to count the number of people watching content using Kinect cameras. The idea was to ensure that the number of people watching mached the number of people licensed to watch, and in the case it doesn't, shut off the content until some people leave the room. Here's a link:

Granted, that hasn't taken off yet, but you can bet your ass that netflix and co are salivating at the thought of having the ability to enforce their license agreement.

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Gringo here, should I move to Mexico? You guys seem so much better than America it's not even funny.

what happened to him?
he looked so normal but then he like got like absorbed by majin buu and turned into a rice ball

Which party is using dbz, Santos o Obrador?

>Reading the ToS

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It's funny because shit like that could be easily circumvented by, say, placing a photo right in front of the camera.

>Granted, that hasn't taken off yet
Gee, I wonder why. Maybe because Microsoft tried to sell you a camera for your living room, it bombed and no one is trying it.

>If you read the ToS for netflix I'm sure you'll find something about that
I'm not seeing it.

Also, Netflix Terms of Use is actually pretty fucking short. I would've expected a hundred pages of legal text.

Would probably depend on what constitutes "Personal use," legally speaking.

I don't understand.
A in lot of places, like restaurants, bars o another thing like that you can watch soccer games because they have Fox Premium or another cable provider and they didn't mind, but Toei know about this shit and they got mad

Fuck off, white boy. There’s enough of you here already.

He got into ¨acting¨ like broadway acting style, and they told him to get fucked, he is now butthurt and has a big ego, he does poscast from time to time but he mostly talks shit about everyone and how everyone is jelous of him.